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Guard Post is on the frontline inside the Demilitarized Zone.
The tour of duty lasts for 3 months and nobody is allowed to leave.
A maze-like concrete bunker is approximately 990~1650m2
Soldiers are fully armed and ready to engage at all times.
Guard posts are a vestige of the Cold War.
CHUN Ho-jin
CHO Hyun-jae
LEE Young-hoon, LEE Jung-heon
LEE Seung-hoon, KIM Byung-chol
Hands up!
Put your hands up!
What the fuck!
Don't move. Don't fucking move!
Put the ax down, asshole!
What's wrong with him?
Put it down now!
Stop there.
Don't move!
Don't move and put it down!
- Stop right there. - Don't shoot.
Don't fucking shoot!
The Guard Post
The funeral is tomorrow?
He's all grown up.
Which GP is it?
Isn't that...
Yes, it's headed by the army chief's son.
That's why you came to me.
Nobody wants blood on their hands.
It's the commander in chief.
Just be careful. It could cost you your job.
Nobody wants this to be known.
Everybody got killed except the one who's in coma.
He's the only suspect.
That's all we know so far.
You only have tonight.
Tomorrow, they'll try to cover it up...
... so they won't get burnt.
Find the truth before that happens.
Remember. You only have tonight.
- We're looking for him. - He's a platoon leader.
Look for his dog tags. Just find him ASAP.
But Doc says we're damaging the bodies.
Are you kidding me?
Forget it.
Just send the bodies over.
But CID radioed us to keep the scene intact.
Listen, asshole! Everybody's going nuts here!
This is your commander.
Yes, sir!
Send over the bodies and the survivor now, okay?
Yes, sir!
Fuck me!
Kill all of them.
On the double!
Collect the bodies first.
And put the body parts in a separate bag.
Hey, you missed one here.
What's going on?
They were yelling my ears off.
We called you, didn't we?
You know how it works.
Move it, boys.
- We were expecting you. - Okay.
I'm 1 st Lt. BANG
I heard there was a survivor. Where's Doc?
Follow me.
CID guys are here.
Hi, I'm Sergeant Major NOH of CID reporting.
How's he?
Not sure, I'm just surprised to see him still alive.
He didn't have a tag.
So, we haven't ID'ed him yet.
Any other survivors?
He's the only one.
And the only suspect.
Not done yet? Hurry and let's hit the road.
We need to move the survivor.
Where are you going?
Why don't you ask BANG?
As I told you, HQ is really pushy...
- BANG. - Yes?
As of this moment, I've full operational control over all personnel.
You're not going anywhere unless I authorize it.
What if they ground us?
Don't jinx it.
Killing them wasn't enough?
Why pour kerosene all over?
Nothing significant here.
A cake?
They had a party here?
Aren't those dog tags?
KANG Jin-won
I've found you, Specialist KANG
Why did he do this?
Crazy son of a bitch.
Why kill all these people?
I think they closed this section.
It's like a maze in here.
Specialist KANG must be a psycho.
He wasn't disciplined properly.
Too much slack is never...
The body count isn't correct?
All I know is that we have 19 bodies with us.
If so...
Dead or alive, we're missing one.
21 were stationed here.
It's not our mess-up.
Please, check again.
In this rain?
It'll damage the bodies.
Doesn't matter.
Look, Mr. Investigator. I'm done here.
Treating him is the only...
You heard him.
Yes, sir.
Hey, unload the bodies!
One, two, three...
Hey, not too rough.
It's 19!
Can we leave now?
I'll have the boys search again.
Nothing here!
It's clean.
What's wrong with them?
What the fuck is wrong?
What are you scared of?
Chunja's barking like hell tonight.
Is he in heat?
That crazy mutt...
ItHe must be in heat.
Yes, Private CHO!
Go shut that mutt up.
Yes, sir!
What's wrong with you tonight?
Why so much racket?
Be quiet so we can sleep.
I said quiet!
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Sergeant MA?
Sergeant MA?
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
Like I needed this!
That fucking mutt!
Get those mutts!
Get them!
Good to have an army chief for a dad, isn't it?
There are 2 groups of bodies.
Those found in the boiler room had been dead for at least 2 days.
And a day for the others.
Do you think he got into the armory?
It seems that somebody controlled the weapons.
All the personal weapons were found in the armory.
Not in the barracks.
It's weird, though.
These old bunkers are usually crowded with rats.
But I haven't seen one here with all the bodies lying around.
What is it?
Come any closer,
and I'll kill you!
Get away!
Get back!
Get away from me!
It's okay. Don't be afraid.
Get back!
You're safe now.
Fuck you.
Get back!
It's okay now.
Fuck you!
Slow down and talk to me.
What's your name?
Your name!
You son of a...
What the...
I'm 1 st Lieutenant YOO in charge of GP 506.
So you are...
Can I get a cigarette?
Excuse us for a minute.
What are you doing? We have work to do!
Let's go.
I understand what you're going through.
But you need to cooperate...
Only after I get back to the main force.
Listen, YOO. This won't do you any good.
Soldiers talk in a soldier's way.
Like a soldier!
Remember, NOH.
You're a soldier, not a cop.
Get me back to the base.
Take him to the base.
The interrogation is still...
Interrogation my ass! Send him over right away!
This is my case.
Save it and do as I say!
I'm in charge of this case until 6 am.
What? You must be crazy.
Who do you think you are?
This conversation is over.
Hey! Sergeant Major!
Yes, Ssir!
Where's YOO?
Wasn't he with you?
He went to his office to get changed.
What are you doing?
Spit it!
Spit it out!
What are you trying to hide?
- Spit it! - NOH!
Spit it out!
Cuff him.
- What? - Cuff him now!
You're making a mistake.
I already did!
20 men died!
20 men under your command were killed!
Let me ask you once and for all.
What happened here?
You won't believe it.
It was horrifying. You can't even imagine it.
Why did you confiscate their weapons?
Did they revolt?
If you find that out, you'll know everything.
Did you wanna see me?
Give him a jeep.
It was in the food storage.
Do you recognize him?
I'm going to kill everyone in our platoon.
I have to end this myself.
This part isn't good.
- Should I skip it? - Yes.
I'm going to...
kill everyone in our platoon.
Look at his eyes.
He's hungry for blood.
The road is completely blocked off!
What is it?
The road is out due to a landslide.
Fuck me.
What's going on?
Isn't it beautiful? So open.
It is, sir!
That's North Korean GP.
Only 300 meters way, they can hear you yell.
- CHO. - Yes, sir!
- Yell. - Sir?
- What, scared? - Sir!
Look. You see him waving back?
We see him, sir!
What are you doing?
- Sir! - Sir!
I'm training new conscripts.
Damn, train yourself.
See you later.
Hey, kid.
- Yes, sir! - Come here.
This is M60. Did you see Rambo?
I did, sir!
It's aimed at the ir GP.
You pull the trigger, and...
What is it?
No, I was just...
Son of a bitch!
Get down!
We could've started a war!
Stay still, assholes. Hands behind your back!
Get back on your head!
That's enough.
Yes, sir.
On your feet!
Not you, asshole!
You fuckhead...
- Fuckhead? - Yes, sir!
Your ass belongs in a guardhouse!
You do all the chores from now on.
From cooking to cleaning...
You do all the shitty stuff! Got it?
Yes, sir!
Incompetencye always shows.
I can't believe he's wearing goggles to peel onions.
KANG was a troublemaker, but not evil.
That's what it says in the personnel record.
But all the records of the past few days have been ripped off.
You think YOO did it?
Maybe it's better. I don't trust him anyway.
It's his diary. Will this be any help?
I'm losing confidence.
What has gone wrong?
I can't believe what happened.
If it's not an accident...
Who did it then?
I don't think we should let this pass.
Transport the injured back to the base...
...and lock up Sergeant MA's team.
What is it? Tell me everything.
You know they went missing out in the woods.
Hey, stop it.
Yes, Ssir!
What are you doing?
We're going weeding for Major General's visit.
Last time, we planted trees for his viewing pleasure.
Are you ready?
Yes, we're ready.
- Let's go. - -Yes, sir.
Have fun.
Do a good job.
It's a beautiful day.
He visits our GP too often.
Stop complaining. He's a Major General after all.
We'll search the area in two groups.
We have to find MA's team.
Sir! Sir!
Sergeant MA?
MA, are you ok?
I didn't give a second thought when I first heard it.
But the rumors about them wouldn't stop.
What rumors?
That's it.
Come on, let's go.
It's out. He didn't touch it.
Didn't you see it?
He touched the ball.
It's their point, 11 to 10.
Serve it hard.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
What are you...
What's wrong?
What's wrong with him?
Unbutton his shirt!
Your time's up.
Keep a good watch.
Sir! Goodnight.
- Did you hear it? - What?
MA bit the dog to death.
Just be careful.
- Come on, Let's go. - Yes, sir!
MA, are you okay?
Are you ok?
What are you doing?
- Wake up! - What happened?
Guys, look here!
What is it?
Did MA attack you?
It's okay, KIM.
Tell me the truth.
I don't know.
You don't know?
I just...
I can't remember.
With scars on their bodies...
They said they couldn't remember.
Can't they remember?
Or are they pretending?
Let's lock them up for now.
Sir! KIM...
KIM is dead.
Pack it nicely. We'll send it to his parents.
I will.
I'm going on sentry.
Yes, sir!
This is 1 st Lieutenant YOO, Head of GP 506.
21 in all, 21 present.
Everything's good here.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
How could this happen?
The closest GOP is 4 km away.
Unless it's reported, what happens, here, stays here.
- Shit, What now? - Beats me!
What's going on?
The road's cut off.
Not going to the hospital?
Lmpossible now.
We need to unload the bodies.
Where's the coolest place in the bunker?
What about the jeep?
It's coming.
Since when?
He was fine until a moment ago.
- 200 - Clear.
- 300 - Clear.
Don't let anybody in.
Yes, sir.
What are you doing?
Just examining the bodies.
That one is in bad shape. The white matter might spill out.
You're unbelievable.
Here, put these on.
No, you don't wanna...
Happy now?
He was shot by a pistol.
You're an expert on that.
Don't damage the bodies more than they have been.
I didn't lay a finger on him.
Ask the driver.
I said we had to go back.
And he started screaming, banging his head on the window.
Like he lost his mind!
He wouldn't get out of the car.
You gonna stay in there?
Let me leave this place.
I will.
Let me out of here!
Back to your positions!
Look, YOO. You're an soldierofficer.
I don't care!
NOH, get me out of this place.
Anywhere but here.
It's a nice gun.
Did your father give you this?
I'm sick of everybody seeing me as a General's son!
You can't threaten me with this.
No, I'm asking you.
Not for your father.
But for those who lost their beloved sons!
It was too much for my men.
Generals never stopped visiting our...
I had to do something about the series of strange events.
To end the jumble they caused...
I decided to lock up MA's team.
But that wasn't the end.
- Hey, CHOI - Yes?
- Scrub my back. - Okay.
Private CHO!
I got you a towel.
Put it here.
Which pipe is broken?
Over there.
Get to it!
It feels good.
- Hold it up. - Don't miss a spot.
- I'm not touching your ass. - Shut up and do it.
Damn, it's hot!
Hey, look!
So it continued even after you locked them up?
I don't believe in ghosts,
but I felt something.
That private didn't remember what he did.
So I...
Did MA attack you?
It's ok, KIM. You can tell me.
- I don't know? - You don't know?
I just...
I just can't remember.
Sir... Sir...
Help me. Let me live.
What's wrong?
- Please, save me. - What's wrong?
- What is it? - Go away!
Please, help. Please.
- Go away! - Come to your senses!
Go away!
Sir, are you okay?
Not feeling well?
Return all the bullets and grenades.
Why isn't the HQ doing anything?
What does that have to do with this?
I'll have them transported to the base tomorrow.
He made a decision to confiscate all live ammunition...
...to prevent a firearm accident in light of recent events.
I'll collect all of your bullets.
Come here.
That grenade, too.
Hey, we're here.
- Okay. - Sir!
Keep a good watch.
- How's your hand? - It's okay.
Doc, there's no cold medicine.
What are you talking about?
There should be a stack of it.
Get some from the ambulance.
Yes, sir.
What the hell happened here?
Why should we stand sentry? This isn't our base.
We're lucky, though.
Think about those guys out in the rain.
That's true.
- See you later. - All right.
It's so spooky in here.
Damn, it's pouring.
Ju-young, is that you?
Man... Stop joking around.
It was a stupid decision.
We locked them up, but things didn't get better.
Sergeant Major!
It was Specialist KWAK.
He was smashing his head with a butt plate.
What are you talking about? I just saw him!
He's right there at his post.
Specialist KWAK!
- Sir? - Come here.
What's going on?
Anything happened?
KWAK, you son of a...
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