Google Map Maker Tutorial - Bike Paths

Uploaded by GoogleMapMaker on 11.07.2012

Hey Map Makers!
Do you have a great bike route that hasn't been added to Google Maps?
You can add it to the map using Google Map Maker.
To start, find your bike route in satellite view.
Once you find it,
click the add new button,
draw a line,
and select trail/path.
Click the map to begin drawing.
When you reach the end, press enter.
The first pivot point dropped will be A,
and the last will appear as B.
Once you have added your bike path,
you can add details, such as the official name,
and the surface type.
Is your bike route already on Google Maps?
You can provide more biking data to roads or trails that have already been added.
Bicycle suitability is a field you can use to help people find routes that are safer.
Use preferred to encourage more bikers to use the route,
or avoid to help them find alternative routes.
If there is a road that should be avoided on bicycles,
you should use the bicycle access field to restrict bikers from using it.
If you're biking in a more metropolitan area,
you can change the bicycle access of any road
to reflect whether or not the road has a bike lane.
If you are using a GPS tracking device to record your bike route,
you can use this tutorial to help you get your path onto Map Maker.
Get into gear with your bike routes!
Thanks for using Google Map Maker!