We Can Be Heroes: Ja'mie King Ep. 1 (HQ)

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New South Whales nominee, Ja'mie King, lives on Sydney's north shore
and attends Hillford Girls Grammar
That's just like so shopping center, it's like...
Umm, my full name is Ja'mie Louis King
I'm 16 years old, I'm an Aries
The boys think she's really hot!
I have a few admirers, yes.
Yea one by the name of Aaron!
Shut up!
I'm so not talking about that... anyway
I'm sports captain this year.
I was captain last year. I've got swimming, net ball, hockey colors.
Umm, i just finished in the school play,
I was Maria in the "West Side Story"
Girls: Really good, it was really good
Thank you. I was a finalist for Dolly cover girl of the year.
Going for school captain next year, probably going to get it.
Got ducks last year, probably getting ducks this year. Seriously i'll probably still get it.
Girl: She's basically good at everything.
...debating, DV, umm, I'm so not good at everything!
Girl: You are!
Say it-i'm not good at everything!
Girls: You are and you know it!
I'm not, I'm sure i'd be like third, which is like, 'oh my god' for me.
"Australians all let us rejoice For we are young and free"
I don't know why, but I'm just like really good at a lot of things.
Should Hillford girls wear makeup? I would like to sum up for the affirmative.
Do you know what i mean? It's like really weird.
Oh my god, oh my god! Seriously
The only girls who don't look hot are fugly lesbians.
Some girls in my year get like totally jealous and stuff, and I think it's probably because I'm hot as well.
Girl: Hey Ja'mie!
Hi! It must be really hard for them.
But like, it's not exactly my fault, you know what i mean? It's like I can't help it.
I didn't ask to be born hot, it's just like.
Jamie is a very special student here at Hillford.
I think that everybody in this school community would say that we're so proud of her.
Proud of her achievements
She's a really compassionate girl. Her work with Global Vision is a testament to that.
She is a really extraordinary person
and I feel that's why I had to nominate Jamie as Australian of the Year
Umm, I'm nominated because i sponsor 85 starving children.
Umm, they are all from the same villiage.
And i provide them with water and rice and grain and stuff.
Umm, and I've got the national record.
I don't really know their names cus they have like really weird names so I can't actually pronounce them that well.
But like i call that one Smiley because it's got the whitest teeth.
Umm, there's Brown eye, Brown eye cus it's got the brown eyes.
Oh there's this one, I call this guy Usher cus he looks heaps like Usher.
He's so hot. I think these two are related
or it could be the same guy. Sometime i like sing to them.
In their language
Like i don't actually know their language, but i just make up-"Gala baga gala baga"
Just make up words, "Ga ga gala *click*click*
There's Denzel Washington... umm...
Aww there's Eddie Murphy. That guy totally looks like Eddie Murphy.
You know the donkey guy from Shrek
I think they sort of trying to pawn that off as a kid, but it's like SO a 40 year old.
Yep, but I just keep that over there.
And these ones down here are my top 12 at the moment.
It's like kind of like Australian Idol
like each week I take one of them away.
So one of them goes down. This is like a fresh batch.
It's really cool because I can like lie in bed and just get up in the morning
and there's all these like friendly faces looking at me and I think:
"Like, if it wasn't for me, you guys would be totally dead."
What I do is, I do the 40 hour famine everyweek
so like i go around the school and I collect sponsor money.
And i send it off to Global Vision.
Thanks guys! You're saving lives.
They write me these gorgeous letters.
Like all the time like, I'll get so many. Like this one,
It's so cool, like "I love you, I love you Ja'mie"
Love Alect. You know like
like, it's a crap drawing, but you know, it's not really the point.
I've got like a checklist so I give them like 3 months.
If they forget to write to me for 3 months then I usually forfeit their sponsorship payments.
It's really weird, cus people always go to me and are like:
"oh my god Ja'mie you are like so dedicated, how on Earth can you do this?"
But it's like, it's really good for me because it's like as well as doing someting good for the Africans.
Umm, two days a week without food keeps me looking really hot.
Do you know what I mean?