NUKETOWN ZOMBIES Teaser Image! Multiplayer 4v4 Zombies Map?!

Uploaded by MrRoflWaffles on 27.08.2012

Hi guys! MrRoflWaffles here. What you're seeing on your screen now is something that I'm extremely
excited to show you because as you can see: "Welcome to NUKETOWN, ZOMBIES, 01... Th-There
it is! I mean, it does not get much closer to a trailer than this - this is the ultimate
tease from Treyarch. It was on the official Black Ops Facebook Page, and this is legit!
I mean, no-one would even question this, and it's really nice because it's the first real
piece of tangible evidence that we have that zombies is going to be fun and great because
they're teasing it and that is what we love! It's nothing compared to GKNOVA6, but, if
they do some kind of viral campaign, that would be really amazing! Keep in mind also
the fact that it's Nuketown - this is Nuketown Zombies. It's probably not Nuketown 2025 because
zombies has its own time period as we know from the previous multiplayer - sorry, from
the previous zombie maps, uhh, it has it's own time period and that's been confirmed
by Treyarch so it's not going to be specifically set in 2025. So this is probably going to
be the old Nuketown that we've seen in the 1980s / 1970s; that sort of time period because
of obviously the cold war, and Vietnam and stuff like that. This is most likely in my
humble opinion and also the opinion of LiamFTWinter who first found this image (thank you very
much to you Liam) - this is very likely going to be one of the Zombie.. 4 versus 4 Zombie
maps, or 4z4 or however you would like to phrase it. It's probably going to be one of
those because.. they tend to do this with maps, I mean they've done that in the past!
For example with Infinity Ward what they might do is they'll take a Multiplayer map and make
it into a Spec Ops mission or something like that, or the other way around and that's just
generally the way this sort of thing tends to work, so, with this, I would be able to
hedge a bet that this going to be some kind of multiplayer map - obviously, Nuketown;
we;ve got that sorted ! - turned into a multiplayer 4v4 zombies map. I personally think that that
would be quite likely. We've got the hand print on there which is similar to the hand
print which we've seen a couple of days ago (there'll be annotations on the screen now
for that) - there's also obviously the fact that it says in big letters "ZOMBIES", and
"Population 01". So, this is all very very very exciting, and I can't wait to bring you
guys more information about this in the future! REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE BLACK OPS 2
ZOMBIES (ahh, that feels so good to be able to say that!). I've been MrRoflWaffles, leave
a like if you feel like it, and hopefully I'll see you in the next one! Ok, see you
later guys. Peace!