Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends : Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends: Some Quality Time

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hi, my name is Cat Tiffin and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm here to talk to you about
what kind of gifts you should be getting for your girlfriend or significant other this
holiday season. Hi, it is Cat again. I'm sort of going to hang out with the crowd. This
is my puppy and just wondering what I can actually get him for the holidays. You know
we try and remember his birthday and different things. You know get him different balls and
get him treats and toys and that sort of thing. But my job up I work a lot like 80 hours a
week a lot. Like a lot, lot. Come here bud. I was never around and it sucked cause I have
missed him. Missed him a lot. This is my kid right here. Loved his ball, always has a ball
in his mouth. I realized the best thing that I have can give him ever is the gift of my
time which is being around more. Spending more time with him. Throw the ball. He loves
it. I'm here most days and we get to hang out and I get to do stuff like this which
is very cool and he gets to hang out with me. It is the best thing that I can do for
him. That also goes for a significant other as well. I my fiance is very excited that
I would be able to spend more time with her and literally that is all she wants from me.
Just some more time. So maybe ultimately that is the best gift that you can give anybody
is doing something that they want to do is and spending time with them. Whether it would
be on the couch, comfortably enjoying the silence as you each doing your own thing.
Read a book, go through a magazine, watching a tv show, kind of zoned out. Cooking dinner
together and sitting down together, turn the tv off. Go on Expert Village and grab a recipe
and whipping something up and say hey, I made this for you. Let's spend a little time together
just you and me. Let's turn the phones off. Best thing to give somebody, best gift ever.
So I would leave you with that this is Cat Tiffin for Expert Village and thank you for
taking the time. I hope that some of that has been useful, some of has been funny and
that you can take a nugget or two of wisdom away from it. Regardless happy holidays and
we would talk to you soon. Thank you!