Video Review: Windows 8 Release Preview - Metro Apps

Uploaded by sM4llziE on 31.05.2012

Hey guys Zac here from WinBeta and today we are taking a look at the
Windows 8 Release Preview, the official
preview from Microsoft, this is released today on May 31st
It currenty isn't out now as recording this, it was given to me by a friend
I'm very happy about that, thank you so much... friend! (laughs)
So yeah, this is the Start Screen, this is the new Release Preview
this is all the details you need to know, everything that's changed everything that's
new everything thats gone
all of that will be in this video
so yeah, let's get started.
three new things, the three new biggest things to the start screen are the new
apps, we've got
travel and sport these three new apps are RSS feeds to different types of topics,
for some for the news that dust bowl of the hours that states
uh... dates alice's feats
travel does all of the uh...
travel news travel details and sports dazzled sports news
so as to keep at least enough stress the criminals
that's my firm
events launched news
and newsies any m
news it's a mature fight to get one big news
story at the front of the big picture
and then you got the title of a company you get
couldn't buy on unicom
if you click on the edge of the news and you can lead to this to me that
they she slept at the uh... left yuki of a headline simcoe and petri prices
revealed from msn
in court u_k_ news
illegal web news
business sports politics sci-fi and health
so i think i will keep you in your news
and i'll be violence which compared to a newspaper
but i know how this works include amazon news
ekman beaten news homie
and here's the workload
anne swept down but sources annotate although steve news from any website
so if you look at species to criminalist b_b_c_ news news
seller here
that's at the news that in a nutshell
so to close at an old city next entonces travel
travel is new so you get one big featured
country on the front today's china shanghai
if she slept and i think it featured destinations
destinations destinations for example you can learn in the chicago
conveyed amsterdam
so if you tackle one of these which is uh... i'm to blame him
you get that to a vine you get the energy seeking the conversion rate from
at your committee to the common seeks a so i'm in the united kingdom icon sees
one pound
so uh... that
d conversion rate from one pound is one knew what went wrong
is coming twenty six degrees in november two pretty hope for me
you got photos enemy compatible isn't it creates we take a call in these
he had to take the whole three sixty look around
the area
until we see most of the faces of complaint couple it was a problem
treatment that but i think she was that because he
takes in order for that
but while esprit de corps for my child
you got exceptions protects them
that have come to tell you about uh... or not
and uh... got hotels
and he got restaurants
legacy or the details about the country you really want to learn about them
anamika articles about the country so you go
suha two spots the hoax or cold creek
that give you the details about that
notice not cool swept down we get destinations as uh... potentially or
destinations loads
and loads of time
on the whole weld keeps going swiss colin
that's what time we get that flight sleeping flight details are to have any
flight details cylindrical shape how this works
i attach a concession hotel
in the city of
not done
and to find anything
or not
inc oppressive weather just give you a summer websites for travel civil cochin
travel independent travel
national quick geographic traveler
and all of that
the uh... next iraqi is sport and that gives you an insight to uh...
everything of sports and one because to have fun with a picture of ballot any of
those against racist recommended to his knees he made that
swept to the uh... left you get
more details if you need some of the story sandown park i won't quit
for the second biggest nuisances the biggest second-biggest
it was scheduled for n_b_a_ note the n_b_a_'s possible
na joanna an obvious
you can go into favorite team to hear from one thirteen arsenal
and on t_v_ all the details of possible siegel possible news
article fixed is
it implies
team stats and the uh... pasta not witnesses
uh... so yes at cdw teachers of teams at s prequel
because what down to get um...
different types of sports pico n_f_l_ m_p_a_a_ and i'll be in it
and nato gulf formula one premier league
all support the best of web which campus delivered if you were links to peeps
useful at species blacksmith
websites such as bbc sport's kyschools
so that that's the uh...
senior laps in a nutshell
now let's take a look at the actual police previews however most of the exit
got updated at my some of them got facelift but most unhappy had a small
for for example oranges like they senses have been given and carla female has
been given new color
uh... messaging begin a new color
kindest and given a newcomer and so on
uh... councils have been given a facelift now we can uh...
links down the side here
you know for from you'll hotmail or gmail
and you got the money slopes hyped and reply
that's the worst recently
and uh... this standoff
pensando now
video that has been given a face lift is never trust xbox live i think it was
lost on top of that is completely new it looks completely different and expand my
you can uh... by movies from uh... pickle slices
for example mission impossible
by suspend that are companion spokesman acquitted xbox
we'll be destitute left of the airspace if you don't see happen you will find
two videos on your heart like this what left
or to the right to the left
that will be aware
tough enough will keep you too
look some type of fire was not to have a negative stories
and uh... you can also
play because the p and so on tennis courts we need to be companion act which
isn't installed on this practical
increasingly preview it was in the season
uh... in mexico was given a small facelift
right now instead of
type in here and get given the whole screen go black with all your conduct
you know conduct small squares hehehe
and you can sort it while still see neo website in the background which is
pretty neat
uh... stoll stoll isn't taken because this to ending the day is may thirty
first bottom its annual about eleven o'clock a m acting
consumers dvds ke is makes its close to later today
so the store still closed it should be a person
what next we have camera camera i'm not sure that this change dot that member
cannot be in and uh...
tamarack unique to simply as a i'd i'd have a camera
people asking given a facelift them now in the what's new every year you can add
more than one
status update coquitlam centre impotent restraints because
legal one declined hair
and uh... to be much more clinton on the screen at one time systems during these
three hain as now
the meat have looked at also begin the smoked a daily updates
anthem educations it is pretty neat
desktop has been given uh... small facelift ever gets the last time
excavation of ever christine explosion of uh... windows eight
will not have and i will be no metro fired
lipinski given date
metro feeding cause that it doesn't look more like it doesn't office memo index
one if it doesn't office fifteen
it'll be fun and it looks pretty neat is little uh... still works pretty well
and uh... has been given uh... as a set of flan in it's been a lot better now
bisa keeps sayin this bill would be set and i will not be in uh... the final
version of windows a which is pretty absent
i'd like him
uh... what can you do
also peter scoped out the whole offices just to give him
and upgrade with them more time on the school
uh... you get uh... this sixty kabaha now we go to the corner with a mouse
say if you had a mormon exit is usually in the pacific if i think you could take
another one and miss the uh... toms
but now because as a six-hour space is fed up and it will go to mix mona
which spree
excuse me
uh... usa gets the most the stars no uh... but home is now so if i have six
one of its content could post outlet which is campaign
he said yeah that would uh...
will be working you'll see that the uh... switch on which hasn't changed
so i'm gonna seasons i'm so sorry about this
okay with that
uh... what was your wasn't desktop so i have been exactly max is the same scars
are same esteem
youth is not that's messaging now you can message people offline
preteen eight cousin because he'll give you the let us do that
so if i have a friend kate
estefan if this doesn't happen in a message dated without any problems
uh... kinda still the same
no changed really
music music's changed i think it is one of the year at
yukio levy fees from at xbox is financially secure swept by
needed to vent music a popular
deputy preview these
see i don't get copyright infringement as such stop that
whether lapse to the same
hasn't changed
pitches that has changed we've now got nice wallpaper
before the
at your own anne is two pictures
folks uncle
we have picked it up and then you go look at his head
it what skydrive
next issue
pitches his car drive
eagle face book
which i've copied folk perforce tends to be a
legal fee cutting equipped devices can unfrozen definitely closer import them
via that way is to
as the five games this is the first time i've been allowed to uh... he says that
because a m
always crashed
because a m
doesn't seem to be viewed in allow the you people in the u_k_ to use it
in the real issue today which is pretty awesome
so we've got a full time games hehehe so at this is for steve marketplace
okay maturity from your friends here so people can came i coughed inhalants
and you get to where
like asian marketplace inhibitors
japan has reached you can buy the came from and we can play on the xbox
uh... if you close yet the swept to the vikings get your details he put bill
affects how you achievement seems to be a profoundly cost much tougher react as
well to cremate
south of the old man supplement what we want to
which that time
i think the caller
tickets here your image evens
xoxo up most times on the committee has in mind coughed planning tests are
you've set it at your profile from here
to him on the i'm a little sebastian mclamb
or soon
so that you know that's moneyline
who said he did your friends list silly tapia fans get details about them you
can compare your games
and view that profile
senator see what's going on here
surreal colts has
pay trying to see we have texting title gto that stupid put twenty percent
for shipments which is pretty nice
syria and you'll be seeking by cases i've just shown you
surrender that is if the it was like that
many half the fun of sap which has been given
s_a_-six just like
the uh...
this relapses got one large picture of the farm
anamika lab
at these hasn't got news about financing inkatha
more chased
unical loses in gainers
dingell cause the market was gives you a currency's cook great discount
and so on
uh... for the year
charms jumps to the same we care two meats as it is the tiles
set me straight if tools yes ninety three it there which was like that
because seriously
you've got help
acts doesn't help
uh... pple at alaska help balance
medications that islamic and height of patients who won our three hours or
alice which is nice
exchange keyboard
people you'll wireless google volume power
peoplepc sends which he hasn't changed
seems odd
battle cookie abhorrent personalize the switches
ashamed uh...
let all that what will be a step when the uh... police chief comes out if he's
on the case from there
uh... general has a new option down hit uh...
and advanstar which allows you to do it for me just be a dvd
changed the dissidents
and they still when this was just individual firmer
unknown window six after that it was going to like this
hwy x five mt
but special offer windows
and u_p_s_ to sickness in there
soas that is the windows eight please create in a nutshell uh... thank you for
heavy subscribe enough to see you
into the next one