Chanakya - Episode 39

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WhiIe preparations for coronation of Crown Prince Sukesh were in progress.
GeneraI BhadrashaI and Prince Sutanu were pIotting to murder Prince Sukesh.
Wait for the right time, Prince.
When the conditions are right one of my trusted men wiII come to you.
And you wiII appoint him as your chief bodyguard.
Security of PataIiputra was given top priority by aII departments.
SuddenIy the aIarm beII started ringing.
AIarm beII was rung by the Minister to test the security arrangements.
Magadhans wiII be gratefuI for your aIertness and IoyaIty.
But taking advantage of the aIarm beII Prince Sutanu kiIIed Prince Sukesh.
Prince Sutanu aIso pIanned to kiII BaIgupt.
What is your pIan, Prince? - This is a good opportunity, Siharan.
I'II inform the King about the murder of Crown Prince.
And you'll kiII NobIeman BaIgupt in the basement.
But Siharan was abIe to save BaIgupt's Iife.
Save your Iife, Commander.
Crown Prince has been kiIIed and...
GeneraI BhadrashaI can announce the rebeIIion in PataIiputra anytime.
When Siharan got the chance he kiIIed Prince Sutanu.
After faiIure of his pIot, GeneraI BhadrashaI went to Acharya Vishnugupt.
Greetings, GeneraI.
I didn't expect treachery from you.
Defeated, BhadrashaI committed suicide.
Commander, pIease save yourseIf.
By remaining aIive, we shaII be abIe to protect Magadha.
Minister. This is not the time to make hasty decisions.
Think it over seriousIy. -Bhagurayan!
King wiII be aIone and heIpIess in the paIace.
I know, Minister.
But wiII you be abIe to reach the paIace aIive in these conditions.
What wiII the King think when he doesn't find me near him?
You aren't responsibIe for these conditions, Minister!
Let me go, Bhagurayan. Let me go!
There is no trace of both GeneraI BhadrashaI and Commander BaIgupt.
Even your Iife is unsafe outside.
Victory to GeneraI BhadrashaI...!
Is there any news of GeneraI BhadrashaI? - We are trying, but...
Find the GeneraI anyhow before the sunrise!
It is a question of Iife and death for aII of us!
Yes! Let's go! Let's find him!
I seek refuge in the Buddha!
[Dhananand is the enemy of Magadha. Go on. Scream now!]
[If a person shuts eyes aII noon and says that the sun has not risen...
who can show him the Iight?]
[You can't hide the truth this way.]
What is the truth? That I oppress the weak!
Prime Minister, the truth is that I have Magadha in my grip.
If you can snatch it, do so.
If you can free it, do so.
Magadha is my motherIand, Lord.
Otherwise? - Otherwise...!
Her crazy son shaII turn against his master. -Shaktar!
[It seems the time has come to muzzIe some dogs in my kingdom.]
Greetings, King.
Shaktar, traitors have destroyed my famiIy and my peopIe.
They've kiIIed my sons, my brothers and my peopIe.
And they've Ieft me aIive to Iight the funeraI pyres of my own peopIe!
King, you stiII have to carry out some of your duties.
Stop them, Shaktar. Stop them!
Whom wiII you order to stop such a devastation, King!
GeneraI BhadrashaI or Commander BaIgupt?
Who wiII carry out your orders? Whom wiII you trust?
And even if you give the order, do you beIieve that this war wiII end?
Can your order turn the opposing forces away from the battIefieId?
WiII you be abIe o protect Magadha that is ready for a civiI war.
Can you protect yourseIf from Magadha's internaI strife and conspiracies?
Shaktar, I sent for you to heIp me find a way out.
Why aren't you saying anything, Shaktar?
When did you ever foIIow the path I showed you, King?
In fact now it is time for me to retire from active Iife.
We shouId Ieave PataIiputra soon.
Is this the desire of Magadha's enemies or...
It's surprising, King. you are stiII unabIe to accept facts of Iife.
Even after seeing eradication of your descendents by your own cIan, haven't...
you understood the facts of Iife?
If you are pained by Magadha's suffering you've one more chance to commit suicide
Those who're dead don't feeI any pain or humiIiation.
They don't understand honor or dishonor.
Victory and defeat don't affect tem.
You were aIways free to commit suicide.
But I know weII that you won't embrace death Iike a coward.
Therefore there is onIy one way Ieft for you to Iive honorabIy.
It is shocking, King, that today...
you aren't safe in your own paIace and amongst your trusted peopIe.
I know, King, you haven't caIIed Shaktar who's Iiving a Iife of humiIiation.
because you care for his advice, or his advice has any vaIue for you.
You've caIIed Shaktar here so that he couId suggest a safe way out.
Don't Iook so surprised, King.
I too had been an indispensabIe part of Magadha's poIitics.
So before Ieaving I consider it my duty to teII you that...
there is onIy one path Ieading to your saIvation.
And that is Vishnugupt Chanakya.
If you want to save yourseIf...
if you want to save PataIiputra that is going towards destruction...
then this is the onIy way out for you.
IronicaIIy, you'II have to invite the invaders to protect PataIiputra.
Because no royaI order can stop this furious assembIage now.
Their dignity wiII not Iet them turn away from the battIefieId.
Rest is up to you.
Is there no other way?
No, King.
I am ready to Ieave PataIiputra.
Send word to Prince Chandragupt.
that he is victorious.
I surrender PataIiputra to him.
TeIl Vishnugupt that I was defeated without putting up a fight.
He may take whatever he wants.
But he must stop this war.
Go Shaktar. Make arrangements for the safety of PataIiputra.
Make arrangement for the safety of PataIiputra, Shaktar.
Make arrangement for the safety of PataIiputra, Shaktar.
Victory to GeneraI BhadrashaI...!
Victory to King! -Victory to Commander!
Victory to Commander!
Beware! ProbabIy GeneraI BhadrashaI's supporters are approaching.
They are the King's speciaI messengers. Let them go.
Where do you want to go? - To Prince Chandragupt.
Open the gate.
What happened?
There is stiII no news about GeneraI BhadrashaI.
Commander BaIgupt? - StiII hiding!
Find Commander BaIgupt and kiII him.
If he enters in a treaty with Chandragupt, we wiII aII be dead.
The King is stiII aIive.
Decision about the King wiII be taken by the GeneraI, not me.
You may go now. - As you say, NobIeman.
Why is Minister Rakshas stiII aIive? - But...!
I don't want excuses!
Go. Find him.
Prime Minister!
King has dissoIved the Cabinet.
UntiI the situation returns to normaI, he has appointed Acharya Vishnugupt
as the Prime Minister.
Shaktar! - Yes, Lord.
Can't I meet the Prime Minister Vishnugupt, once?
Let me try, Lord.
Who wiII attack in these conditions, it is very hard to say.
Traitors won't dare to attack in the dayIight.
As soon as it is dark, the conspirers wiII be active again.
BhadrashaI is out of the city.
And if he has decided to fight, then situation wiII be difficuIt for us.
ProbabIy he too is waiting for the nightfaII.
What are you thinking, Commander?
We have to act courageousIy. We must reach the King somehow.
That wiII be fooIhardy, Commander.
It is possibIe that the King may not be aIive.
Those who kiIIed Prince Sukesh and Prince Sutanu...
why wiII they Ieave the King aIive?
And even if King is aIive, the murderers wiII be using him.
Keeping the King aIive must be a part of their conspiracy too.
They might be waiting for us in the paIace.
So that they can easiIy remove us from their way.
Commander. Now our aim is not just to protect the King...
Our aim now is to protect PataIiputra from the traitors and the invaders.
For both reasons, it is important for us to find BhadrashaI.
If he has aIIied with the invaders...
then it is impossibIe to save PataIiputra from the enemy.
But how Iong wiII we sit idIe?
UntiI we have enough information we shaII have to wait, Commander.
Prime Minister!
Do you feeI victorious?
No, King!
A ruIer's defeat cannot be a teacher's victory.
Somewhere a Vishnugupt had faiIed.
So today some Dhananand had to face the defeat.
This victory can't be caIIed an achievement for a teacher.
Is it the phiIosophy of so caIIed 'victors'.
or a teacher's ideaI?
King, an ideaI not based on reaIity can't be a teacher's phiIosophy?
That's the truth, Vishnugupt.
Any phiIosophy that isn't your creation, can't be true or ideaI.
You are right, King.
Even definition of the truth is different for different persons.
What is the definition of your truth?
Is what is spoken IoudIy the truth?
Or that which is accepted by the majority is truth?
The reaI truth is, Vishnugupt that you are not victorious.
The truth is that I was not defeated.
I know, King.
One can't conquer death by dying.
Dhananand's death can't be victory over Dhananand.
By getting rid of an obstacIe, the path does not become cIear.
But that wiII not stop Vishnugupt's journey.
If a mighty Dhananand terrorizes peopIe,
...a smaII Vishnugupt wiII chaIIenge him.
My job is to remain awake and awaken others.
Whom wiII you awaken, Vishnugupt?
This sIeeping society?
Or the one who wiII ascend the throne with the support of your thoughts?
And with the passage of time, will become Iike a Dhananand?
They wiII grant me a new Iife again.
Wake up, King.
It is time for you to Ieave.
Remember I had said once? That I don't thirst for anyone's bIood.
Go. The charioteer is waiting for you.
Victory to the King...!
Hail the king!
Victory to the king!
Victory to the king!
Commander, this is fooIishness. Danger can strike any moment.
Why don't you understand my heIpIessness - Commander, this couId be a trap.
The King is safe. But PataIiputra...?
If the King is out of paIace, couId GeneraI BhadrashaI be inside it?
Victory to the King...!
Don't worry about me Commander. Escape from the paIace.
PataIiputra needs you!
Commander BaIgupt!
The Prime Minister is waiting for you in the conference room.
I, Vishnugupt, the Prime Minister of Magadha...
as a resuIt of the death of BhadrashaI and with Prince Chandragupt's consent...
I herby appoint you as the new GeneraI of Magadha.
GeneraI BhadrashaI is...? - Yes, GeneraI.
GeneraI BhadrashaI has died a heroic death.
And fearing a civiI war, the King has given Prince Chandragupt the...
responsibiIity of protecting Magadha and he has Ieft for the forests.
Bring peace in the city and arrange for Prince Chandragupt's entry in the paIace.
At King's request, Prince Chandragupt's army wiII surround the city.
So that in case of any disturbance in the city it can be easiIy controIIed.
RoyaI PaIace wiII be guarded by Prince Chandragupt's army.
UntiI further orders from Chandragupt aII the office bearers wiII retain their
posts and fuIfiII their normaI duties.
You wiII get further instructions soon.
Now you have to bring peace in the city.
This is your appointment order and authority Ietter.
Go! Hurry up!
Arrange for return of bodies of those who've died to their famiIies soon..
And take him to my residence.
GeneraI BhadrashaI has died a heroic death.
And the King has Ieft the city.
By Prince Chandragupt's orders Commander BaIgupt is Magadha's new GeneraI.
By Prime Minister's orders supporters of conspirators wiII be severeIy punished.
GeneraI BhadrashaI has died a heroic death.
And King has Ieft the city.
By Prince Chandragupt's orders...
Commander BaIgupt is Magadha's new GeneraI.
By Prime Minister's orders...
supporters of conspirators wiII be severeIy punished.
Accept the decision of the destiny.
The news is correct, Minister.
What are your orders for me, Minister?
Many orders are yet to come.
Come, Minister.
Why this mercy for me, NobIeman?
Because you deserve mercy.
I refuse to accept your mercy. KiII me...!
Kill me!
Who can stop you from dying, Minister?
If you wished you too couId have died a heroic death.
But that course wouId not befit you. So destiny has kept you aIive.
Don't caII your misdeeds as 'destiny'.
What did you gain by betraying Magadha.
Minister! I have onIy shown the path to saIvation to Dhananand.
I haven't betrayed Magadha. - I know very weII, NobIeman...!
PowerfuI peopIe hoId 'truth' in their cIutches...
so the truth is in your cIutches, and you can change definition of sin.
You can change a sin into a virtue!
And the path to death as a path to saIvation.
Every person has his own definition of truth, Minister.
When you know this truth why are you so distressed?
I can't debate phiIosophy with you.
But I can sureIy discuss some poIitics with you.
TeII me. What brings you here?
You said I deserve mercy.
Then pIease show me some mercy.
If Queen Mother is aIive, get me Chief Minister's permission to see her.
Did you try to meet the Queen Mother?
I understand your siIence, Minister.
But trust me.
No one wiII bIock path of Minister Rakshas who is so dedicated to Magadha.
Nobody can stop you.
ProbabIy you have Iost confidence in yourseIf.
That's why you've knocked on my door.
But Iet me remind you that Nand is no Ionger the ruIer.
So be fearIess.
And yes, if anyone tries to bIock your way in Magadha
I'II accept that I have betrayed Magadha.
Now if you wish to sit you are most weIcome.
I've aIways been your weII wisher. May you Iive Iong.
That Brahmin is an enemy of aII those who are IoyaI to the King.
If he finds you he can even have you kiIIed.
He can do anything to fuIfiII his seIf interest, Minister.
So, it is best fort you to go underground for now.
And wait for the right opportunity to punish Magadha's enemies.
Pardon me but due to the present conditions and your past behavior...
and your criminaI history you have had to be arrested for security reasons.
As soon as we receive the orders from the Prime Minister, you wiII be freed.
But if in the future you don't change your conduct then according to new Iaws
you can be severeIy punished.
This is a warning to you.
The government desires that you shouId Iead a good Iife in the future.
And...Depending on your interest and quaIifications...
the government is eager to heIp you start business or enter service.
ConsuIt the prison authorities. They wiII heIp and guide you.
Even after this, if you don't change your earIier practice then...
I am afraid that the government wiII deaI harshIy with you.
The punishment can incIude even exiIe from the city or the Kingdom.
Best wishes for a bright future.
May misfortune befaII you, Prime Minister.
Even the innocent peopIe aren't safe in PataIiputra.
Brother, have you seen the Prime Minister?
You haven't answered, friend.
But I think, I have seen you somewhere.
It is possibIe.
So for brightening your future what business or service wiII you choose?
No, I haven't made up my mind.
Can I heIp you in any way?
WouId you Iike to heIp me?
Even God heIps peopIe who abide by truth.
I am just Vishnugupt.
Greetings, Susidharthak!
Is the King aIive?
Don't break my beIief by doubting that, Your Highness.
I am aIive because of the beIief that King is weII.
On the strength of this beIief, I can pIan to re-instaII the King.
Minister! What is your pIan?
AII of you shouId make an attempt to escape from the paIace, Your Highness.
Your Iife isn't safe here.
My spies wiII stay in contact with you.
You must... - NobIeman!
It is time to cIose aII doors for security reasons.
If you Iike you can come again....
Goodbye, Your Highness.
Are you weII, Minister?
PataIiputra isn't weII, Reverend. It is not weII!
Don't be disheartened, Minister. Lord Buddha wiII take care of you.