Someone special (아는 여자 ) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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JUNG Jae-young
JUNG Jae-young Love is talking a walk together at dawn
LEE Na-young
LEE Na-young Anyone who has held hands
LEE Na-young
LEE Na-young while walking a wooded path
will know
that love is the
greatest thing in the world
It's a forkball
Oh, sorry
Try to stay healthy
I may not come to your games anymore
So don't push yourself too hard
Oh, sure
Let's break up
Let's end it now
Get lost
Just get out of my sight
You said you love me?
What a load of crap
Why the hell did you call me out here, anyway?
You can do it over the phone, huh?
You want anything else?
Oh, you bought me this now you want it back?
Who the hell wears corduroy now anyway?
Shit, you women are all the same!
What are you waiting for?
You want me to chase you off?
Fuck off!
Shit, just leave!
I suppose it's for the best
It wasn't love this time either
I always think that it is
But sooner or later I find out it's not
I haven't experienced love yet
Not even first love
These tedious nosebleeds
always come when I'm alone
It's 2 o'clock
Time to go to the doctor's
My head's photo is in black and white
It's the heart I'm worried about
Oh, so that's the heart
No, those are the lungs
The heart's here
This shouldn't be like this
That's black and white too
It's all black and white
From here it looks like I'm pigeon-chested
That's not the problem
There are two kinds of tumors
Malignant ones and gentle ones
But Mr. DONG your tumor is malignant
Look here
This here's like that
It shouldn't be like that
If this turns out like that it'll be dangerous
And as you see it's already like that
Look at this It's already moved up here
How did that happen?
It's moving all over
It shouldn't be doing that
What do we do?
Oh, it's me
It's September now
I've three months if I'm lucky
so I won't see next year
My head is strange
It's black and white
and malignant to boot
I'll go have a drink
It's usually like that
People who suddenly
lose next year go drinking
Hey, it's our outfielder
Why are you alone today?
I've always come alone
Is that so?
Is your shoulder okay? Don't play outfield
You should pitch Pitching is cool
You were so famous in high school DONG Chi-sung, pitcher!
Throwing from the right hitting from the left, huh?
A 6-time
Phoenix Cup winner with MVP and Pitching awards...
The air's no good here
You could catch a disease from this air
Lung cancer, malignant...
You're awake
Can you see?
The bartender
Why am I here?
Can't even hold your liquor
You brought me here?
You think I followed you?
I'm heavy, how did you get me here?
I folded you and put you in a box Why?
You don't even remember
Why'd you drink so much
if you can't hold liquor
But for a sleeping drunk guy you look really sweet
You don't snore or flail around
You have no bad mannerisms I'd never have guessed it
I'll go now
I paid for the room pay me back later
The wind...
I discovered three things today
that other people have and I don't
I have no first love
I have no next year
I have no bad mannerisms
Directed by JANG Jin
Hey, I've never seen that before
It's new, It isn't sweet
It's selling well
I met that guy
Right, you said he's a regular customer
But, this time...
Did you talk to him?
Two words?
A bit more than usual
But, we...
Hey, this is great This'll sell well
that guy and I went to a hotel
We're just about all here
We'll start this month's meeting
The leader of our online group ID 'Pink Mask,'
will speak first
Here we go!
What the hell's he thinking out there?
Let's go!
What's with you?
Aren't you gonna catch it?
What's the point?
What did that punk say?
Have you gone crazy?
Yeah I'm crazy, so what?
Today's confessional postcard
is from a woman in Heukseok-dong
with the ID 'Writing Princess'
He cried today
The first time I saw it
What could cause such a
good-spirited person to cry so?
And he drank yesterday too
And he drank yesterday too
It's the first time I ever saw him drink
And wouldn't you know it...
This person who never drinks...
after not even three shots
started shouting about
his b&w head and heart
and then passed out
First I took him to a hotel
For me to lift and carry
a man of his size was not easy
So I had to put him in a box
In the room I just stared at him vacantly
He didn't snore or move around
I don't know if he could tell I was there
There was so much I wanted to say
and so much I wanted to hear
But with the words all stuck in my throat
all I could say was
You have no bad mannerisms
That was it
He seemed somewhat
annoyed at my comment
Waking up to a strange woman
talking about him that way
He seemed offended
Why does nothing
come out the way I wish?
His sad face keeps coming to my mind
Is there any way I can
make him feel better?
He said he lost his phone...
What's your problem?
Why are you doing this?
Are you playing with me?
I think this story deserves a mobile phone, huh?
That's right but what do you think?
Is this love?
It could be one-sided love
or it may just be compassion
Seems like compassion to me
Anyway, Miss Writing Princess
we'll send you a mobile phone
We hope that next time you can
cheer him up and speak better
I wanted to give you that present
The mobile phone from the station
You don't have one
Here's the hotel fee
Is that right?
- That's $5 too much - What do you think I am?
Keep it
You need shampoo?
I heard the news About you and your girlfriend
I know how you feel
Still, not catching the ball won't change anything
You think that'll get you points?
I got a call from the majors
From tomorrow you'll start pitching again
Last chance
Just forget everything and take the mound
Forget your mistake that day It wasn't your fault
Of course it will be hard
but just forget that day
The most dramatic moments in
baseball occur in the 9th inning
And 9 times out of 10
it's due to the winning team
Dramatic moments come
in two varieties
The first is when someone excels like crazy,
the second is when some crazy fool screws up
On that day we had a moment of the second type
thanks to me
Nice pitch!
Let's wrap this up!
In that wild and deafening stadium
I still can't understand how
I was able to hear her voice
You damned moron!
If we break up like this
you'll go meet someone new
How long will it last?
A week? A month?
And you'll meet someone else again
But then you'll discover again it wasn't love
That's the way you are!
Your love is too weak Just die!
If you say you love me then you can die with me
If we die that way, then the love we wanted will come true
Don't let go of love you fool!
That most dramatic moment
in baseball was of my making
For the first time, I was on the sports papers' front page
A Strange Celebration
He's really going to make him a starter
Manager Heo must be crazy
Yeah, but you never saw him in college
I heard he was a big deal back then
But this is different this is the pro league
I heard he broke his shoulder too
I met him once in a fall preseason game
I'd never seen a pitch like that
I couldn't even swing
Did he throw that fast?
I'd never seen a pitch so scary in all my life
Take your base!
I had no time to duck
Then the way you keep forgetting
names and phone numbers...
...that's when it started?
That wasn't all of it
I found out later
The girl he dated back then
was a fan of mine
So he beaned you on purpose?
Crazy fool
Cool though, isn't it?
We throw the ball to get an out
Chi-sung threw it for love
How hard were you throwing just now?
At about 80%
Just think of it as throwing for practice
Maybe next year you can start again as a pitcher
By next year...
it'll be a new season
Excuse me
Yes, how can I help you?
I came to get some money...
Excuse me?
I mean, a loan or something...
Club members, prepare yourself
You brought your stamp and ID card?
A house mortgage for $100,000?
On the floor!
Get down!
What the hell's with you? On the floor!
This freak's got a death wish!
Get down!
don't have a death wish...
You think that's why I'm doing this?
I want to live too!
Look, you guys
You... one, two three, four...
Why are there so damned many? You nine guys!
Are you a baseball team?
You guys are doing this in order to live well
But I'm getting a loan 'cause I'm gonna die
You guys are waving guns around 'cause you wanna live
What about me?
I have no choice but to die!
So I'm mortgaging my home so what?
Do you know what love is?
But why did you do it in such a big group?
We heard that once 8 people had done it
We thought we'd try to set a new record
You talked a lot with the man
who came for a loan?
We were just listening
First he started talking about the loan
Then what did he start yelling about?
Something in black and white?
Then what? He started going on about love
From then on it was mostly talk about love
Then I said what's so great about love?
You meet a woman ask her name
Once you know her name you start loving her
Then you ask her age
and her favorite food...
How did you...?
It's a mobile phone
The one I got from the station
It takes pictures and the color's nice
I've got money too
I never asked you for this
And why are you following me?
- I didn't follow you - Then how'd you find...?
You asked the real estate broker!
Damn guy, always telling people where I live
Why don't you remember me?
My home is just 39 steps from here
It used to be over 60
but now it's just 39
I'm not following you
You told me yourself and even pointed it out
My mom asked me to give you this
Oh, you just moved in?
Where is your new home?
Around that corner the second house on the right
Tell your mom we'll bring the plate back after we finish
You're really amazing opening this place
It's just for fun
Okay, stop by sometime
Sure, I live just over there
- Oh really? - Yeah
- Okay, see you - I'll come often
- Please do - Bye then
- Later - Yeah
Help wanted Bartender (female)
You came to register this phone?
By the way is this a good phone?
It's the newest model The most expensive
What phone number would you like?
Let me think...
Oh, this is already registered
- Really? - It has caller ID too
- Hello? - I...
Forgot to tell you your phone number
I didn't want you to go to the agency for nothing
I'm at the agency now
By the way
what are you doing tonight?
- Why? - Actually...
My postcard was read at another station too...
A movie?
How many radio stations did you send it to?
Five stations
And how many chose it?
Do things always work out so well for you?
I got a 3rd prize Lotto ticket about three times
she's the female lead but she dies in the end
Is it still interesting if you know how it ends?
It's too startling if they die all of a sudden
It's just too sad
The male lead can be sad but why are you?
And if you know beforehand will you not be sad?
Perhaps so
Oh, I dunno
Better not watch it
Long time no see
How have you been?
You know my friend?
Oh, sure
It's been a while Chi-sung
I thought you didn't like movies
So you come to the theater after all...
I got a free ticket
Who's that? Your girlfriend?
Just... someone I know
Anyway, I'm glad you're well I was worried
Enjoy the movie
- Let's go - Okay
Do you 'just know' a lot of women?
Are there a lot of women you 'just know? '
How many?
You're the first
No one else
I'm relieved
What a relief
I feel much better now
The film was about one woman's love
And about
an old telephone pole she always stared at
A telephone pole as the hero
What a weird movie
The man she loved lived in the city
He used his fists for cash
earning enough to scrape by
He always thought about the woman waiting for him
He resisted the temptations of city women
without his love wavering in the slightest
Could only happen in a movie
The two loved each other under the pole
and parted from each other there
And the old pole witnessed it all
Even at dawn as the sun rose
She always waited for him under the pole
When the sun fell
and it became night she went home
This tedious movie finally ended
in a scene where
the man comes back for her
I thought the film was about his undying love
but it suddenly turned into an action movie
Damned incoherent film
On top of that the woman
coughed a few times and collapsed for no reason
and the man who couldn't go back also collapsed
In front of him
a strange telephone pole appeared
He reached out his hand to the pole
He closed his eyes
thinking about her
And then a strange thing happened to the telephone pole
His tremendous yearning for her love
entered the electrical wires and began to flow
His love passed through countless poles and wires
making its way to her
And finally
it reached the old pole where she lay
And our hero the pole
passed on the man's love
To sum up, in a word
love rode the electrical wires and reunited our lovers
in this unbearably stupid movie
Thanks for the movie and for dinner
And the mobile phone too
Your parents must be worried, it's late
They passed away both of them
Mine too
It was the same day
On that neighborhood club trip
they were on the same plane
Hi, Chi-sung? It's Dad
We're taking off now
How can such a big thing like this fly?
Amazing, I tell you
Have a good trip Dad my game's about to start
Oh, really?
Are you in the outfield again today?
When are you going to pitch?
You're not gonna pitch anymore, are you?
Now! We're flying now!
The wheels are off the ground!
What? Now we're going down again?
Honey, why are we going down?
- We'll go up again later - Wait
we're heading for the ground!
We're gonna hit the ground!
Chi-sung, it's the end
Chi-sung, your father loves you!
On the first day he flew he passed away
He took a plane and went to heaven
Even at his last moment
he told me that he loved me
You're supposed to turn off your phone at takeoff
How'd he manage that?
He didn't know it was his first time!
This trash...
I'll throw it out at home
Are you looking after Mr DONG?
I'm looking after him now
A word, please
How long has it been like this?
The two of us, you mean?
No, not that
How long has he been so sick?
I'm not sure
Why, is he very sick?
It has progressed too far
Tastes bitter
Have a candy
Stand by the wall
Move closer
Just a minute
That's fine
What's that? This is fun
Don't bring me any more medicine
Thief! Catch him!
Sounds like a thief came
I guess so
Good night, then Bye
Out of the way! I'll kill you!
I'm not blocking you
Hey, what are you doing?
That's my home dammit!
Hey, you son of a bitch!
Hey, doing this at your age?
Why can't you just work hard and earn money?
Doing this sort of thing at night is hard work
I can't believe you
Living is hard for me too
But I'd never live the way you do
Hey, do you know what love is?
I thought of killing myself too
Rather than live like this I thought of killing myself
I may be young, but I've a wife and two kids
So I need to live
If I die what happens to them?
My life isn't my own
I have to find some way to get by
Go and live, you punk
I'll heed your words and live well
I'll come visit too
Don't come after two months I'll be gone
If you move, call me
I'll repay your kindness
I won't be able to call
Live well, don't die
Go on
As for me, I don't know much about love
But love... is just love, isn't it?
What kind of love doesn't matter
If you love, then that's love
But I'm just a thief so I don't know much
I've nothing to give you so I'll leave you with that, sir
What are you doing, miss?
What's everyone doing here?
Do you know this house's owner?
What's your relation with DONG Chi-sung?
I'm just...
a woman he knows
What? Then I'm a detective he doesn't know
We've found the stolen item
And also some bundles of cash
What? Is it stolen?
Well, it seems it might be
For a guy whose shoulder still isn't 100%
how can he throw that fast?
Just try hitting that It'll kill you
Don't embarrass me here just give me something gentle
What is it?
Why didn't you tell me?
Why did you do it you're a nice man
You're not that smart or good-looking, but
you're nice
Look, what are you talking about?
How did you end up here?
I asked directions
That's not what I mean
I meant, why are you here?
Let's talk at home
You can't go home!
You can't They'll catch you if you do
So you don't know how to contact the thief?
What's the point?
We're being accused of robbery!
We can't turn him in
he's got a loving wife and kids
Let's just go to the police and explain everything
Why do you keep saying 'we? '
Go to the station and explain it Why run away?
I don't have time
Going to the station and explaining it all
and being dragged from here to there
I don't have time for that
Are you so busy?
You don't seem so busy to me
Could I stay at your home a few days?
Nah, it'll just be a nuisance
No, it's not that... I'm fine...
I worry you might be uncomfortable...
Whatever you want
This room's for sleeping?
You mean the two of us?
No, I asked if you sleep here
You got a language problem...
I sleep here on the floor
I used to use the bed
but I kept falling off and hurting myself...
You want to wash up?
I'll go out and buy something
See how things are doing outside
Is stealing such a huge crime?
The place is swarming with cops
You cook well
Try some of this, too
Damn, that's salty
The game's on...
You don't know baseball at all?
If you get to there it's one point?
You go to 2nd and 3rd then come back
Can you run straight from 1st base to 3rd?
No, they'll yell at you
That guy's got much better
Is he good?
That's not so hard
If you catch that hit ball...
- The fielder? - Yes
If the fielder catches it...
A ground ball?
Yes, if you catch a ground ball
and chuck it into the crowd what happens?
- Not to first base? - Yeah
if you just chuck it into the crowd
Chuck it...
You can't do that
But, why would you throw it there?
Just for fun Can't you?
You can't
You don't know anything
I'd love to see that
That'd be fun
The game's finished
Should I change the channel?
What would you do if you had two months to live?
Let's say you had only two months more to live,
what would you do?
Could I die any faster?
Do I have to wait out the two months?
Could I just get it over with quickly?
It's a pain waiting two months
with nothing special to do
You're right
Yes, she's correct
For a person with two months to live
the biggest agony is waiting those two months
There isn't much you can do
to ease that pain
I haven't written a will
Because I have no one to list in it
I know that my heart will never withstand this
Not many people commit suicide by marathon
But it's a clever choice
It won't be too painful
I can think things over before I die
Today, I'm leaving this earth
The 5th place prize was a kimchi refrigerator
This must be really expensive!
Why'd you buy me this?
I don't have any family... Thank you
I don't know if I should accept this...
What should I do?
What do I put in here? Can I only put in kimchi?
Are you sleeping?
No, not yet
Come here a minute...
Sit here and listen
You like this song, right?
A long time ago...
When I was in high school
I often heard it while walking past your window
So I started liking this song too
Why did you start liking me?
I forget, it's been so long
Do you still like me that much?
You didn't even know I existed
You didn't know who I was
where I lived
how long and from how close
I could feel your presence
What I liked...
or what I disliked
I'm sorry
For living without knowing
I'm sorry
There's a lot I'm doing for the first time
there's a lot I don't know
It's a thief!
- Hey, you! - Sir!
Would you like some tea, or fruit?
- Oh, thank you - Look, you!
What are you doing back so soon?
And in the same neighborhood!
You think this is your workplace?
Do you commute back and forth?
Actually, that day I met you
after receiving your great generosity
I decided to quit this work
Then why are you
back scaling walls?
Life has fenced me in
Darling, do you know what love is?
It would be nice to buy a computer
hook up the internet and all that
Is that all you can say?
Don't you know? What love is?
I love you
Should I quit this job?
Sleep when others sleep work when others work
There's nothing wrong with me
You and the kids... surely
we can get by hand to mouth?
- Honey, I... - You want that too, right?
You don't like staying up worrying about me?
- Should we try to live honestly? - That's great
- but... - I can cook well
I can try getting a job at a restaurant
Even with manual labor we can still feed ourselves, right?
Honey, I...
I'm pregnant again
I'm so sorry, you can't go home because of me
Forget it, just go
Don't forget your bag
Next time you run away since you can't go there
hide at our place
Thank you for offering, ma'am
I may be nothing but a petty thief
but I still have moral integrity
You suit each other well!
I don't know what brought you together
but don't ever part!
You're pigeon-chested
Yes, I've been hearing that
since I was young
So that comes out in the photo, too
Listen closely
There are two kinds of tumors
Malignant ones and the gentler ones
Please continue
But this one is malignant
Look here
This here's like that
It shouldn't be like that
If it turns out like that it won't be good
- Darling! - Look at this
it's already moved up here
What with all of you these days?
Moving all over the place...
But this...
Something's moving all over the place?
Have we spoken
in this manner before?
You're pigeon-chested right?
Yes, I'm quite famous for that
Hello? Darling It's malignant
I miss you!
We should take action on this quickly
DONG Chi-sung is hiding a disease right now
If the capillary in his nose has grown so weak
then he'll experience almost constant nosebleeds
If this continues he could develop
serious anaemia
The surgery takes 20 minutes he should do it soon
How did this develop?
There are two possible causes
First, stress and fatigue can bring it on
in people with inherently weak nose capillaries
The other possibility
is if from early childhood
one utilizes a part of one's body
to aggressively remove objects
in the nose cavity, it can happen
I think it's the first thing you mentioned
At first, that's what everyone wants to believe
Will it take much longer?
Is it hard to put on?
Does it fit?
We can change it, if not
I've never worn anything like this
It's too revealing
I can't wear an undershirt
my stomach will be cold
It's time for your medicine
I'll be pitching the day after tomorrow
Will you come watch?
I wasn't going to pitch anymore
I just...
Just one last time I thought...
I'd try taking the mound
Don't pick your nose
Stop, You can't pick your nose anymore
Yes, well...
Mr. DONG Chi-sung?
I'm a policeman
Catch that bastard!
DONG Chi-sung...
A baseball player Outfield
I'm a pitcher
You know this man?
No, I don't
Why'd you kill a man you don't know?
We found a handbag in your room
Inside that bag was this watch
The watch still works fine
But the watch's owner is dead
The watch has gone dead too
The sun has risen
The sun is up
but if you keep saying you don't know anything
I'm going to get real angry
I told you everything I know
There's something you don't realize
In this room here
you even have to talk about things you don't know
In this room
ignorant men become intellectuals
blind men talk about things they've seen
and deaf men talk about things they've heard, got it?
What if they're deaf and dumb?
Damn, the blood pressure!
Let's try this again
So on the day of the murder
the thief entered your home
and you reassured him and sent him home
I don't know if he went home directly
And the thief
left the bag at your home
so you gave him $2000 in return
It wasn't some kind of trade, it's just...
he was having a hard time, so...
Does that make any sense?
He's got a hard life so you give him $2000?
Hey, my life is hard too!
You think I get rich running around investigating?
I want $2000 too!
Well, I can give it to you
Go to my home and under the blanket...
Oh, the blood pressure again!
DONG Chi-sung
You're free to go now
But Chief!
We've identified the murderer
It was the victim's girlfriend
But it seems she planned to commit suicide
Luckily we found her will
She wrote all the details of the crime in it
We're trying our best to find her
If she's not dead we'll catch her soon
Anyway, sorry to have troubled you
That's the way this job is sometimes
Try to understand
But why did she do it?
She said she loved him too much
That happens with love sometimes
Dying, killing...
Oh, and your doctor asked us to give you this
Chi-sung pitch well today
Pitching suits you better than the outfield
Chief, do you know that guy?
- Good afternoon - Yes?
- Oh, it's you again - Yeah...
Is DONG Chi-sung here?
That baseball player?
He must be at the baseball stadium Look...
You're out!
It's been quite chilly recently
but with the nicer weather
a lot of fans came tonight
Doosan vs Lotte
bottom of the 6th
DONG Chi-sung is still on the mound
Gong got selected as one of the players
and he's doing a good job up to the middle of the 5th
Quite an unexpected performance from DONG
With Doosan losing starters to injury
we thought they'd be using a lot of relievers
This is quite unexpected
If DONG takes them past the 7th inning
Doosan will have a chance
Are you okay?
You're over 100 pitches
- Let's bring in the next guy - No, I...
I just want...
For as long as I can throw...
I want to throw
And the pitch... A hit
Oh, it's a hard hit ball
It's going way back
It's still going...
It's over the fence/
It's a 2-run home run/
It's 2-0, Doosan is ahead
Dong Chi-sung winds up It's in play/
It's a single
His third pitch, inside
It's a fly ball
Well, I expected KO would
close out the game
but DONG is still in there
Of course it's nice to pitch a complete game
but they can't afford to worry about that now
I've spent a long time
asking just what love is
however curious I was
I never looked up the word in the dictionary
Because I knew
I wouldn't believe what it said
But what's obvious is
today I'm pitching for someone special
- It's in play/ - He got it
DONG fielded it on one hop
DONG had a great game today
His second debut in the pros was a big success
Doosan wins, 2-0
He's not throwing it
This is the last throw I'll ever make
Now the woman I know and everyone else
will never forget this image of me
Goodbye, everyone
I was really curious
If I fielded a ball and threw it into the crowd
what would happen?
Did you see it?
You wouldn't believe
the look on the manager's face
What if you can never play again?
No big deal if I can't
Anyway, come on over I made dinner
I doubt there will be any food at your home
so eat here
And the house has been feeling empty lately
If it's cold out
you can stay the night too
Let go, dammit!
Hey, where is that quack?
Are you hiding? Let go! Don't look at me!
My tumor's moving all over, is it?
What the hell's moving, huh?
Let go of me!
Where are you?
I mortgaged my house because of you!
I lost my job!
Oh, boss!
He's over there now?
Get in, I'm gonna start driving!
All right, all right
Come on, you're drunk
You need to get in first!
Hey, gimme that!
Hey, Yi-yeon
Stop drinking and let's go
Uh, who do we have here?
Our Writing Princess
Get in, we're about to go
Let's go home
I have no home, dammit
I spent all my damn money!
Got fired from my job!
You gonna let me stay?
At your house?
Do you love me?
You interested in me?
Why do you do this to me?
Are you not sure?
Why do you talk that way?
Do you really not know?
Are you asking because you're curious?
Damn, tell me if you love me!
I love you
Don't worry
He'll come back when he's sober
He can't drink
where'd he pick up these bad mannerisms?
- I'll be going now - Huh? Sure
- His bag... - Huh?
Oh, sure
Sorry, I'm sorry
But I...
I don't know anything
I could've just lived two months
and then died
but why did I have to live?
If I died, I think I could understand everything
It would be a relief
That would be great
I don't know
Does it hurt?
It hit you hard
I'm not sure yet
But have we met before?
You're the woman from the stadium
So you'll really die?
I guess I will
This is what you wanted to love and then die
Lucky you
I don't know
Why am I so sad?
It's what you wanted
I guess it wasn't
I guess you can only feel it when you're alive
Wait a minute
What's so great about love?
You meet a woman ask her name
Once you know her name you start loving her
Then you ask her age
her favorite food...
Love is just... waiting
You can go to it
Love is waiting for you, go/
Whether it's ball four or you're hit by a pitch...
I don't know much about love
But love... is just love, isn't it?
What kind of love doesn't matter
If you love...
She said she loved him too much
That happens with love sometimes
Dying, killing...
I hear you breathing
Your breathing...
So you're alive
I just want to stay here
for as long as you are alive...
Is that okay?
I want to ask you something
What's your name?
HAN Yi-yeon
That's pretty
Thank you
Shall I...
escort you home?
My bag...
How old?
Oh, twenty-four
And your favorite food?
Cup noodles
Ah, noodles
Your hobby?
- Radio - Right
Right, radio The postcards...
Your blood type is O?
People with B their personality...
I'm type O
Today I received three things
that other people had and I didn't
I got next year
I got bad mannerisms
and I got first love
Oh, really... When did you get measles?
- When I was seven - Oh, seven...
- Your blood type... - I already told you!
Just now?
- Did I say I'm type O? - Yes