Christian & Oliver Part 74B - 04.10.12

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And? How was your appointment? - We could have saved ourselves a lot of time.
Yeah, I could've told you, this woman really is very- - Extreme, I know. I experienced it first-hand.
It must have been disappointing. Well, I mean for Olli, I don't even know how you are doing.
What do you think? Tough luck!
Bella, no one is asking you to replace your mother and I understand that you miss her.
But hey, you suddenly have a family you never knew about and Olli...
he always wanted a little sister and now you're here, it's a huge gift.
Maybe. But this thing about my real mother is nothing more than deceptive. End of subject.
What? You came all the way from Tübingen to find out everything about her, and now...?
Okay, you have two options. Either find out where your true roots are and what family you come from...
Or you stop. And you will always ask yourself what would be if...
Man, Bella, don't give up so easily. Olli will always try to help you, you're not alone.
When she started threatening us with security again, we left.
And I really thought I made a difference. - You did.
Otherwise Clarissa never would've told me Bella's last name and I wouldn't have been able to find her.
I know how it felt when I learned that Ricardo is not my real father.
And when no one answered my questions. - Bella is going through the same thing now.
Timo, I think she has a right to know who her birth mother is. You probably understand that better than anyone.
And you... you want me to talk to Clarissa again and appeal to her conscience.
And preferably successfully.
This won't take long because time is money.
I want you to talk to Bella and I want you to tell her everything about the adoption.
Is this turning into a running joke? Every time Mr Sabel doesn't get answers from me, you come to see me?
Clarissa, Bella doesn't know who her mother is and I know exactly what that feels like.
You can't compare that. - True.
In my case it was my father, and you tried everything to keep me from learning the truth.
Now you bring that up again. - The good thing is that one can learn from mistakes.
Yes, and I'm sure Mr Sabel told you that I promised my friend I wouldn't to tell anyone.
Yes, he did, and we all know how serious you are about keeping promises.
In this case I take it very seriously.
Bella is your last chance to make amends for what you did, don't ruin it again.
You're a great billiards player!
When I was at school I played for extra pocket money.
My father was a cop, then, and he had a fit when he found out that his daughter played for money.
And what is he doing now? - That's a good question.
Bella, no matter what you and Olli find out about your father, he will always be your father.
I don't know. Maybe.
Well, did you finally meet your master?
Yes, she- - And? Do you have any info?
Yes. - Where have you been?
I met with Clarissa's grandson Timo.
Without his help she wouldn't have told me one word to begin with. And he's going to talk to her again.
Bella, I simply want to do whatever I can, since you made that long trip to come here.
I know. You're putting so much effort into this and I... Thank you.
And if it doesn't work this time, I'm sure I can think of something else.
We will find your mother, I promise.
Charlie, it's me again, please get in touch with me as soon as you get back.
You owe me for this.
Do you think Timo was successful talking to Ms von Anstetten? She acts so extreme.
Rumors say that she brushes her teeth with steel wool. - You'd better not repeat that.
I've heard that Clarissa is pretty bitchy.
Hello. - Hello.
I did some more soul searching, so please ask your questions, but you won't get a second chance.
Okay, you said that your friend got pregnant after sleeping with my father, that they had an affair.
What happened then?
Well, she was devastated because she realized that they wouldn't have a future together.
So she decided to give the child up for adoption.
And... you helped her?
No one was ever supposed to know about her pregnancy.
What was your friend's name?
No, I can't do that, I promised not to say anything. - Please!
Her... her name... is Berger. Ute Berger.
Thank you for coming.
You can thank my grandson. I hope this is the end of it.
Just a second, Ms von Anstetten.
Berger is a common name.
Do you happen to know where your friend used to live? It would shorten the search considerably.
It is pointless to look for her. - Why?
She is dead.