Chemistry: "I really love this place."

Uploaded by BYUGraduateStudies on 27.12.2010

[Music playing] My name is Vinod and I come from India, Delhi.
BYU has a really good chemistry program. They have a bunch of very good professors,
really nice research work and one really important thing is that they have very good instrumentation,
which you need to do in a PhD a lot. I work with Dr. Savage here.
And the stuff I am working on is related to the immunology of the body so we are trying
to develop some vaccine adduents which are the things that you add to the vaccine which
makes things work really better. And you can reduce the dosage by, say, 1/10th
so that the vaccine is available to the rest of the world at a cheaper price.
It is a quite big group and there was a lot of success in the past and we do publish in
some really good journals, like Nature and Science, frequently. That is a pretty big
plus for working here with Dr. Savage. I applied to a bunch of places in the United
States and finally I chose BYU to come here. I am married and I have a daughter. It is
a really good place to raise a family. It’s beautiful, summers are very good, a lot of
outdoor activities you can do. If I get a job or something I would like to
settle down here and I really love this place.