Imam Muda (Young Imam) English subs Episode 7 part 1

Uploaded by buzzbuzz44 on 09.07.2010

this week the theme is parenting
kids mus be responsible to their parents
and parents must fullfil their obligation
this is the task for the Imam Muda for this week
marks will be given - 50% on written test and 50% more on tasks
with the permission from the Principle we'll look at their score marks
Imam Muda Ashraf excels
while Imam Muda Adib is in a very dangerous situation
It is all in their own efforts.. there's no sms vote for them
the weakest will end his journey
this time
we will be with the orphans
the orphanage is called Darul Fuqaha'
This is an opportunity on..
you will become a father for two orphans
aged from 12 to 15
as a father.. to teach them to recite the Quran
they are reaching into puberty
how will the fathers guide them into maturity
before this , we had some experience at some wellfare houses