Vice President Biden Attends the 113th Army vs. Navy Football Game

Uploaded by whitehouse on 11.12.2012

♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Vice President Biden: This Army-Navy game I think it's 113 years,
and if anybody who comes to this game has any doubt after the
game is over, no matter who wins,
whether or not there is some real,
real wonderful kids that are out there just defending this
country, that we're made of such great stuff,
they ought to just come and see it.
You can feel it in this stadium.
(cheering and applause)
Referee: Tails is the call.
Tails is the call.
Tails is the call, coin toss.
Vice President Biden: It's the most remarkable generation of young people maybe
ever and produced the greatest generation of warriors this
country has ever known, and they're all warriors out there
today in the field, but you saw what happened when the game
was over.
Each of them sang their alma~maters, they were together,
and they are going to fight together,
and they are going to be together.
(cheering and applause)
For a kid who started watching this game from Wilmington,
Delaware coming up here when he was probably 14 years old to be
here representing the President of the United States and present
the Commander's Trophy, it was an incredible honor.
Speaker: There you go.
Vice President Biden: Get in here, man.
It's your trophy.