Uploaded by XantheMatychak on 03.05.2011

so i'm one of those designers who have decided to teach design thinking at business
and not because I want there to be more i pods in the world but i want to promote
the triple bottom-line or quadruple bottom-line way of working on uh design problems new businesses
over the past couple years i've become really interested and involved with the local food economy
and so my new project for the coming
year in the fall
is to work with this wiki of fifty essential tools that are
can be used by anyone who wants to farm
in the united states, in a developing economy
about ten of the tools in this wiki have been uh... built and tested so uh... my class
throughout the year I'm at a school that teaches a quarter systems like three sections
and we are going to at build and test a tool each quarter but also
examine the economic
uh... meaning the cultural meaning of introducing
these open source tools
to a local food economy what does it mean for farmers when they no longer have to go
to sears to buy the john deere stuff when they can instead maybe work with a local tinkerer
who runs a business out of their garage to get access to the tools that they need
so that's why i'm planning on exploring this coming year
and i'm really excited about it and uh... your input actually would be
fantastic for me to get
uh... but i'm not allowed to tell you my name so we'll figure that out eventually
cheers thanks for listening