The Amazing Race Perth - Part 1

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Phil: The city of Perth, Australia.
Situated just inland from the pristine coast of the Indian Ocean,
Perth is the capital of Western Australia.
Theresa: So obviously we're here for Cameron's birthday, for a different challenge.
So, hopefully you guys will enjoy the day.
You're starting from here, and you've got from memory I think there's 8 checkpoints to get to.
And then you'll finish at a location that you will find out along the way.
Most of the checkpoints are in the Perth CBD area.
There is one that you will definitely need to use public transport to get to
and there is another one that we strongly suggest you use the CAT bus for because it is quite a walk.
So use public transport where you want.
You guys should stay together as a team just to keep each other safe.
Try not to separate and leave one team member on one side of the city and another team member on the other side of the city.
At each checkpoint there's 2 that you won't have anything to do at.
The rest of them will have an activity that you have to do before you can move on.
So we've just called them Roadblocks. We haven't put any detours in.
So once you get there there's something to do.
Some of the checkpoints are retail shops but it will tell you who to go and see.
If you go into a shop just make sure 1 person from your team goes in.
Not the whole team because we don't want guys all swarming into the retail outlets
that we have really good working relationships with.
There's 1 checkpoint that requires you to go near a lake.
We didn't go to the lake to put the box there.
So just look for the fenceline and the clues are on the other side of the fenceline.
It will make sense when you get there, I promise.
Hazim: Go! Open, open, open!
Luke: Hold this, hold this, come on, come on!
Jarred: Cool. Let's go!
Rhiannon: I think... Don't point the camera at me!
I think heading towards your work like going down...
Hazim: This is ahh, illegal!
You're on camera!
Yiannis: OK, we need to get there. Where "there" is, we have no idea!
Rhiannon: Where's Luke gone?
Rhiannon: We've gotta find Luke.
Hazim: I'm the cameraman, I've gotta find Luke.
Rhiannon: Don't get so close to my face!
Jarred: Ahh.. run, run, run.
This is big exercise!
Hazim: Are they coming?
Scott: Come on!
Cameron: We've gotta catch up.
Scott: Stay positive.
[Traffic light beeps] Team: Go!
Rhiannon: Tell Luke to keep going because only 1 of us is going into the store.
Rhiannon: How far away is it?
Luke: It's on this street.
Rhiannon: Did they say what side?
Luke: They just said Hay street.
Lewis: Hello!
Hazim: Tired?
Lewis: Nah, I'm fine. Rhiannon: Yes!
Hazim: Woah there's a pole there.
Hazim: Gimme gimme gimme. Give him the clue.
Rhiannon: Only 1 person can enter inside.
Rhiannon: I need a drink. Hazim have you got my bag? Hazim you can't come in.
Hazim: Yeah I can. Can't I watch?
Hazim: They're coming!
Jake's there.
Hazim: Alright, let's go, let's go!
Come on, let's get out of here! They're behind us, let's go!
Luke: Make your way to this carpark. It's located 350m from the Mends St jetty.
We need to go that way.
Hazim: You sure?
Rhiannon: It's towards the river. There has to be the jetty.
Jarred: Come on Cameron. Get the clue mate!
Cameron: Thank you!
Cameron: Roadblock. Make your way to this carpark. It's located 350m from the Mends St jetty.
Be prepared with good aim for your team challenge.
Jake: Down near the belltower. Quick, down there. Down.
Hazim: Oh they're coming!
Luke: Jesus christ guys!
Hazim: Holy shit!
Luke: Did you get that on film?
Hazim: I don't know!
Yiannis: The marvelous Perth city!
Yiannis: I keep on rediscovering this thing has a lens cap.
Sam: This carpark. The Mends street jetty.
Yiannis: Right, so any ideas on where the hell that is?
Sam: Um, it's in that direction. Somewhere along this street there'll have to be a CAT bus stop.
Kivaan: We're CAT bussing it eh? Sam: I reckon it'll be quicker. Kivaan: It's worth a shot.
Hazim: Hey Luke, how was your experience nearly getting hit by a car?
Luke: Awesome.
Luke: Oi, it's all for the love of the game.
Hazim: It's all for the love of the game.
Hear that people? All for the love of the game!!