How to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Court

Uploaded by UngerandKowitt on 10.10.2011

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\f0\fs22 \cf0 Hi. I\'92m Barry Kowitt, one of the attorneys here at the law firm Unger
and Kowitt. Today I\'92m going talk to you about a question we get asked all the time
which is how to beat a speeding ticket in court. \
The first thing you have to know about how to beat a speeding ticket in court is that
you gotta be prepared. You can\'92t just walk in and expect you going to get the case dismissed.
It doesn\'92t work that way. You have to know a little bit about the type of ticket you
received. In this case, if it is a speeding ticket, look at the actual ticket, look at
the citation number on there and then go online, either Google or somewhere else and look it
up and actually read the elements that the state has listed that the officer must prove
against you in court. If you don\'92t know that, you even don\'92t know where to begin.
So, that\'92s always the first place to begin. \
In Florida, the officer will generally use one of the three ways to determine your rate
of speed. A radar gun which I\'92m sure you are familiar with, a pace clock which is when
they the actual speedometer on the vehicle they are driving in or vascar which is a time
distance measuring device. When they set up two points on the road and when you go from
point A to point B, the computer tells them how fast you are going. Each ticket does carry
with it a certain type of paperwork and it\'92s your obligation to look at that and make sure
it\'92s accurate. I can\'92t tell you just by asking to look at the paperwork the officers
indicate, they don\'92t have it and they are going dismiss your ticket. So, that\'92s the
nice thing to know. \ The other is if you actually look at your
ticket and you don\'92t see the type of speed measuring device the officer\'92s used, so
that\'92s another way you can get the case dismissed. Go up to the judge, obviously wait
for your name to be called, go up to the judge and tell him there\'92s no indication of how
the officer determined your rate of speed and therefore your due process rights are
violated because you are unable to prepare an adequate defense. See what happens. Some
judges might agree with you and some won\'92t but if you ask nicely, respectfully, there\'92s
nothing no harm in asking. So, I definitely think you should give it a shot. But if it
is on there, talk to the officer beforehand, look at the paperwork and this is where a
little bit of common sense comes in, If you see something that doesn\'92t look right,
it probably isn\'92t right. So, that\'92s an opportunity for you to go up to the judge
when your name gets called and say you looked at the officer\'92s paperwork and something
didn\'92t look right to you and show the judge and many times the judge will see what you
are talking about and dismiss the case. So, that\'92s another great way to get the case
dismissed.\ Hopefully, I have given you some good tips
to get your case dismissed. If for whatever reason you are not comfortable going, and
prefer to have an attorney to go on your behalf? No problem. Just call the number on the screen
(800-216-2960) and we\'92ll see if we can help you out. Thanks and Good Luck. \