Folge 4152 Teil 2 .... Rebecca + Marlene

Uploaded by Mittag1234 on 27.09.2012

I wish I had the courage to admit this to myself sooner.
I'm scared I can't make up for it.
Don't say that.
I lied to myself for so long.
And to you
...and Tristan as well.
I knew it.
It's not what you think it is.
This is getting better and better.
Marlene was just being honest.
Well, then...
...everything's settled, isn't it?
Tristan, please...
I just want to know one thing...
Did you ever love me at all?
Yes, I did love you, but...
...just not enough.
What both of you did today...
You'll regret it. I'll see to that.
Thanks for taking care of my brother...
...but I think we can deal on our own now.
Should I call you a cab?
Thanks, I'd rather wait for Tristan.
I imagine my brother would rather spend the evening with his family.
Then he can tell me himself in a second.
Maybe he's too polite.
So? Come on, we'll go next door.
Thanks, I don't want to talk.
If you want to do me a favor, keep the family off my back.
I just want to be alone, okay?
He really should't be on his own now.
I'll go to him.
Who are you? You didn't introduce yourself to me.
Don't worry, I'm not part of the family.
I can't bear looks of pity.
I understand.
Should I drive you anywhere else?
What for?
I'm exactly where I'm meant to be.
I'm supposed to celebrate!
Everything's set up, so...
Come on, let's do the most epic wedding party the world has ever seen.
And since my bride is indisposed, may I?
Ok, fine, but not to that.
Better, isn't it?
What's going on there?
Tristan is back
and this woman who drove him back from church.
What are they doing in there?
It really couldn't have been worse.
He's hurt.
That's comprehensible.
But he also thinks I intentionally lied from the start.
I really have to talk to him.
That's why I came.
Do you want...
Do you want me to talk to him?
No, I don't think that's a good idea.
I'd love to just hole up with you in here.
We'll get through this together.
But... at first let me take care of the mess I caused.
That's okay.
I won't run away.
It'll take a while.
But I'll come back.
And until then...
...just take this.
I love you, too.
Well, I suppose this is our song now.
The hymn of the betrayed.
I don't believe Olli is your brother.
First, you look better than him. Second...
...he only listens to this primly produced house crap.
If he is, we surely grew up differently.
You still look better.
Private function!
It's me.
Can we talk?
Please, I really...
...want to try to explain everything.
You know, I actually wanted to do that yesterday night, but...
I couldn't.
I know how much I've hurt you.
But if I had said yes in the church today
I would have only made everything worse.
Get you gone!
That's what you're good at.
Get lost!
Time to cut the cake, isn't it?
Maybe not.
Why not? The bride isn't coming.
Would you like a piece of cake?
Yes, I'd like one.
Then help yourself.
This exceptionally memorable day.
To the fact that life always goes on somehow.
What do you mean - One day we'll laugh about it?
I didn't mean that.
At least I learned one more thing
At the end of the day you're alone in this shitty world.
I know what you mean.
You ask yourself how this...
damn earth can keep turning.
Nothing makes sense anymore, and...
All you feel is tremendous pain.
And eventually, the sun shines again
and the birds are chirping...
The pain gets duller and...
becomes a part of you, but...
It will never fade completely.
It's true. I know that.
Did you once love someone?
Someone who made you think...
they were the one you belonged to?
You can't just search for someone like that.
They find you, and...
Suddenly, everything makes sense.
It just feels whole.
Suddenly, everything seems somehow possible,
everything is yours to have
And nothing can stop you.
It's the most beautiful feeling that exists.
Then it must shock you all the more
that Marlene backpedaled out of nowhere.
There were...
There were enough signs
I just ignored them, because I didn't want them to be true.