High school chemistry and misunderstandings

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When i was in high school i want to nothing more than to be a chemist.
I excelled in chemistry one and two in high school i theorized and did experiments on
my own
i remember having its watertight box out in the woods with a bunch of household
chemicals and some industrial chemicals i gathered from various sources
I poured through my chemistry textbooks looking for ways to make things. My dad
had a Merrick manual
which is a list of pretty much
all the known chemical compounds of the time, and a book of old-fashioned ways
that you can cite fireworks and useful compounds
sadly and fortunately for my safety i did not have the chemicals needed to make
the fireworks. So armed with these books i've tried to synthesize chemicals
using household chemicals i had
What i would do is write up a
Stoicheometric equation using my household chemicals in an attempt to make
these base chemicals
and here's an example
if you only know high school chemistry this formula is perfect, just using
household ammonia and hydrogen peroxide you should be able to make dilute nitric
equal amounts of nitrogen hydrogen oxygen
exists on each side. However when i put similar chemical reactions into practice
they just came up as duds. It's been over fifteen years since i tried this so
I can't even remeber
what reactions i tried
but this is just an example
I'm very glad i was outside as they could've produce dangerous fumes. Ii never
actually did this experiment as it would have been really dilute and i didn't know
how to distill so it would've been useless even if it had worked at the time
so why was it a dud?
It wasn't until i went to college that i realized i really didn't know anything
about chemistry
this reaction during work for several reasons i had never been taught
1) calculating energy states A reaction must go from high-energy
to a low energy state
to do this careful calculation in the correct catalyst is needed
2) Shape is everything in chemistry reactions energy potential is determined
by the shape of a molecule and depending on the shape
other parts of the molecule may have a more favorable reactions than the spot you
were wanting
3) Chemistry is messy
I didn't realize that in chemistry there are partial reaction that occur
if not under the right circumstance
of pressure temperature or catalyst
without contamination
there would be a wide range of variations of chemicals
that occur all at once
leaving the sample contaminated with several different versions of the same
empirical chemical
Or at least a mix of the final mean empirical formula
What i was doing a high school was akin to alchemy. I treated my limited
books as magic tomes but they were only there to prepare me for an explosion of
knowledge that was yet to come
so why do i discussed this? While at the same time i was trying these
experiments, i believed in creation science and nothing my high school
biology textbook said
would convince me that evolution was real
I just had my bible my textbook and my creation science books whose knowledge levels were
akin to or lower than a high school biology textbook
to back me up on this
It's not that my logic was wrong my knowledge was just Lacking
I ended up getting just a minor in chemistry. The calculus was way to
hard but i really like the microbiology class i took
so i switched majors and my knowledge of the world of life around me
exploded just like my knowledge of chemistry exploded when i took the
college class
thanks to my understanding of chaos theory and statistics I gathered in
the nuclear navy i began realizing just how worthless my creationist arguments
had been
not that they were a logical for the time they were just severely
deficient knowledge
anytime you try to be an expert on a science with only introductory
or even a few
low level classes
you will always end up with bad hypotheses
the level of knowledge is needed is just too high
my point is that creationist never use real arguments that actually involve
real research because if they did they would realize that the arguments they
make have been disproven many times over and why not?
because it's not their field of study
they don't put the years of study into learning about it and that's ok
but i don't try and tell a chemist or phycist
this is the wrong because i don't know enough
and i won't be putting the time and energy into it to allow me to do so life
is just too short
biology seems to be subject to different rules of armchair scrutiny though
because it goes against holy books
the phenomenon is what i refer to as beavis and butthead logic. If you
ever watch the show they try and actually succeed at rationalizing something
in life with logic
but they end up missing the point completely due to a lack of knowledge
so make sure you have all the facts before trying to argue with an expert
or you will end up looking like a Butthead
Whoa I got it Beavis
We should like
Why? Because
we need to evolve into dudes who score
Yeah, Yeah cool!
I'm going to evolve a
bigger weiner
Boioioioing! Yeah
Evolution is accomplished over millions of years
through the repeated passing along of Genetic materials
Um, what? In fact it took our ancestors literally
millions of years to begin walking upright and foraging for food
what a bunch of dumbasses
Yeah really