Ihmebantu - Taksikuskit uimassa (Taxi drivers swimming) *English captions*

Uploaded by Mokkelson on 23.10.2009

Practical results from a work spirit campaign provided by the Institute of Occupational Health are seen at Heseva's rehabilitation center.
The Finnish Taxi Union and the Service Occupation Union are offering recreation to their taxi drivers, whom are exhausted from their mind weighting jobs.
Taxi drivers profession is burdensome nowadays - there are feelings of unsafety, agression and concrete loneliness. As we know, those long shifts among the people can be lonely.
We are introducing them a new element, warm water, which is hopefully bringing feelings of safety and energeticalness to their day-to-day working.
The weekly driver bathe, which started as an experimental program, has now made its way to a regular recreation habit.
New client at the pole!
Almost everyone of them have lost all of their earlier agressions.
They need hugs - in this treatment the water is cuddling them. -Leather seats in a car can't substitute the touch of another persons skin. I wish they could lose those jackets though. -And the chewing gums from their mouths.
*a finnish christmas carol playing*
Here we have real contacts between people, there is no competition for the clients. A driver is now able to confront another driver as a real person.