Wegmans Poached Etruscan Salmon

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What«s up? I«m Chef Scott
and today, I«m gonna teach
you how to make a quick, easy
restaurant style dish. We«re making
Etruscan poached salmon. First ingredients I need
are peeled garlic and shallots. I love this
convenient packaging. It makes it so much easier
to get going. The flavors of this dish come from
tomatoes, olives and capers. I love this Med bar.
You can get the exact amount of ingredients that you need
and even a little more to snack on.
Alright, for this recipe, I«m gonna use pomodoro sauce.
It«s a classic tomato sauce which is great on its own
but today, I«m gonna give it my own flair.
Let«s get to the kitchen. Alright, let«s get started
on our sauce. Got my pan on medium-high heat.
And to that, I«m gonna add two tablespoons of basting oil.
I«ve got two diced garlic cloves.
And one shallot, finely diced.
I like shallots `cause they«re much like a red onion
except for they«re more mild in flavor.
We«re gonna let this soften for about a minute.
Alright, our onions are looking great.
I«m gonna season it with a little bit of salt,
some fresh ground pepper. And to this, I«m gonna add
our white wine and our red pepper flakes.
I«m gonna let this reduce down about two-thirds volume
so there«s about a third left.
What that«s gonna do is it«s gonna really concentrate
the flavor of the sauce. Alright, our wine
is nice and reduced. We«re gonna finish
adding our ingredients here. We got a teaspoon and a half
of fresh chopped rosemary. A quarter cup of sliced
Kalamata olives. A teaspoon of capers.
Capers are great, they«re nice and briny.
It«s actually a berry from a bush
that they put in a brine solution, they«re a little bit salty.
Gonna add our seafood stock.
And our tomato sauce. Again, we have our
pomodoro sauce, I«m gonna add one cup.
Give this a quick stir. And again, take a peek
at our heat. We«re still looking for that
medium to medium-high heat. Alright, we«re gonna let this cook
for about five minutes. We«re gonna let all those
flavors really marry together. And while we«re waiting
for the sauce to finish, we«re gonna season
our salmon with some salt.
And again, I like to season from nice and high
so that each bit has the perfect amount of seasoning.
Fresh cracked black pepper.
And we«re gonna turn each fillet over
and we«re gonna season the other side.
It«s almost like I«m raining salt.
Pepper. Alright, our sauce
is looking really nice. Now, I want you
to take note here. If you see the little bubbles
coming up, that«s a simmer. The perfect poaching temperature
is just below a simmer, it«s 170 degrees.
So you«re gonna wanna back off your heat a little bit,
just before it«s simmering.
And at that point, we«re gonna add our salmon.
Now you see, there are still a little bit of bubbles,
but we«re gonna add the salmon to it,
it«s gonna lower the temperature just a touch
which is gonna be the exact temperature that we«re looking for.
So we«re gonna put our salmon in skin side up.
We«re gonna let this poach in this beautiful sauce.
It«s gonna soak up all those unique flavors,
then I«m gonna cover this. We«re gonna let this roll
for about five minutes and then we«re gonna
check it. Alright, let«s take a look
at our salmon. If you take a peek,
you can see it«s already starting
to cook. Seventy-five percent of the way up,
we«re gonna give each fillet a nice, gentle flip.
We«re gonna finish cooking it on the other side.
We«re gonna let it go about five to seven more minutes.
Okay, we«re gonna check our salmon.
Wow, I wish you could smell that. It smells great.
Let«s take a temperature. We«re looking for 130 degrees
which is perfectly cooked. Spot on.
We«re gonna shut off our heat,
we«re gonna let this rest for two more minutes.
What that«s gonna do is it«s gonna allow it to soak up
all that juice and make sure it«s ultra moist.
Take a look at that. You know, you don«t have to go
out to eat to have restaurant quality salmon.
Try it at home.