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''You couldn't care for my love. There is nothing more left to say''
''You did not remember me there's nothing more left to say''
Anjali... Anjali.
Rahul you look ahead, l'll look there.
Anjali... Anjali...
One minute.
Where are you off to?
Home. - What?
l got a letter from mom. My father's not well...
... and there is lots of work in the new house.
Have you gone mad? You got a letter and you're leaving?
You're not going anywhere. - Rahul, l have to go.
How can you go in the middle of the term?
Rahul please... - Go afterthis semester.
Rahul l have to go. - You can go afterthe final exams.
Rahul l might not come back even forthe final exams.
l'm not coming back Rahul.
You are leaving college, leaving me...
... and you didn't even tell me about it.
Rahul please... - l don't want to know.
Rahul l'm going. - So go.
Rahul l'm not coming back. - l don't care.
Anjali don't go. Who'll l play basketball with?
You used to lose everyday, anyways.
But why are you going?
My parents need me... - And l don't?
Now you irritate Tina. You've bothered me enough.
l'll fail. - Then fail.
Stop chasing those stupid girls now.
l'll miss you Anjali. - l'll miss you too.
That day l realised that perhaps...
... l had come between Rahul and Anjali.
Perhaps, l had come between two friends...
Anjali's silence told me everything.
And that day l was sure... ... that she loved your father.
Perhaps even l couldn't love him as much.
Anjali neither called norwrote.
She had gone away from our lives. Forever.
You father used to say - 'Love is friendship'.
Yes. l became his friend but could never be his best friend.
Your father is alone now but won't say anything.
He needs a friend, he needs love...
that friend is Anjali, that love is Anjali.
Get Anjali back into your father's life.
Return Anjali her first love.
Anjali and Rahul are made for each other.
This is the truth and this is my dream.
Will you fulfil your mother's dream?
Get Anjali back in Rahul's life.
Get Anjali back in your father's life.
Make my dream come true.
Happy Birthday! Give me five.
This is Malhotra speaking, using STD on my personal line.
Are you all coming tomorrow?
Yes! As soon as we reach Delhi, we'll take the Faridabad train.
The one at 4 O'clock? - Yes! What are you doing?
Me? l was just... nothing.
No... sorry not you.
These Mumbai butlers are something else.
Okay then, l'll pick you up tomorrow.
Sure? You forgot last time.
Last time... this time l'll be there
... by the way, the requirements forthe death anniversary...
Yes! l am getting it all with me. Don't worry.
Okay then, bye. - Bye.
Hi Guys!
This is Neelam and you're watching your favourite show, The Neelam Show.
Like always we are going to do something new...
We are going to play a game.
Would you all like to play this game?
lt is said that this game gets matters of the heart to the fore.
l will say a word...
... and you have to say the first word that comes to your mind.
But you get no time to think.
We'll start with you, Clouds?
Sorry. Times up. Clouds?
Beautiful? - Neelam.
Heart? - Love.
Okay... Love? -Seema.
What? You love me? - Yeah!
This game really works.
You saw how real feelings came rushing out. Now you try this game...
... and we'll be back after a break.
Stupid game, stupid Neelam. - Don't call my Neelam stupid.
Okay! Let's play your game.
Okay! Ready, start, go... Sexy? - Granny.
Papa play seriously. - Okay.
Papa you can't take so long.
l'm having water. Okay, now we'll start. Tell me.
Clouds? - Air.
Mad? - You.
Home? - Us.
Love? - Friendship.
Anjali? - Sharma.
Who is Anjali Sharma?
Who is she?
Papa, it's my birthday...
Okay. Anjali Sharma studied in college with me.
ln your College?
She was my friend. - Friend!
My best friend.
Her name's very nice, what was she like?
She was unlike any other girl.
She was like one of the boys.
All the other girls spent time on make up...
... but Anjali played Basketball.
She wore clothes like me. Yeah! really.
Anjali was mad. Dressing up and looking beautiful...
... was just not her scene.
Enough or do you still want to hear more?
Papa where is she now? - l don't know.
Anjali, l can't believe that you are getting engaged.