National Theatre of the Deaf, featured on CT FOX 61

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Now onto the local beat. And Elmo Cookie and Ernie greet some visitors.
Recently three deaf and one hearing actor visited the set of Sesame Street to tape several
segments for the current season. The National Theatre for the Deaf was founded in Connecticut
in the sixties and it's mission is to educate and entertain.
Can you guess what the sign language word of the day is?
For these four actors, being on Sesame Street was truly a mind blowing experience.
Since I was a little kid I used to watch TV and watch Sesame Street and then all of a
sudden I'm on the show.
I could have stayed all day if they wanted me to stay.
I was very nervous, but if you see me you may not be able to tell i'm very nervous.
Ian Sandborn is a professional actor with the National Theatre of the Deaf, based in
West Hartford.
Can you guess what it means? We'll give you a hint.
He and three others taped four segments for the classic kids show and suffice it to say
they made some lasting friends.
We got to see the big yellow bird.
I really had a good chat with Elmo.
But their day on Sesame Street wasn't all fun and games.
That's right, dancing! [music]
The actors hope their skits really make an impact by exposing millions of children to
deaf people, and sign language.
Especially with Sesame Streeet, with the children, they have those fresh minds, they pick up
things fast. They develop an interest in learning and finding out about the community.
The actors are on Sesame Street this month, May 4th, May 5th, the 19th and the 20th.
Really nice group of people. Ian said that this experience really made him think about
his future wanting to be on television wanting to be within children's programming again,
so very nice.
Oh yea, between nine and ten am. Popular channel.