Curtin's Official Opening of $35M Biosciences Research Precinct

Uploaded by CurtinUniversity on 09.09.2012

It's a very great privilege to be able to open the Curtin Health Innovation Research
Institute's Biosciences Research Precinct. It's a great day for the university and for
everyone who's worked towards it and I know doing any form of building work at a university
isn't easy -- so my sincere congratulations go to everybody who's been involved in the
It's a great day for me too, to think back to the departmental briefing I signed over
three years ago, and to see those plans actually turned into a reality. What started with your
good idea and some paperwork in my Canberra office has turned into this.
The Vice-Chancellor has spoken very eloquently about the vision for this facility and it's
role in creating a better future for all of us. And I've had the opportunity to talk to
some of the scientists about the remarkable work they are doing.
This world-class facility will not only educate it will innovate. Teaching the knowledge of
today, but creating the knowledge of tomorrow as well. It's about the discoveries and capacities
we don't even know we have in us yet. It's therefore about the future. It's a future
where education and innovation will drive our economy, create the jobs we need and advance
the well-being of all of us. That's why we invested over thirteen million dollars in
the construction of this facility.
So with very high hopes for the future this building symbolises and brings closer, I declare
the Curtin Biosciences Research Precinct officially open and I wish every occupant of it every
success for the future. Thankyou very much.