The XBOSS Files: Episode 1 (with Eng subtitles)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 15.11.2012

Hello my friends!
Iíve just came up to the house of
Alexander XBOCT Dashkevich and Iím going
to visit him today quite unexpectedly.
Iím in his entrance which is no better that in Markeloffís house.
With a green wallís of the mental hospital
Hey, Iím on the 8th floor where Sasha XBOCT lives
So Iíll try to force his apartment.
Hello, Sasha!
Hello, Polina!
All my life Iíve been waiting for you
Oh, thanks! Iím so pleased with your words!
Take the cam please; Iíll take off my shoes
Iíll film you doing that
You can take these house slippers
Oh, thatís my size!
At last weíre at your good and evil dwelling place
Show us your apartment,
The most interesting things and tell us about your life
Well, nearly 2 months ago I took this apartment on lease
I thought it will last for 2 months
It turned out to last longer and
I think Iíll be living here for 3 months more
Well, I donít know what to start from
Maybe this room, where I play and sleep as well
I donít use it like a bedroom
You do everything here.
This is my sofa which is already broken
Why is it broken?
I donít know
Listen, it smells like sex was here
Our audience isnít ready for that
Youíre listening to the music here
No, this is a stuff I donít use at all
I use only PC here
I made it offhand after I had it brought here
Since that time I havenít changed here anything
I left it in this way as I have to use my devices every time
Oh, you have such a cute thing here!
He was broken a little bit
He doesnít have a hand
Itís right here
I donít know whoís done that to him and when
I think it happened when you broke your bed
Youíve got some sweets; it means you have a sweet tooth
To tell the truth I cleaned up here slightly
You were waiting for me
Iíve got lots of food at home
Oh, you shouldnít do that!
Tel us about your gaming and working
How many hours do you spend at your working place?
A lot.
It can be in different ways
For example recently I was in Yalta
I havenít played there at all
3 days ago I came home and all this time
Iím playing almost without breaks
As for today, Iím going somewhere tonight
2 previous days I was playing here all the time
I know that you were invited to Novyy TV channel today
To the morning program ìPidyomî
Tell us about it, what did you see there?
It was rather interesting there
This is the most interesting TV program I participated at
My TV experience is not so big
In general I liked it
the guys are lively and active
They came to me at once,
we had a small conversation
During the footage they asked me usual questions, like
What, where and when?
Where were we, what prizes do we have
They congratulated us,
asked about our parentsí attitude to what we do
Whether we have girlfriends, kids etc.
Do you think itís your first step in e-Sports popularization?
If I could consider this as my first step, Iíd think itís too tiny
Sasha, youíre taking this apartment
for a rent and youíll have your own soon, yeah?
Yes, there is renovation there, so now Iím here
Tell me please where have you got the money
for the apartment in our days?
Itís not a secret I think
So everythingís from here
Dota 2 players earn good money as I can see
Some of them yes
Youíre so modest!
If we hadnít won the million, I
wouldnít have the apartment
Maybe I would have an apartment but
it wouldnít be like that I have now
So that million helped you a lot, right?
Iíd say it played a great role
Tell me please about the Dota 2 playersí salary,
Because CS players are likely to earn more
Or you can deny it?
Not now
We donít feel bad about our salary
Itís enough for us
I donít know how much CS players earn
Maybe on the same level but I donít think more
Do you have any interests except gaming?
Well, which pastime?
Iím a vagabond
I enjoy myself, try to live fast and play Dota 2
Nothing special for now
Autumn and winter will come soon
In this time I wonít be able to be on the loose so much
So I think to take up
For example?
At least to take care of myself
At least yourself?
Youíll work out
If I can say so
Your last championship was the International
which wasnít absolutely successful for you
I mean in official terms
As for us, youíll always be our winners
Tell us the reason of it?
Maybe you relaxed too much?
Maybe you should be to put in a row
near the wall for shooting
Like poor Chinese
And say ìvictory or nothing?î
No, maybe we burned out before the final
Itís understandable that everybody has his own excuses and so on
As for me I went to bed after my first games and I woke up
Just before the final games
I know that it doesnít mean anything
We picked the wrong heroes,
Not those ones we wanted to play with
There were some unclear strategies and we were afraid
to make any experiments
Usually when we have such situations
we take anything and play successfully
But not this time
All those prepared strategies we didnít use
We played other heroes
Were you afraid?
Not afraid but as you can see we came to the winner final,
The Grand Final though nobody expected that from us
We won all the games with deniable picks in the last moments
As for the final, our opponents were good and we were not
Youíre one of few players who lives in Kiev
Nobody lives here
Only Starix and I
Are you from Kiev?
No, Iím from Yalta
I came here more than 5 years ago for studying
and then everything happened
Oh, God! Yalta ñ itís the paradise, resort, why have you left it?
Would you like to study there?
I didnít think everything would happen like it happened
I thought I would work in office for 10 hours per day
Then you were noticed and you earned the million
Yeah, I can say so
Do you think youíre lucky?
Iím not so lucky but sometimes it happens
Which topics are your favorite
to talk about and which not?
Do you have any topics you fed up with and
you want to tell your fans
ìif someone will ask me this question once again, Iíll (Censored)î
I think all the topics we discuss now are such ones
Many people ask about that
I understand that this is the interview and
I have to answer these questions
As they are rather interesting for me
When 10 thousand people ask me the same questions
It makes me think to write all the answers on my wall in the internet
I know itís interesting for people but sometimes
It deals with really stupid things which I canít really comment
Maybe some children ask these questions, I donít know
Does it irritate you and your teammates and
you stop communicating with your fans?
I think itís a false statement
Iím always communicating with pleasure
if thereís any interesting topic to discuss
If there are some emotions, Iím not so interested in it
I donít feel like a celebrity or a star
Even in Dota, itís silly to be like that
I remain the same as I was before
Do you have any ìidolî in your game?
Whose level you want to attain to and
Who do you want to look like?
Weíre talking about the game now?
I think thereëre no such people now
Earlier I communicated well with Puppey
Who taught me lots of things,
Dendi and Azen who used to play some time ago
He plays even now and lives in Israel
Heís Russian
I learned a lot from him and the rest Iíve done by myself.
Letís drink some coffee.
You shouldnít think in advance what you will do with your money