Bheegi Raat

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Now stop playing with me.
Are you frightened? Are you frightened?
Don't get scared. Don't get scared.
I've come here with your uncle's permission.
I want to make you mine.
I want to make you mine. I want to make you mine.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Don't run! Where are you?
Don't run!
Where are you going?
I've paid rupees ten thousand.
Don't murder my money. I've paid rupees ten thousand.
Driver, stop the car.
Just see, a girl is lying on the road.
Hi. - Hello.
Hi. - How are you? How are you?
"Vinni, your picture is in my heart... "
"now note down my name also in your diary".
- Who are you? - I'm Vinni's friend.
And I am her boyfriend.
Even if you scream at me or insult me...
but I still love you.
Really? Don't you know I like to change my car every six months?
Car! But I'm jobless.
For headache or stomachache? Or for my love fever?
What are you doing? Am I foot ball? I'll fall. Put me down. Leave me.
Ajay, draw her portrait who will be yours.
"Your pristine beauty."
"You are not the only handsome man in the world."
"You can leave if you want."
"But don't act smart with me."
"I don't care if you are not mine."
"You can go anywhere."
"But it's not possible that you belong to somebody else."
"Go, crazy man. Go away."
"Drink cola. Drink cola."
"Drink cola. Drink cola. Drink cola."
"Drink cola. Drink cola. Drink cola."
"Drink cola."
"It was my wish to talk about you."
"It was my wish to talk about you."
"And let our hearts unite."
"My hand in yours."
"But, o crazy man."
"You don't know me."
"I can make as well as break."
"Such a girl I am."
"I don't care if you are not mine."
"You can go anywhere."
"But it's not possible that you belong to somebody else."
"Go, crazy man. Go away."
"Drink cola. Drink cola."
"Drink cola. Drink cola. Drink cola."
"Drink cola. Drink cola. Drink cola."
"Drink cola."
"My beauty is lost in its own trace."
"My beauty is lost in its own trace."
"Who has time here?"
"To search for you in the crowd."
"But, o crazy man."
"You don't know me."
"I am flame. I am lightning."
"You will meet me everywhere."
"I don't care if you are not mine."
"You can go anywhere."
"But it's not possible that you belong to somebody else."
"Go, crazy man. Go away."
"Drink cola. Drink cola."
"Drink cola. Drink cola. Drink cola."
"Drink cola. Drink cola. Drink cola."
"Drink cola."
What's the reason for this honor? - Happiness.
Today I'm very happy as I'm getting engaged today.
Congratulations! But who is that unfortunate man?
He is a lucky man and I love him very much.
You have a string of lovers.
But I love you the most.
And so my father met your father today.
- Why? - Your father needs capital for business.
Which my father is ready to give.
But on one condition.
So this is your ploy...
that father compels me to get married to you.
All is fair in love and war.
Vinni, do you know the extent of my hatred for you?
I don't want your love. I just want to get you.
And your father is ready. But not for free.
My father will buy you for millions of rupees.
Vinni, your father didn't fulfill one of his responsibilities.
What is that? - I think I'll have to do that.
Vinni, my love.
How dare you! I'll make you pay for this.
Dwarkanath, Ajay will have to apologize to my daughter.
You needn't touch my feet. Only a sorry will also do.
I really made a blunder. I should've taught you a better lesson.
Ajay, control yourself.
Seth Ramlal, I apologize to you on Ajay's behalf.
I can forgive anything but not my only daughter's insult.
I was your friend and was to invest money with you.
But hereafter I am your enemy.
Dear, come. - Ajay, now it will be my turn to teach you a lesson.
Until you come to me on bended knees.
Father, let's go.
Ajay, by offending Vinni you've invited my doom.
Vinni has Seth Ramdas wrapped around her little finger.
Father, all this while I too did as you said.
But today for money you wanted to trade my happiness.
Ajay. - Yes.
Now I know that money means everything to you.
What? - Forget that you even had a son.
Sir, where are you going?
- I've brought sweets for you. - What for?
Uncle had asked to get sweets for your engagement.
Give it to father. - - What?
Yes, I'm leaving the house for good.
What?! But where are you going?
Atleast leave behind your forwarding address.
What are you doing? Please I beg of you. Listen.
Where are you going?
Which village? - Nainital. - Nainital?
What's happened to you?
Forgive me.
I'm not at fault. He suddenly came in front of the car.
Couldn't you see and drive? - He is bleeding.
He's got a wound. - Let us take him to a doctor.
First you drive carelessly... - You can argue later.
It is a minor injury and nothing to worry about.
Did you hear that? Your child is absolutely fine.
- She is not my mother. - You are not her mother?
I am her governess.
- Come, I'll drop you. - No, thank you!
I think you are still upset with me.
Its a minor wound.
What if something would've happened to him?
What were you doing and where were you?
I've warned you several times not to be careless with the child.
Sister, I didn't do it deliberately.
I really take good care of him.
Alright, now take him to his room and put him to sleep.
Come on. - Go, Munni.
Come here.
She is my brother's pet.
Don't get upset if I say something to you in anger.
Can I ever get offended by anything you say, sister?
I had nobody when I came here.
Without any hesitation, you gave me shelter in your house.
Alright now take Munni to her room.
Beware if you touch my flowers.
I am... I am sorry, Captain.
Captain! I am a colonel, a full colonel.
I am Colonel Bhim Singh.
I am sorry, Colonel.
You want to lend out this cottage?
But after checking out the person.
Someone who doesn't ruin my garden.
I'll be very careful.
You? Who are you?
- What is your profession? - I am an artist.
Painter. Painting...
Very interesting. You'll have to pay one month's rent in advance.
Rs.100 deposit.
Hey! Hey artist.
Very funny. Very funny!
Let me see what is it.
I couldn't hold myself... from seeing Munni.
- Munni, are you going to school? - Yes.
Which class are you in?
Standard two. - Is it?
Very good.
Hurry up, Munni, we are getting late.
Bye. - Bye.
Beauty spot.
- Aunty, who is he? - I am your uncle.
Did I say something wrong?
Hello, dear. - Hello.
- How are you? - Fine.
- Have you come alone? - No, with aunty.
- Where is she? - There.
- What is your aunt's name? - Neelu aunt.
What is her full name?
Didn't I tell you Neelu aunt.
Munni! - Yes, aunt.
- Who was talking to you? - The uncle we met yesterday.
- What was he asking? - Your name.
What did you reply?
- Good, now come down. - No, one more round.
So beautiful!
This scenery.
Neelu aunty.
Neelu aunty, give me a chocolate.
Let's go from here first.
- Just one more round, aunty. - No, now let's go home.
Munni, you can have one more round.
Munni, you trouble a lot.
What's the matter?
- Take her around. - Come home and I'll teach you a lesson.
Why are you so upset?
Spare the rod and spoil the child.
But right now it's you who are angry.
"I looked at you lovingly and you got upset."
"Beauties have become God nowadays."
"I looked at you lovingly and you got upset."
"Earlier simple were your charms."
"Earlier simple were your charms."
"My God. Where were these beautiful colors before?"
"When our eyes locked."
"When our eyes locked, I changed completely."
"Beauties have become God nowadays."
"I looked at you lovingly and you got upset."
"You rise from a bend as sun."
"You rise from a bend as sun."
"My God. You walk under the sun as moonlight."
"Your charms wherever I see."
"Wherever I see, I see your charms."
"Beauties have become God nowadays."
"I looked at you lovingly and you got upset."
Sister, did you take your medicines?
Neelu, now I'll become alright even without medicines.
- What is the matter? - Brother has written...
- he's coming back from abroad this week. - Really?
- Munni, your father is coming. - Aunt!
- Aunt, will he get toys for me? - Yes, he'll get many toys for you.
- Really? - Yes.
Munni was only two years old when brother went abroad.
Neelu, you haven't even seen him...
- but he's an angel. - I can make that out by seeing you.
To me he's not only my brother but my father as well.
Due to my sickness I was always a burden on him.
For a very long time he didn't get married because of me.
And on my insistence when he did get married...
she died when Munni was two years old.
Neelu aunty, see my father.
And this is my mother? Doesn't she look like you?
She resembled you a lot.
- Guess who is this? - This is a doll.
- No, this is Munni. - No, this is a doll.
No, this is Munni.
What are you doing here?
I was looking for a place.
This place was vacant so I rented it.
Nanital is a big city.
- You could've got a better place. - I liked this place very much.
Why are you standing? Do come in.
Sit close to the hearth.
...don't play the violin so late at night.
I'm sorry for having disturbed you.
I don't know what happened but without a care I came here.
I don't know what you must be thinking about me.
First I thought I was dreaming.
Then I thought...
...that my dream has come true.
- You've made these pictures? - Yes.
It is my hobby. I sketch pictures of those I take a fancy to.
You take permission or discreetly?
If I don't get permission I do it discreetly.
- This is very bad. - What?
You've no right to lock someone in your book without informing them.
I can keep someone in my heart also without permission.
- Had you not come here, you'd never know... - What?
- that... - What?
- That I sketch pictures. - You are a smooth talker, Mr. Ajay.
- How did you know my name? - From the name plate.
- You can read English? - Yes, a bit.
Then sign your autograph on this.
- Didn't Munni tell you? - She only said Neelu aunty.
- You want me also to... - You can call me Neelima.
- How did you like my name?
Very beautiful.
I'll take revenge on Ajay. I will ruin him.
I will anyhow find him.
Where will he run away?
Father, please come with me.
Father, father. - Yes, yes. Hold on please.
I'll incur heavy losses if I leave.
I can't leave Bombay.
Oh, father.
- I can go. - You!
Yes. I can tell you Ajay's whereabouts.
I will tell you.
You nephew of a cheat, get lost!
Mr. Ramdas, I am your humble slave.
You rascal, get out!
Get out from here.
Father, what is this you did? He knows Ajay's whereabouts.
Dear, their entire family comprises of frauds.
Father, I give you just five minutes. I'm waiting for you outside.
Come quickly.
Vinni, your father insulted me.
Forget that. Where is Ajay?
- He is missing. - But you know his whereabouts.
But I can't reveal. Ajay asked me to keep it confidential.
You won't even tell me?
How sweet. Wait.
I've sworn not to reveal the address...
but I've not sworn not to take anybody to Ajay.
- What do you mean? - Means if you want to meet him...
- you'll have to come with me. - Now?
Yes. Right now.
I'll go and inform father, while you keep these things in the car.
Okay. Okay. Double march, quick march.
Lovely. not bad.
Did you understand something looking at these pictures?
All these pictures belong to the same girl.
- Nothing else? - Ofcourse, Ajay has made a good progress.
I didn't know that he was such a good artist.
Ajay loves this girl.
Good news. Very good news.
Atleast now forget about him.
Madam, don't touch these pictures. Sir will get angry.
We are your sir's dear friends.
- You say that but not Sir. - Where is he?
I don't know but he's gone with her and will be back in the evening.
What is her name?
- Where does she stay? - She works in the neighborhood.
- Works? - She looks after a child.
Maid servant.
Ajay is in love with a servant?
Now I get it? Anyone who prefers a maid servant...
to you is an even bigger idiot than me.
- I hate Ajay. - You've echoed my thoughts.
I'll avenge my insult.
Well done. I'm with you.
Shake hands.
Get lost, both of you!
How can you backbite my master in his own house!
Get out!
You! You!
Don't do anything or I'll have to pay for your words.
Let me go.
- How come you hugged me today? - You are mistaken.
I was only taking your measurements.
Chest - 42.
Waist - 32 and a half.
Neck -16.
- And heart... - Wandering.
"Don't look at me like that."
"I might go astray."
"I am after all a human."
"Not a messiah."
"Don't say such things."
"I might die here."
"I am after all a human."
"Not a messiah."
"Your fragrant tresses yawn."
"Your fragrant tresses."
"Your tresses fall on your rosy lips."
"Your tresses fall on your lips."
"I might kiss your tresses."
"I might kiss your tresses, my beloved."
"I am after all a human."
"Not a messiah."
"Your words are making me inebriated."
"Making me inebriated."
"I have started loving myself."
"Have started."
"I have to place my foot."
"I have to place my foot somewhere."
"And I place my foot elsewhere."
"I am after all a human."
"Not a messiah."
"Slight sweat on this beautiful face."
"Slight sweat."
"These dancing eyes have won my heart."
"Won my heart."
"I have decided I will drown."
"I have decided I will drown."
"I am after all a human."
"Not a messiah."
"Don't say such things."
"I might die here."
"I am after all a human."
"Not a messiah."
Vinni, got it.
Vinni, I'll go crazy in love.
If Romeo and Majnu were idiots, so am I.
I love you, Vinni.
I love you, Vinni.
Sweet heart. - How sweet.
- Say that once again. - I'll put your love to test.
Okay, I am ready.
Pritum. - Yes.
- Will you do whatever I ask you to? - Yes but don't ask me to die.
Because if I die, who will love you?
Alright then close your eyes.
- Turn towards me. - Alright!
- Yes. - Come forward.
I am moving forward. Okay.
Come forward. - Okay.
- Come forward. - But where are you?
Oh God!
Lord, thank you for sending me my first client.
- What is your problem? - Baba, I broke my delicate back.
Son, one has to break a lot more in love.
The breaking of the back is a good omen.
This is a bad omen for me. But who are you, saint?
Acharyaa Jhootlingam, late of Birmingham.
I'm a scholar of love. Did you get me?
- Yes. - Son, you are hurt in love?
Yes and a bad one at that.
Very heavy blow.
- But how did you know? - I'm omniscient.
I'll resolve all your problems.
I'll give you five teachings of love.
You'll go mad in the first three teachings.
- I'll go mad?! - A dangerous mad man.
In the fourth teaching, that girl will go mad.
And in the fifth teaching you both mad people will get married.
Saint, just give me the fifth teaching.
That is not possible, son.
Because of your overcoat. - Do I look a goat? - Chinese goat.
You'll have to forego this western attire in favor of Indian clothes.
- But my fees? - Okay, you'll get it, saint Liar!
Late of Birmingham.
Chant, love is supreme! And you will be ruined.
- What? - I mean you'll be successful.
- You?! - You?
- Sister must've mentioned about me?
She did but she didn't say that...
How is Pushpa?
She is waiting for you. Come in!
- I'll remove the luggage. - That will be done, you come in.
Sister, look who's come!
How are you? Sorry.
Now that I've seen you, I'm absolutely fine.
Brother, at times I feared I'll never be able to see you.
- Before you came... - If you talk like this, I'll...
Scold her as she always talks like this.
Alright, hereafter I won't. Now go and bring Munni.
- She must've grown up. - Yes and her talks are also sweet.
Is it?
Pushpa, on seeing her I felt as if...
- I too felt the same. - Did you?
- She resembles sister-in-law so much. - Yes.
A lot of their habits are also similar.
Munni can't stay a minute away from her.
- Is it? - And she takes good care of me also.
- But who is she? - A hapless girl.
- But she's from a good family. - I was shocked.
She spoke to me as if she knows me since ages.
Who is this girl with a fat nose and black moustache?
- When did Munni grow a moustache? - Now.
Remove it. It looks ugly. Remove it.
Now you look like my Munni.
- What happened? - Your beard hurts.
Oh ! She really talks too much.
Oh my Munni!
Father, Neelu aunt said you've got toys for me.
Yes, I've got many toys for you.
- Shall I give it to you now? - Don't give it to her now.
Otherwise she won't go to school and she has a test today.
- Then complete your test and then I'll give you. - No.
Don't be so stubborn. Come on, climb down.
Take it once you get back from school.
good girl.
Now let's go to sleep.
No. - Come here.
No pranks.
Come here. No pranks. Let me catch you.
- Now go to sleep. - You too sleep with me.
I'll come soon.
'Hey, beauty spot.'
Mr. Anand, sister has said the food...
- You booze? - Alcohol...
Alcohol, booze these words don't sound good.
This is brandy and I take it before meals as a medicine.
- But you look healthy. - It is not so.
It's a habit. Once in London the doctor had advised...
Why don't you consult an Indian doctor?
I get it. But this is not a vice.
A vice is a vice. And alcohol is bad!
Sister has asked you to join her for food.
You finish your medicine and come.
Hail Colonel Bhim Singh!
- I came to meet Colonel Bhim Singh.
This cottage is already leased out.
I made a blunder.
There was no to-let board and so I presumed...
that the Colonel is here from Mall road.
He often does such mistakes.
Yes, he is a very interesting person.
I think you must be one of his close friends.
- How did you guess this? - Because you both welcome with gun shots.
I am your neighbour and my name is Anand.
Pleased to meet you.
- I am Ajay. - Means the invincible?
- You must be an army officer. - You are again wrong.
- Is it? - Yes, I am an artist.
Film artist?
- Then we are distant relatives. - Really?
I am a civil engineer and I sketch bridges, shops etc.
And you sketch modern art which is beyond comprehension.
One of my paintings is ready. Come and take a look.
Please come.
Actually I'm more interested in portraits.
- So you make portraits also? - Yes.
- Anyways! - What did you want to say?
Can you make a portrait from far?
A portrait from far?
- I've never tried. - Try it.
As a neighbor this is my request but do it discreetly.
Discreetly? What is the matter?
This is my desire. Don't ask me anything more.
You too are very intriguing. Where do we have to go?
- Boat Club in the evening. - Boat Club in the evening?
Am I troubling you?
If I can get a nice friend like you in the bargain...
then it is worth it.
Thank you, my friend, thank you very much.
So we'll meet in the evening.
Neelu aunty, we'll have a boat ride?
- Will you wait here for a while? - Yes.
- I'll take Munni for a boat ride. - There'll be a problem if you go.
- I've given someone an appointment. - So why am I needed here?
True but it will be good if you stay here.
Okay, if you insist.
But I can't see the one I was supposed to meet.
- Father, come, let's go. - Alright, let's go.
I'll talk to him if I see him somewhere.
- Where were you in the evening? - I'd taken Munni out.
- Someone else was also with you? - Yes Mr. Anand, Munni's father.
You must be old friends?
No, this is my first meeting with him.
Surprising, today morning he came to my cottage.
On seeing my paintings he requested me to make a girl's painting.
But discreetly without her knowledge.
- And that girl? - You are the one.
But why does he want to make my painting?
- I too am curious to know. - I too don't know.
I work for them and am obliged by sister.
- But... - Perhaps in return for those favors...
he wants something from you.
Neither do I know nor am I responsible for what he feels for me.
And do you how I feel for you?
I thought I knew but now I realize you don't trust her.
I trust you more than I trust myself.
Then why were you upset on seeing me with Mr. Anand.
Wouldn't you be upset on seeing me with a girl?
I'd embrace her and appreciate her choice.
- You'd be slightly jealous? - Not at all.
Insecure people get jealous.
But I have complete confidence in my love.
- Really? - Will you ask me again?
- Not ever. - You won't get jealous either?
Anything else?
Nothing at all?
Hello, artist.
Hello, Mr. Anand, good morning. - Good morning.
What are you making with an array of colors? Is it modern art?
Why didn't you come yesterday? I was waiting for you.
I did come but you didn't see me.
- I was at a distance from you. - Did you make the painting?
- I tried but failed. - Why?
Because it was difficult to judge the emotions from such a distance.
- Means? - Means the mood, the expression.
- I mean which expression to give.
All this is beyond my comprehension.
I'll explain.
- Which mood do you want to see her in?
Means? - It means you want her painting made in which mood?
Happiness, sadness, innocence...
or love?
Make a painting which is a combination of all these emotions.
I'm not such a great artist. And from such a distance...
I'll call her and you make a true to life painting.
Neelima, here!
Come here, I'll introduce you to a great artist.
Ajay, don't let her know that I asked you to make her painting.
- Will she get offended? - Not that, but...
I'm feeling odd as we are not close yet.
Neelima, come!
He is a very great artist.
Means one who is invincible.
- Hello! - Hello!
- He wants to make your painting. - My painting, but...
No ifs and buts. Your mood and expression is good.
And emotions too so let him make your painting.
Come here.
Sit here.
Turn around.
It is his request, my hardwork and your painting!
- What nonsense is this? - Look at me.
Splendid, wonderful.
Look at Mr. Anand.
The angle is wrong. Look at me.
She has very beautiful eyes.
What is your opinion?
- Shall I speak your feelings? - Don't give me away.
"I don't know who she is."
"And what's the name of those eyes."
"She conjures an enigmatic image in my heart."
"When a wish dies in my heart."
"She lights another flame quietly."
"I don't know who she is."
"She consoles me whenever I am sad."
"She makes my slumber colorful."
"When I wake up..."
"When I wake up, she shows me myriad dreams."
"I don't know who she is."
"And what's the name of those eyes."
"When it rises and spills like rose."
"I sway for long like a drunkard."
"What do I say?"
"What do I say what does she make me drink quietly?"
"I don't know who she is."
"She meets me everyday."
"She doesn't leave me alone."
"It's a different matter."
"She doesn't let me call her mine."
"If I say it..."
"If I say it, she smiles with downcast eyes."
"I don't know who she is."
"And what's the name of those eyes."
"She conjures an enigmatic image in my heart."
"I don't know who she is."
Good shot, my boy.
You have improved a lot.
You've improved in billiards and there is a glow on your face.
Tell me what is it all about?
Hello Colonel. - Hello. - Hello Mr. Thakur. - Salutations.
The Thakur has given me a contract of one million rupees.
You take me to be a fool?
I can see romance on your face.
Romance! - Excuse me, Colonel sir. Sorry Mr. Anand.
Day after tomorrow is New year's eve...
and the Club's silver jubilee function.
So what? - Donation please.
- Take it from the Chairman. - Certainly!
But don't spare the Colonel.
He'll also have to pay the same amount as you.
Fifty is my contribution and fifty his.
Come along, come along.
Receipt please.
As a chairman what will your participation in the function?
Right now I'm thinking how to recover my fifty rupees...
which you donated as yours?
Here is the receipt And forget the rest.
- Is it ready? - Yes.
- What took you so long? - I went to the club.
I had a meeting there.
The size seems to be right.
I'll try it on.
Wow! Even without measurements...
- It is slightly tight. - No, it is very tight.
- It's okay. - I'll make another one for you.
No, I like this one only.
- It's good.
If it's okay with you then keep it.
Neelima, don't knit at night.
- You'll spoil your eyes. - Okay, hereafter I won't.
- I'll warm the food for you. - I said I had gone for a meeting.
I ate there. Did you eat?
- No. - Neelima, if I'm late to return...
- then please don't wait for me. - How can I forget my duty?
So it's better if you come home early.
- What happened? - You reminded me of an old incident.
Nirmala also said the same whenever I got back home late.
To come home early.
Neelima, I've a request.
I don't want you go from here until Munni grows up.
Where will I go? I have no home of my own.
By bringing me home, sister has obliged me...
It is you who has obliged us.
- The way you love a motherless child... - I get paid for that.
By saying this...
Come here.
It's you who takes care of the house. Here are the locker keys.
Hereafter you only maintain all salaries and accounts.
And don't ever say that you take a salary.
Neelima, are you still scared?
All eminent people must be there and I'll...
I've brought you here to introduce you to them.
Neelima, I want to discuss something important with you today.
Hello, my boy.
Hello, Colonel.
I am veg, you are veg, come on, let's get in.
Neelima, Colonel Singh.
How do you do? Come on, let's get in.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, my boy!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year.
Today is New year's eve and our Club's silver jubilee function.
To entertain you we've invited a famous and well-known artist.
Who will present a new item.
And that is...
Sachin Shankar, Miss Rani and party!
Will you have something?
Will you drink something?
- No. - I'll get something for you.
We must take advantage of this time.
- Come with me. - Where?
Hurry up and come.
- Colonel, where is Neelima? - I didn't see her.
By God, coffee!
I thought it was beer.
New Year and coffee. Nonsense. Have a drink, boy.
- I've quit drinking. - Since when?
Since someone told me that drinking was bad for health.
Did she say that?
Oh, you naughty boy.
I guessed it and so wished her twice.
- What is this? - Engagement ring.
This seals the matter.
- It doesn't otherwise? - It is not so.
I wanted to do something new on the new year.
But everything that is new becomes old after a while.
Only one thing never gets old.
My boy, happy New Year...
...and didn't you celebrate?
The new year is celebrated with whisky not with coffee.
Colonel, happy New Year.
- Did you ask for a boon? - I did.
But I don't know if it will be answered.
God answers all prayers made with complete devotion.
What did you ask?
God has given me everything even without asking.
It is so dark. Visibility is also poor.
I can see a cave there.
We can find shelter here.
Wait here while I'll get the luggage from the car.
It is so cold, I'll try to light a fire.
Move! This is not your job.
You are right. Only women can light fires.
Don't let it extinguish.
I wonder how this storm started.
A storm always comes unpredicted.
- I think it must recede now. - But it has just started.
It's intensity will now increase further and then...
it will stop as suddenly as it came.
What if the storm doesn't stop...
and we've to spend the night here together? - - So?
Perhaps you may a problem.
In spending just one night? I want to spend my entire life with you.
Neelu, we will...
...never forget...
this dark rainy night.
Change your clothes immediately.
- I have just this set of clothes. - Oh yes!
Here is a blanket and a shawl. Wrap it.
In front of you.
Listen. Just turn around, don't go out in the storm.
Come and sit near the fire.
"What the heart couldn't say."
"This is the night to disclose that secret."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"This is the night to disclose that secret."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"A song has stirred in the body."
"A chime is resonating in the body."
"A chime is resonating in the body."
"This smoldering ambiance of love."
"This is the night to stay."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"This is the night to disclose that secret."
"A desire that was suppressed until now."
"When expressed, it's become a storm."
"When expressed, it's become a storm."
"To convey love from swaying eyes."
"This is the night to convey it."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"This is the night to disclose that secret."
"This night might pass."
"I untie my tresses."
"I hide you by closing my eyes."
"I hide you by closing my eyes."
"In the shade of fervor."
"This is the night to stay."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"This is the night to disclose that secret."
"What the heart..."
Rifle so early in the morning? Whom do you want to target at?
Right now you are the only available.
If the gun would've been loaded there could be an accident, Mr. Anand.
And nobody is held responsible for an accident.
Ajay, have you ever wielded a gun?
Or have you only made paintings of beautiful girls?
I was a Cadet Commander in NCC.
And have done enough rifle shootings.
You must be indulging in target practicing.
You mustn't have got the chance to encounter wild animals.
To be honest no. But I'd not call it encounter.
- Why? - Because the animal is defenseless and you have a weapon.
He doesn't get a chance to come closer to you for an encounter.
I doubt if you can hold a gun on seeing a wild animal...
though you may kill a rabbit or two.
Mr. Anand, I was a champion in rifle shooting.
To me a lion or rabbit means the same.
Ajay, I'm going for hunting. You too are invited.
But today is the golf finals and so I came to invite Neelima.
That's a nice excuse.
- Go! - Are you challenging me?
I would had I been sure that you will accept it.
But golf suits your personality better.
Which other gun do you have?
Magnum 375.
- Which one do you want? - Anyone.
Neelima, will you come for hunting?
Are you mad to ask her to come for hunting?
You both are there.
- She won't come. - Mr. Anand, I've never been hunting.
I want to see game hunting. Take me with you.
You think I can't take her responsibility?
I was thinking who ought to take her responsibility?
Neelima, if you want to come, I'll be there with you.
I'll get another gun.
What's wrong with him today? He seems to be in a different mood.
You are no less either.
You also got ready to show your bravado.
You expect me to refuse? He challenged me.
Ajay, can you really wield the gun?
Don't laugh. It is so risky.
- Tell me. - Is that why you are coming along?
- Yes. - Neelu, if you are with me...
I can face any trials.
Looks like a fire has broken out in the forest.
- Let's leave. - Neelima, come.
This way!
Mr. Anand, what are you doing?
Stop the vehicle!
Let me go.
Let me go. Let me go.
Mr. Anand, stop the vehicle.
Let me go. Let me go.
- What madness is this? - I won't let you go.
Leave it!
Ajay, take care of her. She has fainted.
Why have you come here?
Out of helplessness, to save my prestige.
I've to pay Rs 5 million in the market by Monday morning.
I'll be declared insolvent if I fail to do so.
So how can I help you?
Vinni's father is ready to give me the money.
- But on condition that... - You marry me.
Marry you? I left the house to avoid marrying you.
You father will have to commit suicide if you refuse to marry me.
If it is a question of marrying Vinni, then I'm ready to do so.
Why not make full use of me?
You fool!
Son, save me from bankruptcy.
Father, I'm sorry but I can't help you in this.
You can't do anything!
You can't do anything!
Alright! You don't do anything.
A son can't do anything for his father.
But you can atleast see me dying.
- Father! - Millionaire Dwarkanath...
would rather die than become bankrupt.
- No, father. - Leave me.
I'll do as you wish.
Oh my son!
Neelima, I've eaten my dinner at the Club.
Do you have anything else to say?
- I want to ask. - That...
why have I started drinking again?
Mr. Anand, have I done something? You are upset with me.
- You don't even talk to me. - It is my mistake, Neelima...
and which I...
...want to forget.
Which I want to forget.
Have you suffered any losses in business?
Listen to this couplet.
"My pain escapes my lips...
it is better if it is not expressed."
What happened I can't tell you.
Besides it's no use telling you either.
I don't have the right to ask either.
- I'll go. - Wait!
You are not to be blamed for all this.
You don't know anything and I haven't told you anything either.
- I... - Neelu aunty, aunt had a fall.
She is not talking.
She's been unwell since evening, please call the doctor.
- Doctor, anything to worry? - Her condition is very critical.
Rush her immediately to some specialist in Bombay.
But that will be possible only in the morning, doctor.
Okay, call me up at night if you need me.
Good night. - Good night.
Neelima, you sit with Pushpa while I pack my things.
- Give me Munni's clothes. - I'll pack her clothes in my bag.
Can you come along?
I mean I can't compel you to accompany me to Bombay.
You may have some prior commitments, or...
Why are you saying all this?
What could be more important than sister's health?
You sit here, I'll pack the things.
- Mr. Ramdas, did you get the cheque? - Yes.
Then give it to me. The marriage is almost over.
You are very lucky.
Instead of ruining you, I'm giving you so much money.
- Think you are giving dowry. - No, this is the price...
for my daughter's stupidity and stubbornness.
Father, we've been cheated.
- What is the matter, dear? - This marriage was a farce.
I won't accept this marriage.
Everyone will have to accept this marriage.
All the rituals are over and the marriage is solemnized.
- Shut up! He is not my husband. - Then is he my husband?
Have you gone mad? You are my daughter-in-law now.
- But he is not your son. - What are you saying?
- Ajay, come here! - Yes, father?
- Then who is he? - He is your son-in-law.
Right. Bless me so that I can live happily with your daughter.
- Cheat! Fraud! - Ramdas, I don't understand all this.
I'll explain. A father wanted to sell his son.
And another father wanted to buy a son-in-law.
The seller got the money and the buyer a fake son-in-law.
- Fake? - Dwarkanath, I'll get you and your son arrested.
- He is not my son. - Then is he my son?
Father, due to me you gained millions of rupees.
I sever all ties with you.
You won't get a penny from my property. I'll change my will also.
Your wish!
- Who are you? - I'm the reporter from Society paper.
Photographer, click my picture also with my disciples.
Who are you?
I am Acharyaa Bhootlingam just coming from Birmingham...
This change of bridegrooms is my doing.
So, what about my fees?
After honeymoon.
Alright, watch out that your honey moon may not be a flop.
- Say love is... - Supreme.
Father-in-law, if we are no longer needed here...
Shut up, you cheat! Your family comprises of all cheats.
Look ,don't you dare abuse my family.
I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget in a hurry.
Father-in-law, you are cursing your to-be grandchildren also.
Shut up! Dear, come, let's go.
Ajay, you ruined my life.
I won't spare you.
Come with me.
Mr. Anand, your sister's case is slightly complicated.
You see, she is a case of rheumatic arthritis with a rheumatic heart.
Surgery is necessary.
But I want to keep her under observation for a few days.
As you think best, doctor. My sister's life is in your hand.
- Well, don't worry, everything will be alright. - Thank you, doctor.
- This is nothing. What I plan... - Can I do something for you?
Alright. He won't bite.
- Are you also putting up here? - Yes, but you...
You don't know me. I saw you in Nanital.
Oh, what a sweet baby.
- How old is your daughter? - Come, Neelima.
She resembles her father a lot.
- But you... - She... ?
I am Vinita and my father is a big shot business man.
Neelima, you wait here. Perhaps there is a call from the hospital.
I'll take the child out.
Baby, no, baby, no. Boy, please.
Excuse me!
A while ago I met Neelima.
Hello, Ajay.
I'm sorry I couldn't meet you after marriage.
- Where did you meet Neelima? - At Marine drive.
She was roaming around with Mr. Anand.
They are staying at Natraj Hotel.
But before going there, find out...
if they've booked the room in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Anand.
- What did you say? - Neelima's talks made me think so.
She looked very happy with Mr. Anand.
Perhaps she no longer needs you.
You are talking nonsense.
Uncle, I came to know from Neelima that she read in the papers...
that Ajay won't get a share from your property...
and that she was grieved on hearing it.
Perhaps that's why she forget Ajay and latched on to Mr. Anand.
He is not a millionaire like you.
But he is also rich.
This is all lies. I've never told her that I'm rich.
A rich man can't escape a gold digger's eyes. she can
- Father, you don't know her. - I think you don't know her.
If you want to know, then ask her just one question.
If she'll marry you even if you are a pauper.
Who says Ajay is a pauper?
The news reports were all wrong.
I'll rectify it.
Uncle, not now. Let Ajay realize the truth first.
Vinni is right. Take advantage of this situation...
to know if that girl is worthy of you or no.
I trust her implicitly.
Decide this only after meeting her.
- Why are you quiet? - Why didn't you tell me...
- What? - That you are a millionaire.
- How does it matter? - I'd not have been friends with you.
But now I don't have anything.
And I'm responsible for all this, isn't it? It is so sad.
Your father's angry with you...
...and the people in your society criticise you.
Ajay, I hope you don't regret marrying me.
- And people ridicule you. - I want to ask you a question.
Today I'm poor, do you still love me?
Answer in yes or no.
Answer in yes or no.
Neelima, let's go.
- You and here? - I came to meet Neelima.
We are in a hurry so we'll catch up with you later.
Neelima, let's go, it's time to go to the hospital.
Will you meet me again?
- Did you ask Neelima? - Yes.
- What did she say? - She didn't get the time to reply.
How long does it take to say a yes or no?
Only one second.
Heed my advise and confirm your engagement to her.
And announce it at a grand party.
She may even decide to come.
Even if she doesn't come, you will surely come.
- You go and drink a soft drink. - Yes, I'm already doing that.
Since my marriage that's all I've been doing.
I'll be late so don't wait for me for dinner.
This is not done. It's become a routine.
You are neglecting your health and meals.
- Actually... - I don't want to hear anything.
Come back for dinner or even I won't eat.
Pushpa's health is bad.
So the doctor's asked me to stay here.
- Shall I also come there? - I'll let you know if need arises.
I'll wait for your call.
You?! When did you come?
Now, you were speaking on the phone so I didn't disturb you.
- It was Mr. Anand's call. - I heard it.
- He's very worried. - Then you too must be worried?
- I asked you a question. - Ask yourself for the answer.
I want to hear you say it.
Sometimes one doesn't speak the truth.
Ajay, what happens to you?
Why don't you have confidence that I'm yours and only yours.
That's what I wanted to hear. Next Sunday is our engagement party.
- What? - At eight in the evening.
I've invited my friends for the party.
- At Radio Club. - But why the hurry?
I am in a hurry.
When we love each other, Why delay the marriage?
- Ajay... - Do you have any objections?
Not at all.
But sister's health is very critical.
And besides me, there is nobody to take care of Munni.
Mr. Anand is a rich man. Can't he appoint another governess?
He can but I'm obliged to him.
How can I leave him in the lurch?
Some day you have to leave him.
Reach the Club next Sunday sharp at eight.
- But listen to me. - If you are unable to come...
then forget me for good.
Pushpa, don't worry, everything will be fine.
- I'll be free from sufferings. - No, sister. - Sister!
Neelu, I may not get another chance to tell you anything.
So I want to take a promise from you.
- Tell me. - I had a wish... make you my sister-in-law.
Promise me that even after my death you will fulfill my wish.
- But... - Promise me.
Pushpa, she is not going anywhere.
You get well first.
Its time now. Let's move.
Doctor? - I did my best, Mr. Anand.
You mean Pushpa...
You mean she is no more?
Pushpa is gone!
Pushpa is gone!
Father, when will we go home?
- In a day or two. - Will Aunt be fine by then?
Munni, come, I'll get you some chocolates.
- Will you take me out then? - Yes, I will.
- Then we'll go to visit aunt? - Yes.
I'm Ajay here.
Neelima, there is a call from Mr. Ajay.
- Hold on, she's coming. - There is no need to call her.
Just remind her that tonight at eight...
is the engagement party and I shall wait for her.
Mine and Neelima's.
- You are also invited. - I won't be able to come as...
Tell him that I too won't come.
Neelima will surely come.
He had come here and fixed the date without my consent.
- Did you promise to go there? - Yes.
- Then go. - I didn't know at that time that sister...
Is no more but had she been alive...
I'm sure she'd never interfere in your personal affairs.
Munni, hereafter I'll take you for an outing.
I can't leave you in this state and go.
But you can't be here always!
Don't worry, I'll manage.
I can't go alone. Sister entrusted me with Munni's responsibilities.
All Pushpa's restrictions ended with her life.
I am Munni's father and I free you from all responsibilities to her.
Till I'm not sure...
that there is someone better than me to take care of her...
There can't be anyone better than you, Neelima.
Then I won't go.
Only a lucky few can live with the people they love.
You and Ajay both are very lucky.
I can't snatch your happiness for my selfish needs.
Neelima, go, Ajay is waiting for you.
- I'll come back soon. - There is no hurry.
It is almost eight.
What's the time? I think my watch is slow.
- Eight five. - Then Neelima is late only by five minutes.
- Why are you so worried? - Seeing you so worried.
She will surely come! Nothing can stop her from coming.
What is the surety?
But when will she come? You'd given the time for eight.
- All the guests have arrived. - Don't worry, uncle...
I'll personally attend to the guests until the bride comes.
- Whom do you want? - Give me the line.
- Who's that? - I'm Mr. Anand.
- I'm Vinni.
I've some urgent work with Ajay.
- Can he come on the line?
Is it something very urgent?
Actually he's busy receiving the guests.
If you have any message, you can give me.
Tell him that Neelima has met with a serious accident.
She is in... Which hospital is this?
She's in Bombay Hospital and is serious and so can't come.
Then how can she come?
They disconnected the line.
- Whose call was it? - Mr. Anand's.
- What did he say? - That Neelima can't come.
Atleast she should have the decency to call up herself.
She shouldn't have insulted you...
by asking her new lover to call up.
- I want to meet Mr. Anand. - But he's gone.
- What? There was a lady with him. - Yes, and a child also.
They have checked out. - Checked out? - Yes.
Thank you, dear. You are nice.
There 's good news.
The doctor said you'll be discharged within a week.
- Now you are out of danger. - It's the doctor's duty to say this.
- It is not so. - I know I'll never be able to walk again.
- I hope you didn't tell him. - Whom?
Ajay? I told him...
- What is the matter? - I made a mistake.
I came with you as soon as the accident took place.
And due to this tension I forgot to inform him.
It was good. Had he come to know about this...
he'd go crazy with grief.
Are you sure he'd want to marry you even now?
He sacrificed everything to marry me.
You don't know how much he loves me.
Then he must be informed.
As a handicap, I don't want to be a burden on him.
So I don't ever want to meet him.
I want to go far away.
Okay after a week I'll go to Nanital with Munni.
- And you will come with me.
I also wanted to tell you that.
Due to me you had to go through a lot of inconveniences.
But once in Nanital I don't want to be a burden on you.
- Burden? - Get me admitted to some municipal hospital.
- What are you saying? - You took enough trouble for me.
Even ones family doesn't do that and I am nobody to you.
Neelima, you... You rest.
Mr. Anand, you had once said...
that only a lucky few can live with their loved ones.
I loved and lost.
Who could be more unluckier?
- Unfaithful! - Son, forget that girl.
And concentrate on your business.
Father, I'm going out for a few days.
There is only one danger in going out.
- I hope he doesn't reach there. - With that girl?
- Impossible!
Love is a strange malady, Uncle.
Child, do me one more favor.
Take care of Ajay.
You don't have to tell her that. That is her life's mission.
Am I right, darling?
Didn't I tell you that he's not come back to Nanital.
- Hey, what are you doing? - Ajay isn't in Nanital.
And how is your Neelima madam?
She has found another man. A woman by nature is unfaithful.
How very true.
- Preetam, come. - Come on.
What has Munni got for aunty? Give it to her.
She said you are fond of roses.
She insisted so I had to buy. Isn't it?
She is very sweet.
Nurse, feed her and put her to sleep. She has school in the morning.
Say good night. - Good night, dear.
Me too!
Munni, come.
You also come and sit in the open for a while.
The doctor has asked you to move a bit.
Just get well soon now.
You take such good care of me that...
Sir! I'm sorry but I thought you'd be alone.
What is the matter? Be careful.
I need stems for new plants.
Why did you want me alone for that? You can bring it tomorrow.
Alright, Sir.
Leave me or I'll shout.
Who's there? What is the matter?
- Sir, he was teasing me. - Shut up!
- This chit of a gardener wants to malign me. - Sir!
You go.
Prince, I've heard enough tales about you.
And today I saw it also.
You trust her word over mine.
Leave this ground and don't ever dare to step into this club.
Look at yourself first!
You are living with a maidservant.
It is you who ought to be ashamed.
- Oh God! - I'll kill you if you say that again.
Son, what happened?
- How come you are bleeding? - Mr. Anand needlessly hit me.
- Mr. Anand? - Yes.
What can a man in love not do!
Father, you must teach him a lesson.
Gardener, why didn't you plant new plants?
The new gardener will do that. I'm quitting the job.
- Why, what happened?
I can't bear to see this house be maligned.
What is the matter?
- Everyone is gossiping about... - About?
That sir is having an affair with Neelima.
- Stop your nonsense. - That is the gossip.
Neelu aunty, how did this happen?
Munni, my chair...
Nurse! Nurse!
Neelu aunty, how did this happen?
- How did this happen? - Where is Mr. Anand?
- You are bleeding. - Where is Mr. Anand?
Hello, the chairman has come.
- What is the matter, Mr. Gaffor? - Nothing at all.
Mr. Mats, the chairman has come.
Chairman, where's the chairwoman?
What is all this, Mr. Chowdhury? - You are going through a bad phase.
Come on, Julie.
Good evening, Colonel. - Good shot, Colonel.
Good evening, my boy.
Good evening, Colonel. Why is everyone so rude with me?
The matter is very delicate.
The members have arranged a meeting against you.
What for?
People are against Neelima staying with you.
Colonel, it is my house.
Neelima has agreed then who are people to dislike it?
I understand. - Society, Mr. Anand, society.
What if I say that I don't care for your society?
Then you must go and stay in such a society...
where it is a matter of pride to live with a girl without marriage.
I can sue you for defamation.
You are threatening?
I'll marry someone only because I love her not to shut you all.
Mr. Anand, you are the Chairman of this Club.
Your character ought to be exemplary.
Our young children are also members of this club.
What are you trying to imply?
If the Club members' opinion doesn't matter to you...
then you'll have to resign from the chairmanship of this club.
Is that all?
You can choose a new chairman with immediate effect.
Mr. Anand.
This is our Club's prestige.
And you threw it on the ground.
Because the Club members maligned my prestige.
Don't forget that they are the ones who had honored you.
Thakur, I'm surprised that someone like you is also supporting them.
Mr. Anand, I've always supported the society.
And that's why I am a respected man.
I know why you are doing all this.
But I've not done anything.
You haven't done but are doing.
But it is not too late even now, if you follow the society norms.
- Otherwise? - You will regret.
Thakur, you've only given me a contract for rupees one million.
You haven't bought me.
We need your answer to the society's complaint.
There is a befitting answer to this in English.
Mr. Anand.
Mr. Anand, I want one last favor.
What is it?
Arrange for me to stay elsewhere.
- You will stay here only. - No! I can't stay here.
Why can't you stay here?
You always think only about yourself.
You are never bothered about other's problems.
As if by staying here you are doing me a favor.
You were alone and crippled.
On humanitarian grounds, I shouldered your responsibility.
I did a grave mistake.
I looked after your comforts...
...and in return only wanted your happiness.
But you are one of those who neither remain happy nor let others be happy.
What do you want? Which charitable organization do you want to go?
I don't want anything.
Is Mr. Anand at home?
Are you Ms Neelima due to whom he is become blind to all reasoning?
I'd heard a lot about you. Today I got to meet you.
Mr. Anand, when you asked the club members to go to hell...
you forgot that I was also one of them.
I'm hurt that you also supported them.
- I had only one reply. - I took that as my insult.
So I too have only one reply.
Mr. Anand, this is the cancellation notice of my contract.
On grounds of immoral conduct.
Control yourself, Thakur.
You control yourself.
- Do you realize the repercussions otherwise? - I know.
My business will fail and I'll be ruined.
Exactly, exactly, Mr. Anand.
I knew for your principles for a mere woman...
you can say go to hell to such a big contract.
And here it is.
Wait, Thakur!
I can say go to hell to anything for that woman.
I can even sacrifice my happiness, wealth and prestige for her.
Did you hear that? And I'm telling you again.
Go to hell.
Go to hell and here it is.
Neelu aunt, Neelu aunt.
- Are you crying? - No.
See there are so many flowers.
- You like flowers, isn't it? - Yes.
Father asked to pluck and keep them in your room.
Go and keep it in my room.
Munni, don't ever trouble your father.
Mr. Anand, Ms Neelima went out alone on the wheelchair.
- What? - I saw from upstairs.
Come with me.
Neelima, stop.
What is this you are doing?
Neelu, Aunt.
Neelu! Neelu!
Neelima, what madness is this?
Neelu, stop.
Neelima, stop.
- Neelima, stop. - Stop. The bomb will blast now.
Stop Neelima!
What madness is this? Why are you hell bent on troubling me?
I can neither live nor die.
I am responsible for your being maligned.
The allegations won't end with your death.
Come, let's go home.
Hello, Anand, my boy.
Some members of the club have come to meet you.
- What for? - Anand, they are your friends, your well wishers.
Maybe but pardon me...
we are very tired and tensed.
Mr. Anand, we've come to ease your tension.
We apologize for our behavior in the Club.
Did you recognize me?
We met at Natraj when you had come with Mr. Anand to Bombay.
- I remember. - And so do I.
It will be do good if my misunderstanding...
becomes a reality.
- What misunderstanding? - I am a woman...
and know that every woman needs a man.
And Mr. Anand is a gem of a man.
- What are you trying to imply? - We all are of the opinion...
that you both are made for each other.
I also feel the same.
Especially when I know how you feel for Neelima.
Then why don't you both get married?
- The problem will be resolved. - And we all will also be very happy.
Colonel, but I fail to understand...
as to why do you want to interfere in other's personal problems.
I have not harmed anyone in any way.
But you are after me as if I've committed some grave crime...
for which I ought to be punished.
This is my life and I've to decide what's good or bad for me.
You all can leave.
Was what you did in the club not enough...
that you came to my house to insult me?
Mr. Anand, our only purpose of coming to your house was...
- to hear the good news... - That you want to marry again.
You can never hear this good news, because...
The marriage date is yet to be fixed.
I've been postponing the marriage due to my illness.
But I won't postpone it any further.
We will inform you as soon as the date is fixed.
Oh, wonderful, congratulations.
Congratulations, my boy, congratulations.
Congratulations, my girl, congratulations.
Well, well, Mr. Anand, hearty congratulations.
- Thank you. - Forgive and forget.
Soon they will be engaged also.
When will your life's mission be over?
After their marriage.
I'm sure then you will please your husband also.
I hope you understand.
I'm sorry to come uninvited.
Anyway, congratulations.
Artist! How are you, my boy, how are you?
Meeting you after a long time.
I was busy.
I was trying to make the best painting of my life.
- Is it ready? - No, it is incomplete.
Never mind. Come with me, my boy.
I had to make all the arrangements for this party.
As an artist give me your opinion. Is anything lacking?
- Only one thing. - What is that?
There should be song and dance to celebrate this occasion.
Of course, my boy, that is also taken care of.
As soon as the engagement is announced..., dance and drinks.
Only ten minutes are left.
Have a drink, my boy.
In the meanwhile, I'd like to express my feelings.
That is if nobody has any objections.
Come, come on up. Please pass me that mike. Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you...
...a very dear friend of mine, Mr. Ajay Kumar.
He is a very good artist.
He wants to say something to you on this happy occasion.
Come on take this. Give it to me.
Yeah, that's right.
Say what you want to say.
"What the heart couldn't say."
"This is the night to disclose that secret."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"This is the night to disclose that secret."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"A song has stirred in the body."
"A chime is resonating in the body."
"A chime is resonating in the body."
"Congratulations to you."
"In somebody's arms."
"This is the night to stay."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"Whose jamboree you adorned?"
"And broke trust."
"And broke trust."
"Scatter petals of roses."
"This is the night to stay in this beautiful ambiance."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"Congratulations for the feast of friendship."
"At least you held somebody's hand."
"At least you held somebody's hand."
"I am happy."
"This is the night when you can call someone yours."
"What the heart couldn't say."
"Pick up a glass."
"Who is sad for the heart?"
"Today the price of heart is less than a drink."
"Today the price of heart is less than a drink."
"Whether you drink blood."
"Drink and offer drinks."
"This is the night to disclose that secret."
"What the heart couldn't say."
Great. Wonderful. A la grande.
Wonderful, wonderful.
Hey, artist.
- Listen... - There is no need to say anything.
You rest. I'll tell the guests that you are feeling unwell.
I said it a little prematurely.
But very soon you will become Mrs. Anand.
The engagement will be followed by the marriage. Congratulations!
This expensive sari and jewels!
What is this? When you have taken a new lover...
another engagement, then why are you wearing an old engagement ring?
I've not come to ask this.
If I had to, you'd have to return a lot to me.
Like my love, my trust and those moments of my life...
which you used to entertain yourself.
Neelima, I am a very rich man.
My father didn't abandon me from his will.
That was a fake news. You changed colors so fast.
You should've waited for me. Asked me atleast...
if I could lavish my entire wealth on you?
Be quiet, Ajay.
You don't know my position.
Did Anand force you to marry him in return for his favors?
Ajay, don't say a word against him.
Oh, I forgot that now you are in love with him.
Please go from here.
After today, I'll be out of your life also, Neelima.
I just came to show you some of your facets...
whose innocence I've painted.
But I couldn't see the farce behind it.
See this and this and this!
Perhaps this may recreate the love...
that was my life.
You turned your face away. You turned away from me the day...
you didn't come for the engagement party.
Tell me the reason for your not coming.
Mr. Anand's wealth or love for him?
Answer me, Neelima.
- As if you don't know. - I knew...
that you love her but I didn't know that she too loves you.
Not only you but others are similarly mistaken.
She loved me and is marrying you...
yet you say I'm mistaken!
Anyways, I appreciate her choice.
What's the hurry, Mr. Anand?
This is a happy occasion. Neelima, why are you silent?
Won't you offer me some sweets?
Come on, get up.
You tell her, she won't ignore your words.
You are right.
Get up, Neelima, only then will he get answers to all his questions.
Get up!
And offer him sweets.
This is the first time she's stood up after the accident.
What accident, Neelima?
Don't act innocent.
After the accident, the chances of her survival were slim.
I called you up from the hospital also.
Neelima, I lied to you.
You'd have died, had I told you the truth.
You didn't come despite knowing about the accident.
Neelima was crippled but unlike you I couldn't leave her to her fate.
Neelima, come.
Believe me, I am ignorant about this accident.
You mean to say you didn't get my telephone message?
- I got it. - Then?
But not about the accident.
- I was told she can't come because of you. - Lies!
- You were aware about her condition. - I was...
and I deliberately left her to her fate!
Today I've come deliberately to ridicule her.
And deliberately I'm trying to kill my love for her!
Mr. Anand, I can't explain all this to you.
But Neelima, you can trust me this much even today...
that I can accept you for whatever you are.
I misunderstood you. Please forgive me for that.
Today I realize that I didn't deserve you.
Mr. Anand, I really appreciate her choice.
Neelima, it's high time we announced the engagement.
I told the guests that you were unwell.
But they were adamant. I'll send the nurse to bring you.
Despite losing you, I'm happy...
that you've found a better life partner than me.
I'll take you out.
Colonel, it's eight and the announcement ought to be made.
Anand, my boy.
It's eight and I'm making the announcement.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Wait. Neelima is coming so wait for a while.
Friends, the glorious moment...
...we all have been waiting for has arrived.
You can not imagine my happiness today.
Anand and I are old friends.
And our friendship has been exemplary in Nanital.
Today nobody must be as happy as me to see him settle down again.
Friends, I take great pride in announcing Ms Neelima's...
- engagement to... - Mr. Ajay.
Believe me, I'm very happy about this.
And I presume that you all will also share my happiness.
I know the reason for your silence.
You don't know this but Ajay and Neelima love each other since long.
And only those in love ought to get married.
I'm sorry to say this, but she agreed to marry me...
only to silence you all.
She wanted to sacrifice her life to save me from being slurred.
You misunderstood me and this innocent, hapless girl.
- Mr. Anand, what is this your are doing? - I know what I'm doing.
You love Neelima and she too loves you.
Ajay, only a lucky few get to live with their beloveds.
You both are very lucky.
You don't just need luck to get your love...
you should deserve them also.
Ajay means one who is invincible.
- You have won. - No, love has won.
Colonel, congratulate them.
Certainly, certainly.
Heartiest congratulations!
Congratulations, Artist.
God bless you both.
Return this badge to the Club.
What? Look after the guests.
Come, Munni.
Neelima, congratulations!
Mr. Anand, you are an angel.
Neelima, you have only taken care of this child.
Keep her in your care until she grows up...
if Ajay has no objections.
She will always be with me.
Not always but only until she grows up.
And if possible, mould her like yourself.
You all are still silent?
Mr. Sebastian, orchestra please.
- Have you kept my luggage in the car? - Yes, sir.
- Anand, are you going somewhere? - Yes, Colonel.
I'm going back to London for business.
I understand, my boy.
- Good bye and good luck. - Thank you.