John McCain v. Dennis Kucinich: Harry Shearer - Silent Debate

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on Sep 25, 2007


Welcome to the second internet Silent Debate where the whole
point is to gather presidential candidates to say
nothing at all, literally.
We've gathered a couple of the long shots in their respective
parties, if you can believe the polls.
They're here via satellite.
Joining us from the Republican side, Senator John McCain.
And representing the Democrats,
Congressman Dennis Kucinich.
Gentlemen, welcome to you both.
And a reminder, just one simple rule, no talking.
And I'll be here just to throw out a couple of provocative
topics for you to mull over while you're sitting silent.
Something I think a lot of people have trouble figuring
out is whether China is a friend or an enemy?

Hmm, OK.
Right now, I'd like each of you give me your most
presidential look.

Uh, Congressman Kucinich, I have to say, just seeing it on
the monitor here, you have, uh, you have, you have sort of
attractive skin.

Senator, do you have a reaction to that?

And then there's the whole complicated
matter of trade policy.

Folks, let me just suggest a--a kind of an actor's
exercise for a moment.
Try to burn a hole in the camera lens with your eyes.

Senator McCain and Congressman Kucinich, I could watch you
say nothing all day long.
Thank you for participating.
And thank you for watching the second in our series of
internet silent debates.
Bye bye.