BRT Weekly | November 25 - December 2

Uploaded by BRTvirtualAirlines on 25.11.2012

Welcome to BRT Weekly, My name is Andrew Saha
also known by my callsign as b_r_t_ zero zero eighty two
this week in the news like your his release date for its new upcoming
which will probably be three point zero around february seventeenth twenty
we will look into that war
as we get closer to the specified date
the fight q_v_c_ still needs translators specifically people who know german
french in spanish if you would like to help the fred click your week improve to help
and there is also a big need for developers right now on the following
the flake your radar project
n_f_o_ away
or flight gear four or on android his looking for new gestures
open rain radar is also looking for new maintainer as well as the flight gear
package manager
and finally in b_r_t_ news he we noticed that our website seems to be reverted
back to its older platform
this is because they were a few noticeable bugs on d new websites that
raphael whose
figuring out
for us so we should all get new site back but for the moment we have reverted
to the original
template id site
uh... we have reached uh...
very big milestone in b_r_t_
b_r_t_ zero zero zero five has reached a major milestone he's entered the top one
hundred pilots of all time in-flight dear so great job that b_r_t_
sears zero zero five we congratulate you for your amazing
and that's all for this short shorter addition b_r_t_ weekly once again a
mentor sendai you can visit our website b_r_t_ virtual airlines dot com to find
out more information
we'll see you next week