Video 6 - Invista em si - Internet Marketing em Português

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[Rui Gabriel]: Then we will see in this video the importance of your investment
I'm not talking about the money investment, but also investment in time and availability
and mental focus on developing its most valuable asset, and its most valuable asset is you.
And so we'll talk in this video how important it is to become a different person, better, and adapt his mentality
his evaluation system and his system of values to changes
and this will also make deal better with crises as they come up, and will also put you on the right side, where the opportunities are.
So we'll talk this short video about the importance of investing in the development of youself, and training and in learning.
[Silvio Fortunato]: And this will be the last theoretical video theory, the next will be practice, the models.
History is made up of many men who built their fortune several times, when business went bad
they lost everything, and then rebuilt everything again from scratch and rebuild everything again.
And sometimes people say "oh poor guy he lost everything," and people sometimes do not realize that the most precious asset is that this person has their way of thinking
their knowledge, the people he was known over the years to surround with the right people, with the right knowledge at the right points
this has nothing to do with bribes, has to do with partners, today there is much talk of network, where you have a network of people around you
that you can, you have a specific business model, you gather experts around you
and when you need something you know the right person to place, and having so ...
over the years you built this network of knowledge from people around you, it is very important, because nowadays we work more on network
in network, and especially the knowledge that this person will get, because a person with the right skills
to have the care to invest in yourself for a long time, especially in knowledge, in knowledge, ... that person, that nobody can take away.
You can lose your job, your house, your car you can lose everything, but your knowledge capital continues, no one can take it from you
and this capital knowledge and experience gives you enough power to start things once more. So what happens?
That attitude we've spoke before "oh, I do not know, oh, I am not able ...", this has to stop happening.
If we now move from manufacturing Age to the Information Age, isn't it... this is not a theory, we're in this ...
of course a lot of knowledge without action is like an illusion, and I have seen many people saying "oh but I lost hours on the Internet, endless hours to do things ..."
but then they do not put in practice, not putting in practice, they do not learn, isn't it ...
then it is important to read the books, it is important to listen and learn, but then put in place, doing the practice, put things into practice.
[Rui Gabriel]: And it comes to solidify knowledge, this is what comes to make sense of knowledge that the person has.
[Silvio Fortunato]: Is the action, is you do so, is making mistakes, and come back ... and if you do that to you, but you build your business model with the right parameters
Each time you fail ... but you will always evolving one step, one step, one step, and you build that foundation
and you'll be joining forces, means, the work you did today, even if it fails, you can rebuild it
but you'll be always adding, and that with the Internet is actually possible.
[Rui Gabriel]: We are talking about human capital, is your capital, I do not know what you're thinking right now that you're listening to us talking this way
has basically two ways of thinking, and his will probably be one of them.
One is, this is very difficult for me and I am not able to do this, you'll turn off this video and you're not going to see the following videos
and goes back to doing things as usual, and there is no harm in it ...
[Silvio Fortunato]: Or I know everything and they know nothing ... it is also an attitude that we have a lot ...
[Rui Gabriel]: I also had it, I also know how ... and therefore it is necessary, these two attitudes, which are two negative attitudes and are responsible for your situation
if you were, the situation I had them was when... but can also have a positive attitude, that is very simple
it could be, that is here with this way of thinking and working, there may be a real opportunity for me
and then I'll analyze it with serious eyes, I see what's going on, and watch carefully if your attitude is
"I am not able, I do not want to learn, I want that things fall over me from the sky without me doing anything"
so really as we told from the beginning as we are not here to do nothing, this is not the purpose of this course.
But if your attitude is "I want to learn as much as possible," I do not know more than you and Silvio does not know more, but if your attitude is to learn something
if possible with what we are saying, that no one will take it from you, no matter what happens.
And what we're really doing is passing the knowledge that you can understand and if it is useful for you great, that's why we're here.
[Silvio Fortunato]: Sometimes I bought certain information, that sometimes ... I think it's worth, an ebook or course, isn't it ...
will be worth I spend this money? But sometimes ... money is always relative, sometimes we do not have it, sometimes it costs us a lot
we are in certain economic positions very difficult, but sometimes only one information that we take, a single idea, and the rest is bullshit ...
the rest doesn't matter, the rest is garbage, or even good, but we already knew that, isn't it ... but sometimes just an idea we took from there and it start to add
and we added, you see ... so I never gave a misused knowledge, and the more we know by theory and practice ...
this is what is important, we need to have more knowledge capital and then we can help others, and when help others doing that principle.
And today there are so many, many, many, many ... completely lost, you know ...
surfing aimlessly and looking for someone they believe can help them, which opens up a world of opportunities, who have this knowledge
logically that knowledge with responsability, because you can trick someone with knowledge, but only temporarily.
[Rui Gabriel]: Sure is not what it is, it's to build a business and a position with a future for their own safety
and of course there are many things on the internet and be careful with that, I'm very careful with the stuff I buy and the sites I visit
because as there is much demand for information, there is a great need for valuable information
Then there are people who, not having, if you want to take advantage of this need, then it must be very careful with it.
[Silvio Fortunato]: And there's ... the Americans call it "hype", large exaggeration, this and that ... and then just to sell that dream, that easy idea
and there are many, excuse me the term ... there are many "scams", but there are many things ... so who is afraid of it never does anything, isn't it?
I personally, in all the products we already have created, we have a basic and fundamental rule that is:
all our products have 30 days warranty, anyone buying one of our products and get to the end and say that that was all hoaxes, is not good ...
not even need to say why, we returned the money and that's it.
This is to relax people who really made that investment, if they see that is not worth it, it's all right.
Is this now, is that investment, the need to know, have the thirst to learn, things can really start to happen to the person, this is the fundamental
is really the most important, so if at this moment you are in a desperate situation because you were fired, or this or that ...
Today we talk about the increase of credit cost, we have no ability to pay for the house, the car
I've been through all these things, and I think we all at some stage of our lives we spend.
And therefore is to have this desire to fight, to learn, and have the right mentor, and above all have the right model
don't beat the donkey, and surely we have a model that is not stupid, it may be a Ferrari ...
[Rui Gabriel]: Then it is up to you, however after establishing this need, the importance of investing in yourself, which is your main asset
so we'll see in the next video, which I call the the napkin video, isn't it... so let's see the the napkin video
which is the first practical video that explains in practice how all these theories can be combining.
[Silvio Fortunato]: That is, we explain the model of the Internet, how to build a business model through the Internet, which is explained in a napkin.
[Rui Gabriel]: It's the napkin video is my favorite.