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Today on Drinks With Diablo,
we're going to make
the Jolly Rancher.
[ girls in crowd cheer ] presents Drinks With Diablo:
The Jolly Rancher.
Alright, welcome back.
This is your host, Jöhnny Dîablø,
with my guest,
>> Suzielicious: Tee hee.
>> Crowd: [ laughs ]
>> Dîablø: And today, we're making the Jolly Rancher.
Now, this is a pretty simple drink.
What you're going to need:
Sour Apple Pucker,
green apple vodka,
Midori, and a little bit of cranberry juice.
Alright, we're going to make enough for two.
If you want to just make enough for one drink,
just cut it in half.
We've got a shaker full of ice.
One ounce each of
green apple vodka,
so two ounces.
Two ounces of Sour Apple Pucker.
And two ounces of Midori.
>> Inferno: Mmmm.
>> Inferno: I moaned, I'm sorry.
>> Someone: [ laughs ]
>> Dîablø: Then to that, just add a couple splashes of cranberry juice.
Then we're going to shake it up,
and we're going to pour it out.
>> Suzielicious: You could make a samba.
>> Dîablø: We're almost out of ice.
Alright, let's see what we've got.
Oh, that look interesting.
>> Inferno: [ laughs ]
>> Cortney: [ laughs ]
>> Dîablø: I don't know what to tell you.
Suzielicious, tell me how this tastes.
>> Suzielicious: Awesome.
>> Dîablø: It tastes like a Jolly Rancher?
>> Suzielicious: It tastes just like a Jolly Rancher.
>> Dîablø: It tastes like a sour apple Jolly Rancher to me!
There you go, the Jolly Rancher.
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Thanks again for being here, and as always,
>> Crowd: HAPPY DRINKING !!!
♪♫ [ heavy psychedelic rock ] ♫♪
Jolly Rancher recipe:
1 oz Midori,
1 oz Sour Apple Pucker,
1 oz green apple vodka,
Splash cranberry juice.
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