How to Manage a College Classroom : Classroom Management: Claim Your Space

Uploaded by expertvillage on 03.10.2008

Another way that can help prevent as well as help you handle disruptive behavior is
to claim your classroom space. And what I mean by that is don't spend the entire class
time standing behind a podium or sitting at your desk. Walk all around the room. I am
constantly walking around my classroom. Sitting, I'll sit down next to a disruptive student
and teach while sitting down next to that student. Moving around claiming my space,
"This is my space, you are in it, it is best that you act accordingly." What this also
does is, if you are moving around and a particular student or group of students becomes disruptive,
you can walk right up next to them and continue your lecture while you're standing right next
to them and that will stop their disruptive behavior. They will stop talking; they will
start listening because all of a sudden you're standing right next to them, so the entire
classroom is focused on you right next to them.