Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier - Scene 101 Part 1

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After we finish lunch, and I'm just about to ask Sayuki if she's ready to search for Odin today.
Reiji: Hm?
Who could that be at the door?
Ayane: Good day, Reiji-kun.
Reiji: A-Amamiya?! What are you doing here?
Yet again, I wonder if perhaps everyone keeps following me home since someone else completely unexpected shows up.
Let alone that she's another magi who I've already sworn to fight if I have to...
Ayane: Fufu, did I surprise you?
Reiji: ...Yeah, you could say that.
Ayane: I came here today because I wanted to talk with you, Reiji-kun.
Reiji: What have nothing to talk about...Sorry, but I'm not going to go along and listen to something just so you can have an
excuse to imprison me.
Because I don't know whether Amamiya has come here as friend or foe I throw out a joke in a half-mocking tone.
Of course, it's just a bluff and there's no way that I could call out for help in case she did something immediately, but
Amamiya doesn't do anything other than sigh and shrug her shoulders in her usual graceful manner.
Ayane: What a shame, you're still on edge around me.
Ayane: And I went to all this trouble to come here in order to give you information that could help end this game quickly.
Reiji: Useful information?
Ayane: Yes. In this case, I'm all but certain my hypothesis is correct.
Reiji: ...
Although she's acting friendly to me right now, it's hard to trust Amamiya when she says she wants to talk about a "guess".
I know Amamiya is an intelligent person, so on one hand I want to hear what she has to say, but on the other, there's no
guarantee that she's telling the truth that she has any information at all.
Reiji: ......Alright, I'll listen to what you have to say.
Ayane: Fufu...I'm glad. That means I didn't come all the way here for nothing.
Amamiya flashes me a small smile as if she knew that this was how it was going to be from the start, and I can only nod my head
in confusion afterwards.
Somehow, I wish that I could have remembered earlier that I've been dancing in the palm of her hand for a while now...
Ayane: Although I don't mind if we talk here, I doubt you would, correct? Than, follow me.
Again as if she's reading my mind, Amamiya says that as she turns around and walks off, with me a short distance behind her.
At Starlight Park, the voices of children innocently playing about echoes as usual.
Under the bright sunlight, Amamiya's natural grace and beauty seems accentuated as we walk through the park.
Ayane: The weather feels great, Reiji-kun.
Reiji: Yeah, you're right...
As I say that back, I subtly take my phone out of my pocket.
Although I'm not doubting Amamiya at the moment, I have to think of the worst, and I send a text to Sayuki, with it telling her
to make sure that Sakura is with her for a while.
Ayane: Fufu, texting your younger sister?
She stills seems able to predict everything I'm doing, even without turning around.
Reiji: I am worried about following someone somewhere I don't know the destination to, so just keeping her updated.
Ayane: Oh. That's actually a good idea.
Reiji: Good idea?
I say that in confusion since she said that so cheerfully.
Ayane: If I did something like that, than I wouldn't have to keep my eye on you around the clock to know where you're at.
Ayane: From the moment we wake up in the morning, until we go to bed at night, you'll forever be by my side...right?
Amamiya proposes that without thinking things through in the rapturous voice of a woman in love.
However, when she says she'd "be by my side forever", it may not just be a metaphor...
She might literally watch me every moment of every day...
Reiji: In that case, I'd prefer the one to be watching me on the other end of the phone to be someone else.
Ayane: Oh no, I couldn't allow a thing like that.
Ayane: If you become mine, Reiji-kun, and want me in return...Than I'll listen to every selfish desire you have. I'll accept it all.
Reiji: !
Although it has been common as of late, I can't help but flinch as Amamiya talks so openly about such embarrassing matters like this.
When she does so, all of that beauty and adult-like grace flies out the window and is replaced by a child who can't stop doting
on the one she loves.
Reiji: ...What did you want to talk to me about?
Ayane: Oh, that's right. Forgive me, Reiji-kun.
Like flipping a switch, the smart and graceful Amamiya appears once again.
Ayane: Before I begin, I want to hear something from you first, Reiji-kun.
Ayane: Do you have any idea who Odin is?
Reiji: Sorry, but I know next to nothing about him.
Ayane: Do you know anything about him at all?
Reiji: Pretty much zero. I haven't seen even a glimpse of him. Even though I've been looking for a while now, I haven't found out
Ayane: Ah. I see...
Even though I said I don't know anything, Amamiya still nods positively.
Reiji: Was that it? If you were expecting any helpful information from me, you're out of luck.
Ayane: No, I suppose that's pretty common...But Reiji-kun, even no information at all can be just the kind of information one
needs to know at times.
Reiji: Hm?
Ayane: You just have to try and look at things from another perspective, such as mine.
Reiji: ...By chance, did you happen to find something out, Amamiya?
Ayane: I believe so, at least as long as my hypothesis holds.
Saying that, Amamiya looks out towards Lake Nanami with a confident look on her face.
I can see the waters reflection in her deep, thoughtful purple eyes.
Ayane: Do you remember what I told you last time about the lack of war scars across this island?
Reiji: Yeah, about how the island was too beautiful despite a war having been fought on it right?
Ayane: Yes, that's correct.
Ayane: I suspect that the war from before was similar to what we are experiencing now; a war between magi.
Ayane: I'm fairly certain you've thought about this possibility as well, right Reiji-kun?
Reiji: ...I certainly did think that before. Even though people remember there being a war, there's no historical records of there
being one. Therefore, I don't think that possibility can be questioned.
Reiji: No matter how I try, I can't help but think that the only way that was possible was that it happened beyond anyone else's
knowledge, you know?
Thus, I'd have to assume that something like now where Eyespace exists happened back than, although maybe not on such a scale
since people have imperfect memories about it.
For instance, if there was a magi with the ability to exclude all hostile presences on the island and force them into one area to
fight...Yup, it's not impossible.
Ayane: Yes. I'd say that Odin was one of the participants that was in this previous war...Or at least, he was involved in it in
without him noticing it until the end.
Reiji: ...That's quite possible, actually.
There is a slight chance that his war concluded without him awakening as a magi at all.
At the very least he is quite well-versed with what is going on since he's been through this before.
Ayane: Although at first I believed that he may have had a I'm fairly certain that he's masterminding this alone.
Ayane: The basis is quite simple, actually. Since he must have such a large amount of magical energy already, we probably don't
even exist to him.
Ayane: Additionally, when he has all of these abilities he doesn't see the need to fight, and let's us go about and destroy each
Reiji: ...That certainly seems to be the case...
He's very organized although his motive is unclear. While we've been thinking of getting revenge on him for putting us all through
this, it's possible he's never even given us a thought, thus keeping any personal feelings about the war from him. I hadn't
even considered anything remotely like this, but when Amamiya says it like that, it's hard not to agree with her.
Ayane: Of course, assuming that's how it is than he's likely aged to some degree.
Reiji: That...I never even considered about looking for someone that much older than us.
Ayane: ...No, it won't be that simplistic. He has much more magical power than us, remember? ...It would be foolish to judge him
just by his age and appearance.
Ayane: Besides, you know just as well as the rest of us that common sense does not apply when it comes to magi.
What Amamiya says makes sense.
Up until now, whenever I thought of Odin, the image that came to my mind was that of a man in the prime of his life.
However, there's also the possibility that he could be older, younger, or even a woman.
If I don't limit my thought processing, than there are no limits at to how Odin could look now.
Reiji: However, that makes Odin sound more like a phenomenon than an actual person.
Ayane: Yes. As it is right now, there's no telling exactly what his aim is. Even I have no idea what caused this war.
Ayane: What does he benefit from by having us fight each other?
Reiji: Now that's easy. He wants this "Ultimate Magic", and makes others with strange powers fight in order to obtain it.
While Amamiya may have sounded certain about Odin in a way, it's still a fact that there's too little information about the war itself.
Ayane: ...While there's certainly some truth to that, I feel that it's something worse than that.
Reiji: Eh?
Amamiya's tone suddenly drops darkly.
The weight behind it is a vast difference from her previously gentle disposition.