Oklahoma Unemployment Tax filing (EZ Tax Express)

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This video brought to you by the
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission explains EZ Tax Express.
It's the online portal employers can use to submit
Quarterly Contribution Reports.
We have created this portal to make calculating and
paying Unemployment Insurance taxes efficient and
convenient for you.
All active accounts must file the
Employers Quarterly Contribution Report even if
no wages have been paid and/or no tax is due.
You must file a report every quarter.
Effective January 1, 2011 all Third Party Administrators and
employers will be required to file the
Employer's Quarterly Contribution Report
through the employer portal on the OESC website,
the EZ Tax Express online portal.
Whether you are an employer or a Third Party Administrator
the first step is to create a User ID and Password.
It's a very quick process just go to our website:
https://eztaxexpress .oesc.state.ok.us and
We have a GUIDE ME link located on the upper right corner
of the screen that details the information you will
need to get started.
You'll need to have an Oklahoma Unemployment Account Number
and/or a Federal Identification Number.
If you do not have an Oklahoma Unemployment Account Number,
after you create your User ID and Password you
will need to log in and submit a Status Report.
The Submit Status Report link is the second link from the
top of the navigation panel on the left side of the
EZ Tax Express screen.
To complete Password process, you will also need the
Company Name, Address and an Email Address.
You will create your own User ID and Password.
Both the User ID and Password must be 8-15 characters
using both letters and numbers only.
Special characters such as punctuation or symbols are not allowed.
Employers may manage the online account themselves or
authorize a Third Party Administrator or TPA--
such as an accounting firm to submit reports
and/or payments on their behalf.
Before the TPA can be granted access to an employer or
client's online portal account both the Employer and
the TPA will need to create a User ID and Password.
The TPA creates a User Id and Password in the same manner
as an Employer except the Oklahoma Unemployment Account
number is not a required item for a
Third Party Administrator account.
The TPA will enter only his or her
Federal Identification number to create the
User ID and Password.
To manage the TPA relationship, log into the employer portal account
Search for, select and GRANT ACCESS to your TPA.
Now, the TPA can log into his or her TPA account,
select the client's account, and submit reports and/or
payments for individual clients.
If the TPA logs into their TPA portal account and
there is a message indicating the TPA has
"No Account Management Rights"
it is because no clients have granted access
to that TPA account.
At this time, you must log into the Employer account and
follow the steps previously mentioned for managing
TPA relationships.
If the TPA has only one client associated with
EZ Tax Express, when the TPA logs into
his or her TPA account he or she will automatically be logged
into that one client's account.
Once the TPA has more than one client associated to their
EZ Tax Express TPA account a list of client accounts will appear.
Now, let's go over how to submit a
Quarterly Contribution Report.
Before you begin you will need this information for
each employee: Social Security Number,
Employee's First and Last Name.
The middle name is optional.
You will need each employee's total wages subject to
Unemployment and the employee's taxable wages computed up
to the taxable limitation.
You will also need to know the total number of employees
as of the 12th day of each month of the quarter.
After logging into the EZ Tax Express:
Next, you will select the Quarter and Year to be filed and
You will answer some yes or no questions.
Enter the monthly count of full and part-time workers
and select CONTINUE.
Next, you will enter the employee and wage information
we listed earlier.
This is also your opportunity to add, delete or edit
employee information.
When you have entered the requested
information click ADD EMPLOYEE.
If you were able to enter all of the employees on the
first page, select CONTINUE to advance to the summary page.
It there are more employees to be entered,
use the ADD EMPLOYEE button until all employees have been
entered and then, select CONTINUE to advance to the summary
page.After reviewing the summary report for accuracy click
CONTINUE and you will advance to the signature screen.
Then, click I CERTIFY THIS REPORT and enter the
Contact Name, Title and Contact Phone Number.
Click CONTINUE to submit the report.
You will receive a confirmation number for the Quarterly report.
This confirmation number will also be on the
after the report has been processed by the OESC.
If you submitted your Contribution Report online,
do not send a paper copy of the report by mail.
To adjust an Employers Quarterly Contribution Report,
please submit an Employers Quarterly Adjustment Report.
The OESC Employer portal also allows you the option of
uploading one or multiple Employers Quarterly Contribution Reports.
The file format specifications can be viewed at the
OESC website: www.ok.gov/oesc_web
The file must be a text file or (.TXT) and the file format layout must be in
compliance with the file upload specifications.
Reviewing and implementing these specifications will
prevent file upload errors.
A successful file upload is a three part process.
First, you upload the file.
The second step is data validation and
third, you submit the successful file.
This all begins when you click on
QUARTERLY CONTRIBUTION REPORT located on the Navigation Panel and
then select FILE UPLOAD.
Select the Quarter and Year and click START FILE UPLOAD.
Only one quarter can be uploaded at any
given time but multiple employer reports are allowed
within a single file upload.
Next, click BROWSE to search for the file to be uploaded.
Select the appropriate file, click OPEN and then
click UPLOAD.
Do not navigate away from this page or close the
browser window until the file has uploaded completely or
the upload will be cancelled.
The processing time will depend on the size of the file.
When the upload is complete, the system will display the
File Upload Confirmation page.
The uploaded file will now go through the
Data Validation process.
You will see a CLICK HERE prompt to view the file status on
the File Upload Library Details page.
After the file uploads you must click on
VIEW FILE DETAILS to complete the reporting process.
If the Data Validation status displays as
PROCESSING FAILED, the reports must be fixed and
re-uploaded as part of a separate file.
Click PRINT ERROR REPORT to track which reports need correction.
When the file Data Validation status is listed as
click on the DETAILS option next to the filelisting.
Review the information and click CONTINUE to
advance to the signature screen where you will
certify the report and enter contact information.
Click CONTINUE to submit the report for processing.
The Portal will now display the Confirmation page
and the online payment options.
Select the pay online link from the report confirmation screen
or select the ONLINE PAYMENT link from
the main menu on the left side of the screen.
Then enter the bank account information requested including
name of account owner, account number,
bank routing number and account type.
If you arrive at the online payment screen from the
Submit Contribution Report Confirmation screen or after the
process of submitting a contribution report,
the amount displayed is the amount due with the report.
If you choose to pay another amount, enter the amount
including the decimal to signify dollars and cents.
Enter the Quarter and Year.
When the information is correct and complete click
You will be asked to confirm the payment details.
Click SUBMIT to process your payment.
We want you to know this is a secure connection and your
bank account information will not be permanently stored.
This payment is a same day transaction.
You cannot post-date a payment.
If you submit your payment after 11:00 pm,
it will be processed the next business day.
Updates to your EZ Tax Portal account are
generally viewable the next business day.
If you choose to pay by check,
You will include the hard copy payment voucher with your check.
Because the payment voucher will become unavailable, print
the payment voucher before navigating away from the
Contribution Report Confirmation screen.
If you don't have a payment voucher,
include your account information on your check.
Make your check payable to OESC.
Include the Oklahoma Account Number and the Quarter and Year you
are paying on the check.
Mail your payment voucher and check to
OESC, Attn: Cashier, P.O. Box 52004, Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2004.
You do not need to include a copy of the Employers
Quarterly Contribution Report with your check payment.
You can choose to print a hard copy of the Employers
Quarterly Contribution Report and
payment confirmation to keep for your records.
The EZ Tax Portal also offers you the ability to view and
manage the Employers Account.
When you select VIEW ACCOUNT INFORMATION you will see the options.
You can view Current and Historical Benefit Wage Charges,
Employer Contribution Rates and Notices,
Benefit Wage Charge Appeals, Tax Appeals, Payments and Account Balances.
We hope the EZ Tax Portal is useful and efficient for you.
If you need further assistance call the Help Desk at
405.557.5452 or 405.557.7141 or email the Help Desk
at eztaxexpress@oesc. state.ok.us