OBPA Board Meeting October 3 2012 Part 1

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Okay, good afternoon, everybody.
The first thing I want to do is, I'll call the meeting to order. It's
4:20 P.M., and it's October 3rd, 2012.
First notice, I'll let everybody know that there is
no Border Station Meeting for today, for the Month of October.
Mr. Davis, do we have
any letters of communication for the Board? There's a couple things I'd like to bring to your attention,
in the Board Packet. First and foremost, we will
get to Committee assignments, over on the left side.
We didn't do that this time, we will do that in the future, we'll get to that. Okay.
We'll get that taken care of. And, along the way, to our Board Members,
and making assignments. I probably will, once I adjust motive,
or move back, I'm not sure if there's a time table to do that, Wade?
If I'm restricted, or not restricted to do that? No restrictions.
Okay, because I want Doug to incorporate some other things, and move
them back on task. So, I want everybody aware, that we will probably make
some changes, once I know,
we'll get you up to where you want to be. Thank you.
A couple of other things I'd like to bring to your attention is, there's a letter to
Commissioner as an agency head, from the Deputy Secretary
of Civil Rights, Alfonso B. David.
Talking about the New York State contract system. And,
how that's working in the future. So, I just put that in there, it's more of an
informational thing. I thought you might be interested to see that, in relation to
MWBE compliance. The next article, just came
out today. It was in the Ottawa Globe and Mail.
It's referencing millions of Canadians, border hopping,
to catch cheaper flights, and Ogdensburg is among those.
And, the other things in the packet are news articles, relative to
the tax book.
We have approval of minutes. Meetings were held for September 5.
I'll move that.
Move that? Second. We have a second.
All those in favor signify by saying aye? Aye.
Do we have any comments or presentations by citizens regarding agenda items?
I don't see anybody here, but does the press have anything to add, or anything? No? No.
Okay, thank you. Let's move right along.
Executive Director, let's go through your report. Certainly, on page
3 of your packets, I'd like to update you on a couple of things.
We heard back from the FHWA, that the Federal Highway Administration
on the...on the IBRD proposal.
You recall, that was one of 3 applications that were submitted to
New York State. It was unsuccessful. We will submit
it at the next opportunity. A couple of us went down,
and toured the digital sign manufacturer,
in Frankfurt, New York. It far exceeded our
expectations, and should be up here shortly. We're currently waiting on
National Grid for electric service installation. And, that will be
up and running. Labor and Management Committee Meetings held, there are no significant
issues there. We're still advocating
for the approach span rehabilitation, with our Federal, State, and local Officials.
Some good news out of the Port, and that is,
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the section 107 dredging study,
continues to move forward. You'll recall, as I've described before, this
is a 3 to 5 year process. And, we're actually on
the shorter end of the timeline, with this most recent development. The Army Corps
of Engineers, received a
$20,000, to help formally negotiate the cost-sharing agreement.
That's the next gate that we need to get through in this process.
So, that's a good thing, and we'll continue to see what we can do
to push that along. Wade, along the way there, the Port of Oswego is
there, do they get the same course that we got? Or you don't know?
I don't know, I haven't talked to Jonathan, to see
how that meeting came out, from his perspective. Okay.
I met with Cape Air representatives during the month,
and, we talked about the continued passenger growth here at
Ogdensburg. And, one of the things that the Cape Air representatives would like to do, they'd like to make
a brief presentation to the Board, after November 17. So, if there's
no objection, I'd like to get them on the agenda for about a
20 minute presentation at the next meeting.
The next item on the list is pretty important.
It revolves around the TSA, that's
Transportation Security Administration. And, on Law Enforcement Officer agreement.
Let's go all the way back to 2001.
After 2001, the TSA said, or the FAA
at the time, said you need to have security at the Airport, some of part 139.
We did that. Fast forward a little bit.
Total cost for that, is $86,000. And,
the $86,000 was provided to the Authority,
each year as a grant from TSA. So, there was a grant
agreement between TSA and the Authority for $86,000.
Separate to that, we had an agreement with the City of Ogdensburg,
whereby the City of Ogdensburg provides the Law Enforcement
services for the Airport. And, the cost on that was
$86,000; round numbers. And, we split the
overtime 50/50 with the city.
The new agreement from the TSA, funds us only at the
$43,000 level. So, therefore, when you look at it "big picture",
there's $50,000 that has to come from somewhere else,
and the only somewhere, is us. Therefore,
we [were] informed about this the other day. We have
an agreement coming from TSA for the $43,000, that
obviously leaves a shortfall. We have reached out to the city,
to renegotiate, or to negotiate a new
3 year agreement, with the city.
We're not there yet. The city has indicated they want to hold off negotiating until
their City Manager's on board. I put forth a position
this isn't acceptable, because Bridge and Port Authority is "on the hook" for 100%,
this $50,000, annual numbers, $50,000 a year
gap, while we go through this negotiation period.
So, one of two things will happen in the next month. I would anticipate either
we will come to an agreement with the city, for some sort of reduced services,
at $43,000 and change, and splitting the overtime
consistent with the previous agreement. Or,
I would imagine we're going to have to go up and RFP for law enforcement services,
at Ogdensburg International Airport. Because the funding level is
50% of what it was in the prior year.
It's kind of a long-winded explanation, but, does anybody have any questions on that
particular point? If we had to go out, who would we shop it
with? Law enforcement services under the
Part 139 qualification, can be a variety of different things.
It could be State, it could be County, it could be
local P.D., it could also be a private firm. As long as they meet
the criterion that's associated with the law enforcement
How do other small Airports deal with this?
I can't speak to that. That's one of the things, this was literally just dropped
on us 2 days ago by TSA. And, we're trying
to, we're still navigating through it at this point.
Was everybody caught? I'm not sure, Again, it's
such a new issue, and it's just been dropped on us, that,
we're still struggling to deal with it at this point. Wade, was
everybody cut? Was Massena cut? I know they have a deal with the Village P.D. to cover them.
I don't know, but I'll find that out. I'm just curious,
if it was, if it was just us?
And no reason just to pick on one Airport. It has to do with the number of hours that
they fund, at the Airport.
There's actually a meeting in Saranac Lake, I believe. Yeah, that would be a good place to
find out what everybody's doing. That might be some resolve there, that's good.
Incidentally, the extend of invitation to meeting that Sam's referring
to, is, about once every 6 months,
there's a meeting of all Airports in the region,
and, that's scheduled to occur on October 10th, at Saranac Lake,
From 10 until 1 at the Harrietstown
Municipal Building. What day of the week is that?
Wednesday. It's a Wednesday. Anybody going? A week from today.
I'd like to go to that.
They can put me down as a passenger. I'd like to sit in the front seat.
(laughter) You fell asleep on the last trip!
I know. (laughter) Listen, easier to go to sleep! (laughter)
One of the things I'd like to know, is, this would be a great opportunity to talk to other people,
from other Airports. I've flew out of Massena, and
I've flown out of Saranac. And, I don't see...I didn't see
I didn't visualize all these police officers, and everything else. But, it seems to me,
that every time we have to have this agreement put in place,
money just keeps falling, and the city just keeps staying behind. And, it seems
to be a controversy there, unless they're making money, or their officers are making money,
they don't want to play in this game. And, it seems to me,
that there was a lot of discussion about how it should be done. I think
that we need to, and I don't know how this thing reads, but, we need to look
at maybe the legal end over at the TSA. Why can't they do their own, because,
they told me, they don't need that cop over there.
I mean, they do all the screening, they check the passengers, they know what the
flow is. Now, down in Syracuse, I mean, there's cops there, and most of them
are outside. Directing traffic. But,
we have a cop sitting right on top of the girls out here, and they guys,
and they've all indicated to me, they don't really need that, it is not necessary.
TSA can do this, their selves.
If you remember back on 9/11, Fred, what happened was, when that
whole turmoil happened, we had Military people with guns, at the
Airport. Somehow, that transition to local
with the Police Departments, was part of that transition,
I know what you're saying. I think, Fred, you'll find out a lot
maybe, when you talk to all of the people at the different Airports at different locations. Yeah, that's why I want to go
to the meeting, all right. That's how we'll find out. But you know, one of the things, it's hard for us,
you know, we're running the city's Airport. It's still the
City of Ogdensburg Airport. They handed it over to us, because they didn't want to manage it.
They didn't want to monkey with it. So, we've done it. We've done a good job. We can tell you
to do a good job. I mean, they should be able to help us here, a little bit.
I mean it's the City Airport. They're the ones that should be
saying, hey! But, they have never done that. They want us to pay
more, and more, and more, and they pay less. They pay less.
And I'll say it on the record. It really bothers me that we've got
to pay overtime for Police Officers. It really bothers me.
But this is a system that's going on, within the whole
system. And I don't like it. You know? And, I'm a labor person.
And, I don't like to be...be paying more than we should
be paying. I would seriously consider, depending on what you hear,
at this meeting. What everybody else is trying to do, and see if they were cut down too.
Contracting, you know, you can contract with your County Sherriff. I don't think you can with the State Police.
I don't think so. They don't want anything to do with that. But they do meet the legal criterion.
The County Sherriff would meet the legal criteria, and, you know...
Well, we had Joe Lightfoot, when he was running this service,
Joe Lightfoot did it for a while. And finally, I don't think he wanted
anything to do with it either. Because you know, it's...but, I don't understand
the 2 things I don't understand, is the city. Now we've got
a Fire Department here we pay. We've got a Police Department we pay.
We've got a City Airport,
that we're managing for them. They've got to play a part here.
Somehow, they have to play a part. And, it isn't just for us,
to continue...where do we get the money?
It's going to dry up, this 43,000,
at one time, was 91,000, 86,000. And it just
keeps going down. And, we know that this "bullet is coming", we've got to bite it.
And this is a 3 year, what's different about this one,
is a 3 year agreement. Previous agreements have been 5 years.
So I don't know. What happens if they say there's no more money, and that's it?
The city says, we're not going to do it? Then what happens to us now?
We shut our airport down? Well, we're required under part 139
regulations, to have legal services there, to support passenger safety.
I don't know how we going to pay for it. How are we going to do it? I'm asking
"devil's advocate". How are you going to do it? You provide the
service, or basically you're done with. Do you shut the airport down?
You'd have to in that case, because you wouldn't be able to support screening operation.
Would they shut down just the passenger part, or the commercial part?
No, the commercial would still run fine. I mean, there's no...no
requirement for TSA. Well, at one time the thought was, we all know
that at some point, they're going to say, there's going to be one airport, and say when it's coming. It's either going to be
here, or it's going to be in Massena. There's not going to be fully funded airports, because
you know, they're spending money at both ends. Whoever can get the longest
runway, to land the smallest jets they can hold up
to 30 passengers. They'll be the first ones probably in line. But, I'd still like
the idea that, we could take cargo. There's a lot
of people need to get cargo here, and they just don't want to...because they don't want to drop it in Massena,
if they want to deliver it, because, then you've got to truck it here, you've got to make all those other arrangements.
I don't know, it seems to be down the road, but as Fred said,
it's...down the road is not as far away as it used to be.
When we first started, it was great, and then...(interrupts): this money's
dropped in the gap. In the runway. (chuckles) You know, we're just not going to have the money in there.
Wade, what...you mentioned
overtime. Now, when do we pay overtime?
One of the ongoing with the city is that,
is that 2:30 P.M.-ish flight. That overlaps
with their shift change.
So, as a result is, one of the things that they've been adamant about is,
they have to pay overtime, therefore, they want us to pay overtime. And, that's
something that, we've said in the past...we've said, "Look,
we've got the grant money. We recognize your overtime costs."
And, through negotiations, we've split it 50/50 up to a cap. I think our cap
is like 11,000, or something like that on overtime. So, anything
over that, the city absorbs 100%.
Fair deal. Because the grant funds were there, associated with it.
But, now the grant funds aren't there. And, the contracts up, and we need to go through,
and renegotiate. Because, we just can't afford that,
$86,000 basket of services anymore.
You, (unintelligible) John? No.
(laugher) Any other questions on that point?
The one thing that maybe we'll find out, like we said, on the 10th.
But, I think we've really got to look to see, what we need to do,
with TSA, to see if we can fill this void.
If we get 43,000, next year it's going to be 32,000, in the next years it's going to run out.
It's going to eventually go down to that. So, how do we keep our
passengers? Continuing to grow our passengers transportation,
we've got to do that. But when we're going to get hit for
100,000, $150,000, and the people that we're trying to
support, up the street, don't want to put in a penny, to do any of it,
that's the truth. You know, it's time for us to look at maybe
training somebody with TSA.
One of their officers or whatever. I mean, they go through a lot of training,
they handle everything that's in those suitcases. They handle the X-ray machine,
they handle all that. They don't carry a gun, though.
There, you just answered it. How do we now, be able to capture that?
There's got to be a way! That's all I'm saying.
You hit it right on the head. The only difference between that,
officer standing there, he's got a gun on him.
How do we fix that?
Joe Lightfoot. He was trained. He had
a business. He has a license to be a Private Detective,
whatever you want to call it, the words might not be right. That's what we need to do. We need to be
creative in that. This money is going to dry up. And, the city is not going to
help you. If memory serves me well here, when I was
CIty Council at the time, when, we looked when this all came about.
And, all those type of things. There are certain agencies
that cover, and fit the criteria, that you can do that,
obviously, we worked well with the city, and the Bridge and Port Authority at the time,
to reciprocate the service, but now all of the sudden, you're right,
who's going to pay for what? What's your fair share here?
I mean, we don't want to stop providing a service for the North Country,
and our citizens. And, if,
it's a cost that we have to absorb somewhere along the line,
I mean, the best way...or, like you say...(interrupts): There may be,
a hybrid of...(interrupts): You're absolutely right.
(continues)...of the combination of the counties, the cities,
the private. The city obviously; they're changing
shifts, there's other things that that impacts, at that particular time of day.
But, maybe they can cover this, and we get somebody else to
cover that 230, or something. We need to explore all the avenues.
Yeah, we'll look at all of that. To get back to you, Steve, I know there was some
budgetary problems of cutting vast
positions with the city. I'm not sure exactly, not up to date with
what they hire, to maintain some of the service, or the safety,
security of the airport and the city.
Somewhere along the line, maybe we need to go back to the city and reinvestigate exactly what...
you know, that can be renegotiated different. I think
they, the impact on the city would be much greater than the impact on the authority.
If the airport's closed. You have some people that use
the airport to get out, but they use private planes, so they don't really need security anyway.
The ones that come here. Right. But, passengers, I want to
see how, I haven't seen that NCO list, it's probably in here someplace. But, the number of enplanements
that we're having now, excluding the Canadian
people that come over, I feel there's a lot of them come from the City of Ogdensburg, they're the ones
who would be impacted the most. I think that, to get off this
to defend you two...(interrupts): Well, I think it's a serious discussion...(continues): Oh, I do too. But I think
November 7, I would like to see, if you don't mind, somehow, Sam,
fit in there in Executive Session for a few minutes,
with the airlines themselves. To talk about some issues of
negotiating this thing. Where we can lean over, and stuff. Not that I don't want the press to know
about it, because I think they're great, and help us with this. Yeah. But, we need to talk
with them, because, they're not going to feel comfortable, just talking about it out there like that.
Well, it is a negotiating item. Well, the airlines,
if the airlines lose this month, and you're talking like a million and a half
dollars they're going to lose right there overnight. And, once that's gone,
you're gone. It's gone. Essentially that's it. Well, you know, it's
interesting topic, because, I think about when I flew out of Ottawa,
and, I'd seen my ticket, it was printed on the ticket,
what the taxes are. You pay their airport improvement tax.
You pay a security tax. You pay, I mean, the list goes on,
and on, and on. I'm not sure how Cape Air bills their tickets,
and their cost, if it's billed the same way,
and that would be another essence thing, to talk about where that added cost
can be, affordable. Not when they're going to have
100,000 people going through here. We do have the ability to own the facility.
But, that's under our control to do that, but you know, we have not done that.
Isn't that, you know, I haven't flown Cape Air yet, isn't there a charge
for TSA services, as part of the ticket cost?
I haven't seen that. I don't know. That's why I'm saying it would be important to us to have an
Executive Session for little bit with them. Find out what they do. We'll talk to them when they're here. Yeah.
Thank you guys. I'll see if we can find that out. Thanks, Fred. The only other thing I'd like
to highlight in the report is, the continuing to
facilitate discussion, with a firm that's interested in designing the authority's
Proctor Avenue parcel. We do have some discussion
in Executive Session on that topic. Okay.
Mr. Chairman,
that concludes my reports. Okay, any other questions for Wade?
Okay, let's move on to our Chief Financial Officer,
and Deputy Executive Director.
I need a longer,
we need a bigger desk now, right? (laughter)
I'm starting the 2013-14 budget process.
I'll get you a part of that soon, as well as John, and Steve;
Wade. I have started the process.
Financials are available here, we'll look at them
in a minute, after I get through this page.
Second quarter...
in compliance. There's only 2 lines here, but it's an awful lot of time,
Involved in complying with rules, and regulations.
The second quarter MWBE utilization report is due,
October 15. And 10 year capital plan, is
due October 16. That takes a lot of,
it's going to take a lot of time. I attended a capital budget meeting in Albany,
on September 13...
where they gave the rules, and so on, for this
10 year capital plan. I've been providing
analysis for John, for expansion to the industrial park.
We did
analysis and a quote, on, a new
port wind project, and possible future ongoing port business.
Well, now, let's see.
Well, Revenue Markets came.
They brought 3 or 4 people. We had a good visit with them,
they trained many of us, on how to read with the system,
when it's down, when it's not working for some reason,
after there's an electrical outage. We went through a lot of things,
and how to fix minor problems, and how to help them address problems
remotely. That was a very valuable day because of them.
That's about it. So, we'll go to the financial reports. The first one's
page 6. I just need to back up for a minute. Yeah. You said you went to Albany,
on September 10th? Yeah. September 13th. 13th.
Did you fly out of here, and downstate? I tried. I had a
flight. Went to the airport. The flight was cancelled because of heavy rain
in Albany the night before, the plane didn't get here. So I flew to Albany in one of our vans.
And got there fast as I needed. Okay, that's good.
The meeting was at 11. My flight was the first one in the morning.
And found out about 6:30 that I didn't have a flight. I came over here...
...The van was empty of gas.
Somebody filled it for me. I got on the road,
you know, about 7 o'clock, and I got there, just about the time the meeting
was starting. You don't want to hear us ask if you had speed time, is that what you're saying? (laughter)
It took him 4 hours and he was obeying every traffic law. (laughter)
All legal, (crosstalk - unintelligible)
(laughter) 9:30, right? And I drove home slower. (laughter)
It's just unfortunate that
the flight was cancelled. Patrick Edward was even surprised.
When he didn't realize the plane wasn't out there.
Okay, so, page 6 on this other report is the, financials.
For 6 months. And, you can see
that, our revenue was up significantly, and you know why.
As are our expenses. Up significantly.
And most of those end reads.
I think I had a question last month, and I just was kicking myself, that general office expenses
are extremely low, I don't remember the answer to that.
Maybe some things are being coded into other professional services.
That may fall out of there, I've got to look at that. I don't think that's...
Explain the interest expense
a little more. Interest expenses, we had a mortgage on one of
the buildings, it was in the building 11, that we pay.
Community Bank, we had
...we make a monthly payment there, that includes interest.
And the other interest expense
is...I believe...
to do with the Border Station. And then there's interest on
the loan of, the building that we rent to,
TSA. Can we renegotiate those rates?
Or are they pretty low the way that you have them. I think they're quite low.
They're in the very low percentages.
We could look at, Community Bank.
We could move some of our money back from the,
you know, the process...(interrupts): That's really high, a high figure there.
Any other questions on this financial report?
There were some questions last month.
That you were going to give us a complete breakdown of,
the windmill. I have that here.
Separately, I think,
that I got it broken out into a level of which it should be.
It should be kept private, for the reasons of
competition. Negotiations that we get. Yeah.
We are...(interrupts): Well, I just want to know if that was...(continues): we've had negotiations for another project now, and I think,
let me back up here, because I don't want to get crossed by the newspapers. The,
...the schedule that you're putting together is a draft schedule.
We're not subject at foil. (?) And, we will be happy to share that with you in the
Executive Session, because it deals with competitive information that should not be released publicly.
How's that for...(interrupts): Yes. That's what I was trying
to say. Okay. Thank you. But you can provide information on what
wages, and salaries and stuff, that we paid out to people. Yes. And those
type of things. And, I think that is more important knowledge for the community to know,
that, this is the kind of monies are generated. Internal and externally
for the next project, and I think that's important to know. With the information
that I will share with you, if shared with our competitors, could lead
to competitive disadvantage. Yes. I agree.
The next one, on page 7,
is the report from the airport. We
continue to see strong passenger growth.
865 passengers in September.
Would've been 866, or more, had that one flight not been cancelled. (chuckles)
The, usually enplanements are
2704. That's that line toward the bottom.
Of which is, both are up over 40% from a year ago.
Our fuel sales is strong. The number
the 2670, is a little bit faded number, because,
that number's not complete. I lacked a few days receipts.
And, but I did want to put that number in there, because it was so much better.
So much last higher than last month's. But that 2670 will be higher
than that, when all is said and done. Can I just ask,
do you think, the dates are wrong? Oh, probably.
At the top? No. I don't...
no, this is the year ending, March 31, 2013.
Yeah. Okay, that's correct. Fiscal year.
That's for our fiscal year.
2013. So, March, March down here, will be March 2013. Okay.
I got it. And you're comparing it to 2012. I'm comparing it to,
the year that ended March 31. So, that's confusing, Yeah. But, correct.
So, April, is April 2012, and,
the April in the 2012 calendar is 2011. So, how's that,
for clarity. (chuckles)
I will say, the reason for the increase in fuel sales,
for months we've been staying that blip. Yeah.
Well, we've been selling fuel to these
helicopter medical services, that I don't think we were a year ago.
Steve, do you have any other information? Yeah. We did a quality control with them
that, they have a strict fuel (unintelligible). And, we found that
we meet their requirements, with a number of things,
that we did, we had to do, just to meet a minimum there, and we've done that.
So, they feel comfortable, and they're also involved, I think there's 2 helicopters,
there's one in Watertown, and then the one across here,
that's starting up in Potsdam, would be using us for fuel refill.
And then, we've had a lot of commercial private jets,
come in taking...there up there, giving them service,
and then we push it. We're trying to push the, you know, when they come in,
and, a lot of pilots, really, sometimes it
seems like you could flip a coin, and it's not their money, but they'll go, if you do all
those things for them, we have seen a...
a willingness to say, yeah, go over here, just bring it right over here. When they're taxiing in,
you could say, park it right there, I'll take care of you, and help them out on that.
So, I give him some credit, when he's there, if he comes in at all,
whenever his cell phone's available, and he comes in, you know,
a couple times, on off hours, maybe in a week, so,
I think we've been doing a good job on that.
That's good. And then...
the next report is the bridge traffic report. There's no page number on that, because,
and the ink's barely dry. But, this is
the, auto crossings were up 6.5%,
for September. [The] trucks were off just a little bit.
For the year, auto crossings were up 9.5%,
and the trucks were just about level.
So, generally, 8.6% increase in crossings,
from last year, which was a very strong year, as you remember.
Any questions on that?
That concludes my report,
unless there's any questions.
Everybody okay? Okay.
Thanks, Fred.
All right,
you guys want to see who goes next?
Don, I'll have you up next.
Okay. I just want to let you know that,
we successfully reached out to Fort Drum, regarding their helicopter
needs in the airport, with the Apache helicopter.
Yeah. And, I just wanted to communicate to them, that
the airport's there for their use, and they appreciated it. I guess it
hasn't been as receptive in other communities. And, we offered our
other services, both the use of the hanger, and the fuel services. So, they were very
appreciative of that. They were kind of, I'm trying to think, I lost time
to schedule, a couple weeks back. They were doing
obviously a night flight. Yes. They came in late.
They were new machines, and they were
doing training exercises on them, which is supposed to end shortly, but they said they
will probably continue to use the airport in the future.
Did anyone run out of fuel? Did they...none of our fuel.
I offered our service, and gave them Derricks phone number and everything. (laughter)
Gosh! You know, I just want
to touch on this a little bit, because, it bothers me.
Okay...we've been to
Fort Drum, and we've been out there trying to do whatever we can,
to support the troops and stuff. But, they've been
doing this landing at our airport, for a long time.
They land on our runways, they sit on the runways.
They land on our dirt piles out there, they're doing certain things out there.
And, we have no knowledge, this board has no knowledge of what is going on
with this, all this situation with the military.
Plus. They sit up over people's houses.
For hours. And, they sit
up there, and the other night, they lit the sky up!
A light come down, you know? But, yet,
my concern was, we have planes coming into our airport,
but yet, we've got military helicopters
moving around up there. I mean, I just don't understand why we
don't know what they're really doing. And, why they haven't talked
to us, about landing at our airport. Sitting on our
runway. Yeah, for some reason they don't ask permission. (chuckles) Well,
I really don't think, I think, I'm looking at
to protect the community here, and the safety of the community. These choppers are
doing something. I don't know what they're doing. But, they're landing at our airport.
Now, anybody else, do we charge for anything like that?
No, we don't have any charge associated with that. So, anybody can
come and go whenever they want to? The only thing it does help us with,
if we track this, it helps us with the total number of aircraft
landings at the airport, in the year. That was one thing that TNF advised,
that our airport engineer advised us to start tracking that.
I didn't understand why they'd be using our airport and our community,
around our homes, without us at least having
some knowledge of what they're doing here.
I don't know if you guys don't think it's an
important issue, but I do. I think you're on to something there, Fred. You know, they're sitting
over the top of my duaughter's house,
37 minutes, we timed it. Just buzzing up there.
And, you know, people are saying, they're looking at this, they're looking at night maneuvers, then all of the sudden
that chopper moves out, and another one moves in.
When if you go out and you look, that chopper maybe has landed now, in the middle of our runway.
In the middle of the night.
Don't you think we should know what's going on? Don't you think the military should be talking to us?
They just can't come in, and take over
an airport like that. I don't dispute that, for sustained operations,
yes, they probably should talk to us. I would say so. But, again, we operate a public
facility, if Coyne, let's say, wants to bring in a jet,
57 times in one night, for exaggeration purposes, they can do that.
You're missing my point. You're missing my point, we have a
commercial airport; we have a passenger airport. And, we've got people flying in
in there, at different times of the night. And, they're landing on our runway, and they're
doing certain things, I feel we have a right to know what they're doing.
Is it training? Whatever it is. You people do not
know over there, what it is. I thinks it's training.
He indicated it was the training. It's new pilot training.
Well, I'll get off the issue, because...(interrupts):
Well, it's interesting because...(continues): It just doesn't sit good with me, to know that this is going on,
and we have no knowledge of what they're doing whatsoever.
Fred, from what I observed, when I was here,
all summer, was they were making their routes. But, I hadn't...
so is this kind of a recent thing, with the hovering thing, because I, I mean,
I heard...(interrupts): Want to see it tonight? I'll show it to you...(continues): No, but, I haven't heard the
...I've seen them at night, but I didn't know they were hovering,
and things like that. About 10 o'clock at night, you can just hear it, you know?
And, I said, what's the deal? What's that going on with our airport at night?
Oh...I know what it is. I know what it is, they're dropping
the baits! They're dropping the baits for the rabid animals.
The coons, and the...remember last year we had that?

Yeah, we haven't had that in 2 or 3 years, now. But, when you had it, you knew what was going on, didn't you?
Oh, yes. Yes. I called them, and said, what's these helicopters flying down low like that?
And they're throwing stuff out. You would've told me, wouldn't you? Yes. And you did.
That's right, they're throwing out the bait for rabies.
That was the end of the question. So, you're point, when they were doing the scanning of the area,
and that unique helicopter was out there with that scanning apparatus. We knew about
that beforehand, as well. There's just something
we're not supposed to know about, that's fine. But when you're physically
landing on our runways. Physically landing over in the field, out
in the dirt. To be on an offset landing,
and doing these things. I think we should know about that.
Do we have the proper security around to help those guys?
If they got in trouble. You know what I'm saying?
There's human beings in that helicopter. While we sit here, and don't know what's going on.
It's not right, I don't think, anyhow.
So, that's all I have Mr. Chairman. Well, I know, I tried to interrupt you, but you rolling good.
I thought what you brought on went a little bit
further than that, and, what happens if there is an accident?
Do we have the capability of, who is capable, and who are we going to rely on?
I think, is Heuvelton there to still respond? That's it.
Okay. I mean, they should be aware of, "this may happen".
You know? Be prepared. Those helicopters are coming in and out.
This is, I think it's...
I know the government, and Fort Drum,
if they ever got in an accident, when they were on a convoy? They will stop.
You're on your own. They will not stop. And you report
it's a whole different set of rules that they play by. But,
I think, Wade, I think we need to investigate that.
And follow further exactly, John has made a connection with them that, you know, what our concerns
are, and what our resolve is.
And, all I'd like is just to be, you know, I don't say be polite, but,
you know, at least can they communicate with us.
Well ask for a pure courtesy notice, similar to what we have with the others. Yeah.
That's all. Well, I do really think the concern is that,
just something like that, if one of those things crash,
what happens next? Honestly, they come in for security reasons? They close
the airport down. They'll shut it down, so it's all
clear, so it's all confidential,
confidential equipment. Before it's clear.
Obviously we don't want anything like that to happen, but,
those are things that everybody should be aware of; what are concerns are.
That doesn't mean we don't want them to come, because we do want them to use our airport for deployments,
and those type of things. And, we do support our armed forces.
We do whatever is best to help them train; to be the best
they can be when they, go over for support
wherever they're going next, Afghanistan, whatever. We will relay those things to them. Okay.
Wade, just one quick question. Where's our...
what's our liability issue with that type of stuff?
I'd like to talk to our insurance carrier about that. Okay. Because,
we're into an area that I have absolutely no experience with. Okay.
Good question, Don. I'll take that off line and get back to you.
It would certainly be good for them to know, that there's some closure there.
So, that may drive our bill up. No. Some of the questions
you know, what happens if a Cape Air had a similar instance
up there. I don't know, is the answer to that. But, we'll find out.
We've reached
agreement with Cargill, to assist a salt customer,
to bring in 4 to 6,000 short tons of treated road salt,
so it's a new product. It's a 2 year
agreement. About $31,000 revenue annually.
For storage; the stuff needs to be stored inside.
And all of it's going to be trucked up into Canada, so we'll have some
bridge revenue and it's all from that contract.
Last minute with Richardson Grain, which is
on other such matters, which was a new 3 year agreement.
We'll see vessel deliveries of, corn,
minimum 6,000 tons annually. Which translates into
about $48,000 annually in revenue.
And, additional shipments by truck. So, we'll probably see a vessel
this year, with about 4,000 short tons, with corn coming in for
distribution for Richardson Grain. So, there'll be
contracts. As Fred mentioned...
we reported on some wind turbine business that we developed,
at the AWEA Trade Show this year. That call has gone out.
As far as marketing at the port,
I'm sending out an email blast, to about 9,000 subscribers
to Feed and Grain Journal magazine. That's going out tomorrow.
To market some of our available space, although we are running out of space.
Especially with these 2 new contracts, as far as
bulk cargo space. Under industrial
development, I attended the Advanced Manufacturing Expo
with County IDA, a couple prospects were developed there.
I Attended the Marketing Meeting.
We also have the workshop, which is next Wednesday, that we'll be
attending, and participating in, and showing space, and talking with -
looks like about 30 different prospects from Canada will be coming
down on a bus for that.
The Mission and Vision Statement for the Marketing Committee was completed and adopted by
the Committee, it was on the Board's agenda tonight. Also, a proposal
for online advertising in the Montreal Gazette, that was approved by the
Committee, to move to the full board. We have a couple new tenants
in the industrial park. Sehco, and A-B Thermal Technology.
One's to try an office, the other has about
a thousand - twelve hundred square feet of space, to do with distribution of
product out of there. Sehco would like to manufacture
at some point in time, but he's just making small steps,
to see how the economy moves forward.
I met with a couple county businesses,
and they're considering additional space options.
I'm meeting with the existing tenants, and exploring
additional space options.
There's a variety of smaller items there,
and, quite a few different shows that are coming up
in October, that I'll be attending as well.
John, it seems to me, in this the port side
that you've got a lot going on,
that's really good.
We're going to have to move some salt, in and out?
To take care of the kernel salt? Is that what you've got to do?
The kernel salt's got to go indoors?
Steve's going to be moving some grain, I guess, out of one building into another,
and make space for the treated road salt.
What would the port look like in general? Are we full?
Our buildings are full? I can get, I can see...
just the bulk buildings will be pretty active.
We'll swipe some other ones near....like building 5,
and building 5 is going to be empty. All right, so we've still got space
for something coming in. I didn't want to say, John, you're "handcuffed", don't get any
more orders. That's not true. No, we're utilizing all
available storage space. We've got that pretty well, we're juggling space. Okay.
John, this is
a little different question for you. In the discussion we had
a little earlier today, while grants, and things that you
reached out for grants. Do you have,
is it fair to ask you, what grants and things that you,
prepared, in that length of time you've been here
and what ones are active, active and going on? Or,
which ones are potential to go? Do you have access to
that information with us? I could go through, and make up a list,
yeah. I think that would be good. Because, some of the things we're looking at, and saying,
what's going on, and where can we go next? And, in some of the committees we're talking about
you know, what things we need to do in the Marketing Committee, and these type of things,
so, that would then be very helpful. Okay.
All right? I would appreciate that. Thank you. Any other questions
of John? Okay, Steve,
things must be getting boring for you, now? (chuckles)
Mr. Chairman, sorry for the interruption, are we going to go through the,
report? Oh, I'm sorry. It doesn't really deviate much from
month to month, but on this there's a...
go through it. The port
itself, we're at 71% percent occupancy,
with the new contract with Hoosier Magnetics.
That's bumped up a little bit. Building 5 is our challenge, that's the
40,000 square foot unheated warehouse building, that we used to rent to
Potters Industries. 100% occupied
here at the Bridge Administration building. About 62% occupancy in the park.
We're seeing some inquiries, and developing some prospects, but,
not like it was 5 years ago. And,
certainly not, bigger ones that would take,
you know, an entire building and, create a whole bunch of jobs.
But we're working on it.
Well, all you've got to do is fill one of them. Yes.
You know, just one.
Anything else you want to cover there? Port allowance? Nice report down there,
Okay. Maybe we'll find that.
Okay, any other questions for John? Thanks, John, appreciate that.
Now we're ready for you, Steve. Okay, just a few things,
in the industrial park, we're doing some requested tenant space improvements.
Just really tuning up the space for a tenant over in
building 3, there, that aren't too costly.
Just, things that we can provide, to make their space a little more useful.
On the bridge, as Wade mentioned, we're just waiting
on National Grid for the power pole. And,
hopefully, in another 10 days to 2 weeks,
we can, depending on, like I said, with the power,
we're pretty well ready for that. And, looking
forward to that. The bridge maintenance crew is working diligently,
weather permitting. We've got some beam repairs, that
were noted in our inspection, and, they've gone
to town on those, and already knocked off 3 of them, which is
pretty admirable there. Over on the airport,
just to give you...we have a new
ARFF vehicle that's going to be manufactured. Just to give you an idea, we ordered the chassis
last week. And, they told us, expect a, it's a
300 day manufacturing process. So, it's going to be
10 months away on that. Won't be in a hurry
for that! (chuckles) It might be the length of time we
had for the Mack truck, which is, by the way, is parked outside.
Yeah. You're welcome to take a look at it.
Can we drive it? I've got the key. (laughter)
Around the parking lot, maybe. You got your car out there? No it's out back.
(chuckles) You wouldn't want to driving it, if the 'Vette's out there. Yeah, okay.
(chuckles) This month, we're looking for,
to submit our airport wildlife hazard plan. That's been a 2 year,
ongoing project, but, seeing that is part of their,
they were assigned to complete that, and hope to have that in by the end of the month.
And, along with that, staff attendant, they're required for a
refresher annual wildlife training. And, we've been putting a pretty good
emphasis on keeping the wildlife at bay, and it seems to have worked out
there, we're between, especially in the fall, with the geese,
and seagulls. So, we've been paying a lot more attention to that.
Over at the port, we've begun, just,
last week was really the first full week, there's some shipments out of the port,
for road salt, and I'll try to keep a monthly total,
just to let you know there. But, right now, we've shipped about 21 tons,
2100 tons of road salt, to local townships, and municipalities.
We are expecting delivery of
the Cargill salt. And, as John stated,
some of that will be the specialty salt, that's going to be stored in our building 2,
for the winter. How many ships are
having this year, Steve? How many ships have we had, total so far,
this year? We've had 11,
we had cruise ships too, and that's not in that count, but,
with, I think it's, yeah, with the windmill,
it's been 11. And the locomotive. And, we've got maybe 2 or 3 more coming in?
We have, Wade, probably 4? Yeah we've had more than
that, because we've also the oddball one, like the Fort Worth. Oh, yeah.
One of the things that we're talking about doing, is, we often wrestle with the same question, how many
ships have we had? One of the things that we want to do is on that back wall over there,
for each year, put the ship as it comes in, we'll take a picture up there,
so that way, you can see it. Because if we can have trouble keeping track
of it, obviously you have trouble keeping track of it. So, we'll get it up there,
and keep track of them all. The ones, are there, 3 or 4 days, seem to stick in my memory,
more than one that's, only there 5 or 4 hours.
I remember our conversations here in years past, we had,
you know, we give a report at the end of the year, and it's like, what? There's nothing coming in.
And all of the sudden, you start looking at, wait a minute, this port is alive!
This port is alive. Yeah. We've got 13, 14, 15, whatever,
and we had a military vessel here. So, all these type of things,
start to say, what we're trying to do, and what we're all about,
you know, due to the economy, what we can do here. I mean, those are
the types of things that, keep that tally. And, I think,
it obviously adds income too. So,
obviously we want it to continue, that's going to be very difficult next year, because obviously
we realize it's going to be very, there's not many turbine projects out there,
that, not to say that it may not happen, but,
you know, those are the type of things. I'll let you go on with your report.
And then, along those lines, I was going to mention,
we anticipate being pretty busy with, at least a minimum of
3 to 4 ships right off, and maybe as high as 5.
With salt ships. During this year. Yeah.
So, tally will really give itself. Yeah. So, I expect 1 from
one company, maybe 2 to 3 from one, and then,
2 to 3 from another. They kind of hold some of that
"close to the desk", it depends on how many can get their orders in. Sure. So, it's,
a little more than we expected, so that's a good thing.
Let's see...
oh, if you've been down there, you notice we brushed clear the Proctor Avenue
property with a brush hog, and then along that slope there,
where you turn in, we had some side slope clearing
that was done, and that really opened things up there. And,
with a pretty neat piece of equipment, that really did a good job down there.
On the Port Access Road,
the contractor came in and removed the temporary road. We probably ended up with,
somewhere about, 700 - 800
tons of stone, that,
some of that we're using for the foundation on the scale house there, at no cost.
We just piled that up there. We've got quite a pile down there.
And, they did the seeding and mulching, so, you know, we're going to keep an
eye on that, and make sure that growth of grass is
proper for those people, that those properties that we fixed up, we'll keep an eye on that.
And, I think the grading, I repeat, came out pretty good there.
What will we do on the side of the hill by the road?
Will we keep that maintained? Yeah. How we'll do it,
will be trial and error. Some of that's pretty steep. My guys tell me,
I know with that...some guys swear they can do 3/4 of that with
our diesel Jacobsen, because,
that's so wide, and it's 4 wheel drive, so it can hold the slope. That has a blade, where we could winch it? We could winch it up?
No, it's 4 wheel drive, so it'll hold the slope. What? Yeah.
4 wheel drive, you can, well, in construction, anything with 4 wheel drive will hold a slope.
What are there, long 4 slopes? One of them is.
No, I think it's one of three. I don't see that happening. But, you've got,
what you've got, though, you know that's the one with the, you can pull up the wings.
If anything, it might slide a little bit on wet grass, but if you pick the right
time, my guys think they can get part of if there, and if they can, that will be
that will be nice. But, to answer your question,
we anticipate, that's going to be, like Wade said,
(interrupts): Well, the grass is on it now, but like you were saying before, all the rocks and "riff raff"
underneath there, that all got removed? They went through, and they picked it
pretty clean, there. We mowed, on our own
forces there, we mowed the bamboo down, because if that get's out of hand,
and then once you get that bamboo there, the grass moves forward and takes over. But, you'll have to stay on top
of that, because that stuff gets right in the grass. We've got some other spots there, that need to be
addressed, But, we anticipate to keep that
area as best we can. You know, it's going to be our entrance into
the port. Now, are residents allowed to do any mowing, like they did in the past?
Only on their property as it stands now. We'll maintain that whole
upper area ourselves. So, they should not be on that property mowing anything, is that what you're saying?
We will maintain, we will begin maintaining,
let me back up a step. We sent them a letter, that said at the end of the construction project,
we will begin to maintain the property markers, we will start doing that. But,
right now, there's not much to mow. Well, what I'm,
what I'm saying is, what they've done in the past,
they mowed it down, like you and I would mow our lawns. And then all of the sudden we came in,
and our responsibility is to maintain that lawn, at the level
that we would maintain it. Not the level that they would maintain it. I'm just saying
when we've got 4 inches of, like rough in the golf course,
versus they want greens. First cut, and second cut. (chuckles) First cut, second cut!
But, I mean, I think it's a common understanding that, you know,
I'm not saying people are go in and say, I'm not happy with your 6 inches
of grass, or whatever we can maintain it at, the level that suits us?
Which is appropriate. And, they want to go in and mow it, so,
but you said, they have a...Yeah, there is a letter that went out, that said
we will maintain it to the property boundaries. Okay.
We do have some other things that we need to do to clean up
the, our relationship with, no pun intended,
with the relationship with the Ford Street residents.
One is a restaurant owner, and the other is a series of lease agreements, and,
one is a, 15 foot strip, by,
...40? 50?
Feet long, conveyance. Of a piece of property
in exchange for grading. So, we've got a few things that we do need to keep up. So, they can't mow
that lawn anymore. Not unless there's some kind of release, that...(interrupts):
It's already done. They've already been out there mowing it. They've been mowing it, even after
it's been seeded. Okay. I think this, kind of hit...(interrupts): Let them?
(continues): No, my thought was, once this road is done, and once we get the
contractor, and we know, we're going to meet with those people again,
after we come up with a solution of what we're going to do with the property
behind their homes. And, hopefully, this will
put it to bed, put it to rest for everybody. But, we
owe that meeting to 22 people, that's tied into that.
We haven't got there yet. The board's got to vote, but we're not there yet. We have to reach a conception of what they
really want to do with that property. And,
I think when it's all said and done, we're going to have to do that. [It will] probably be,
probably after January before we get there.
I mean, that's our plan. Yeah. But I think,
you know what I'm saying is, everybody knows what the rules we're playing by. To know how to use
the proper ways, and what they can do with the property, and what's acceptable, or not acceptable.
I mean, that's all. In answer to your question, no, nobody knows what
the rules are, because there are no rules, just yet. No, that's what I'm saying: "yet".
Right. (unintelligible)
But, there's some things that we've really got to, the board's got to
talk about, and head in that direction, and then, meet
with the people that are on Ford Street, which we promised them a meeting. And we'll do that.
But, we've got to know what we want to do. And, see if it's
acceptable to them. It may not be.
Some people might say, no. I'm happy the way it is right now. I can see,
and it's beautiful down there. As far as I'm concerned. Compared to what
it was. But, they're already mowing the lawn, Sam.
Okay. Steve, but it accessed, when we put the old road up,
and it was seeded,
that doesn't grow, who's responsibility is that part? Well, the upper part
would be part of the contractors, the landscaper they had. But,
the part that we did, the contractor that we hired,
would come back in the spring, or something, and re-do it.
If it doesn't. But, you know, I've had enough experience with that I think,
in my mind, you know, to buy a couple pounds, or extra pounds of
seed, and throw it on there, in the fall, definitely
it would work insurance for the springtime. But, they'd use a really
clean straw and everything like that. I anticipate it will come up fine. But,
we'll keep an eye on that. And it's important to me, that,
at least their property grows fine. When did they seed it? About a week ago.
Yeah, it was about Wednesday or Tuesday. 2 weeks from now, they'll be mowing it. You're right.
I know the contractor, If they put it down, he'll make it grow.
It's hot. It's hot stuff. I just watched that machine,
dig out a ton of stone, that just lay it on top there.
And, I'm saying, jeez! Is that a nice machine he has? Yeah. It's beautiful. I'm just saying,
you know, just so it wouldn't burn out, you know? Sometimes when you see where
contractors, their stone is, you don't put enough topsoil, it'll burn out. But,
we took that right down to original common
material. And then, we covered it with the material we had up on the upper level,
there, and actually, it's as good as any stuff.
And, there were a few bones in there, but, and we didn't pick enough, and I agree with you there,
there were some errants. We'll see what happens, some of it may burn out in June next year, and,
we'll just have to put some more topsoil on top of it. All right. Who's bones were they?
(laughter) Not that kind. (laughter)
Steve, I've got a question for you, and, I think I've
got questions for John, and you. I don't know how this has been an,
ongoing thing with me. You know, I see in here, where
you, in your report, and, the road salt,
for the towns.
When you come to these salt companies, and you deal with them, is there any consideration
in a price for the towns, if they can truck
their own salt? Because,
you know, towns right now, are slow maybe.
They're putting up their sand right now. They do, Fred, there is a
thing in each contract, it's up to them whether they deliver or pick up,
there's 2 or 3, I think it's Herman, Waddington,
and Dekalb, doing just what you're talking about. And, I think they get,
I don't know exactly what their deal is on a break, but, when there's a pick up price,
plus a delivery price, and some of those, it's exactly what you're talking about, right now,
if they come in and get what they need for the year...(Interrupts): So they are allowing
them to come in and we load them, and weigh them in there? (Continues) Yes. And, they get the, pick up at the
port price, and I can't tell you what that is. That's good. But, I think that's good,
because, for a long time there,
for instance, Alexandria Bay, you know, 10 years ago,
wanted to haul their own salt. Because they wanted to come in and get it, and get it done.
They knew how many tons they were going to need. To me, that's an advantage.
To the salt company. Rather than sit there, and wait,
when they say, listen, I want 50 tons, they going to come in and get it, they do.
So, that's, okay. I know, I can say, that it's Herman, and,
Wadddington, you'll see them...(interrupts): Well, you've answered my question.
They do have a rate for them, and, hopefully it's a
reasonable rate. Yeah. But, I have nothing to do with that.
Just to clarify in point, for the benefit of the public, and the press. This is the
contract, the contract that's being discussed here, is the contract between the townships
and the salt company. Not the townships and we here.
End point in discussion. There you go, we have nothing to do with that.
And, just one other item to update you on,
the present Marble River project. It's
approximately, well, after today, 25 components left. And,
that would be 50 blades, and,
10 tower sections remain. They're taking approximately
5 sections a day. So, I imagine by the end of next week, they'll be
pretty much out of there. And, then the only thing remaining is,
we'll be shipping back 75 of the housing covers from the
drivetrains, we'll be shipping them out, or loading ship,
...(interrupts): We'll ship them then, there you go. (Continues): We'll load approximately, I think it's 15 to 19
containers of attachable accessories that
they just loaded in there, and they'll all go back, I believe they'll go back to Europe.
And, John tells me that,
they've, at least got the shipping company there, but no date on that, we
kind of anticipate...what did they say, I think the first week of November, probably.
Where do these ships have their fuel? Where do they buy their fuel?
They buy bunkers in Montreal.
There are certain places that are just set up for it, they get large amounts.
So, would our price be lower than Montreal, if we had fuel here?
More likely? I can't, we don't
buy in that, I can't say. We couldn't compete on the volume. No, I'm not saying that, I'm just
saying that, if we have work, and we have other things,
50,000, 100,000 gallons, or whatever it is, I know
it's a huge amount. Yeah, I'm not sure
about that, I just assume volume wise. That being said though, one of the
cruise ships took on some fuel from one of the local suppliers. Yeah, they want to deal with,
either Chemex, or Kuno. Oh, they brought over
a tanker? Yeah, but because we don't have, permanent
controls on fueling, there is a certain rigid standard that
they offer. But, it's not too difficult with the cruise ship, because it's
smaller cargo. Yeah. The barges here in the wind project,
we did fuel those. That's right. Yes.
On that, I'm done. You did well.
(cross talk, laughter, unintelligible) You never know where the questions are going to go,
do you? (laughter) Did you see anywhere it said anything about grass and everything!
Steve, when are they going to pour for the footers?
I think, probably, well, we've got, Monday is a holiday, so,
if we go with that, I want to say, weather depending,
Tuesday, Wednesday of next week. But,
just, we're okay on that. We've got everything, we're just going to, right now,
we're going to excavate for foundation, get the stone in. The rebar came today.
And, the mesh with that, and then we'll
probably do forms the end of the week, and be ready to go there. And, then probably,
about 3 weeks away, let the concrete cure. To put that weight on there.
Just to be safe, with that.
Are we doing an elastic slab on that? Yes. That would be good,
that's good, that's great. Okay,
thanks for those reports. We have committee reports,
where the Marketing Committee met, I don't see any, Doug, do you want to...(interrupts): No, we just finally met,
and we have a couple items that are on their agenda for more consideration. Yes.
I think for the public knowledge, it's a new committee, and,
part of our growth of looking at different ways on how to do business, and
make business. I think that we need to know, committees are working behind
the scenes, doing that. If you want to add the Personnel Committee, Fred?
No, I think that the items have all been in front of the Personnel Committee, and,
we're moving to the full board, the issues that we've got to address tonight.
Okay, very good.
Wade, do we have any unfinished business, or does anybody have...[questions]?
Mr. Lamacchia, the Finance Committee did look at the reports we were given, and
everything's fine. Okay. Thanks, Steve.
I've got no unfinished business, Mr. Chairman. Okay.
Do we have any events and activity? We talked about a meeting on
October...10th. October 10th.
What time is that going to be out of here? From 10 A.M until 1 P.M. up in Saranac Lake. What time are we out of here?
7:30, Wade? Yeah. What?
It's going to be 2 hours to get up there. It will be a ways. Oh, we're not flying?
(laughter) You could. You actually
could go, no, I don't think Saranac Lake goes into Albany.
No, Saranac Lake goes to Boston. Just to Boston, yeah. But, we could go to Boston.
And fly back. And then, fly back to Albany.
That would be an interesting mix. No, no, fly back to Saranac. Something like that.
Yeah. Get an overnighter. Well, $400 that you're paying first. (laughter)
Well, anyway, what was the other one we had?
It's events and activities I just wanted to mention, we've got the,
upcoming Board Meeting, scheduled for November 7th. Okay.
Wednesday, December 5th, that would be the date for the
budget workshop. We would like to see about moving that to, a new
start for the meeting...(interrupts): When is that? (continues): with a meeting immediately
following. December 5th. It's the next regularly scheduled
date. Oh, December. Is everybody going to be around?
Yeah. Steve, I know, you and I talked,
about [the] November 7th meeting? I'll be out of town from the 6th to the 10th.
6th to the 10th. It's the 5th.
In December? No, I'm talking about [the] November meeting.
Would that throw anybody,
that would help you, wouldn't it, Steve? If it was a Monday? If it was the 5th, yes.
What does that mean to you, I didn't, those are hard for you, aren't they?
Yeah, I have a meeting in Canton on that day.
Which one do you cancel? (laughter) Well, let me ask the question,
would it be possible to do a 3 o'clock start? On the,
November 5th?
All right. It will start earlier, is that what that would be? Yeah, that would
make...it's a time for it. I think that's not a problem. If we could do that, I think I could fix all the
issues. That's first? Works for me. All right, so whenever the committee meetings would meet, we'll just meet before that.
So it is. Which one was the 8th?
Steve will be gone. It's election day.
Election day? No, the 6th will be election day. Oh, the 6th.
It would be, yeah. You can, go vote on the 8th! (laughter)
It would be bad if we just voted on the 8th. (laughter)
Republicans vote on the 8th. (chuckles) November 5th. November 5th,
so, November 5th, 3 P.M. regular Board Meeting, okay.
Okay. So, we've got to change the,
Cape Air thing. Yes. So, we're looking at a
3 P.M. start. So, what are we doing on that Cape Air coming in?
1 o'clock? I would rather see that,
I'll have to confirm with them. I know they could make, November 7th, at,
4 o'clock. But, I'll have to confirm. If not, this is
not a time-sensitive presentation. So, they could also catch up
with us, it would have to be December or January. And, it is, a very important meeting with them.
Because of the legal thing. Well, we're also going to see them,
the same folks, we'll see on October 10th, down in Saranac Lake, as well.
I don't know how much you want to discuss, maybe we can grab a few minutes with them down there, I don't know.
Yeah. Well, what about if we met with them at 4 o'clock, and,
Fred, you just need to give your report on the 3rd? Would that be enough?
Oh, yeah. If you go first, in that time frame, or 4, 4:30?
What time do you have to be in Canton? Our meetings start at 7. I have
a meeting before that, at 6. So, I'd be in Canton
then. You've got to be out of here at 5:30, then. Yeah, 5:30. I've got you down,
5:30, Fred. Keep you here until then.
(chuckles) Okay.
You will do it, I know you will. (chuckles) I never want to be without my
"money man"! (laughter) So, if he doesn't come, we can't start! (laughter)
We'll do Cape Air, and we'll see. When you do something with Cape Air, on the 5th,
I think we should do it early. That was on some of
the issues that we're going to discuss with them. I'll see what I can do, in terms of
coordinating schedules.
The Personnel, Facilities, I think we've had those committees, there is no problem.
You know? Okay, business items?
Wade? Yeah, a couple items on the agenda for tonight. The first one,
is a thick one, it stretches from page 5, all the way over
to page 15 in your packet. This is the
annual review of the procurement contract guidelines.
The same as last year, right? It's the same as we do every year, we tweak it, and we make some changes.
This year, there are no recommended changes. I make a motion to approve it.
On the, MBE and the WMBE,
is there anything there that's, we're pressured to do anything different,
on those policy procedures? We have a separate
MWBE policy, that, MWBE policy, that, each time that we send out
RFP or RFQ, it has an intern appendix associated with it.
And, this procurement policy
ties in with our MWBE policy. Then they're
2 separate things, but they're together. Okay, that was the question I had.
Okay. Any further questions? I need a motion?
We already made it and second. No, no, I just,
oh that's right, you did, I’m sorry. All those in favor signify by saying aye? Aye.
Okay. I was thinking the questions right along.
Over on page 16, agenda item A2, this is approval and adoption,
the Marketing Committee Vision Statement. The statement itself, you can see on page
17. I felt it was appropriate to bring this before the board,
for approval.
Doug, this has, been approved, right? Yes it has.
I make a motion to approve, Mr. Chairman. I'll second.
Ramona second. Any comments you want to make, Doug?
No. John's done a good job in developing this, and,
we're ready to move forward with it.
Okay. All those in favor, signify by
saying aye? Aye.