White Eyes - 4 of 8 (Japanese Horror with English Captions)

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(They headed straight for the place where Shirome is said to live.)
Ok, everyone.
You will have to cover your eyes from now on.
We can't see the place until we get there?
That's right.
We don’t have to do that.
Ok, put them on now, please.
I don't like being in the dark.
Akari, give me your hand.
You will use those until we are in front of the ruins.
Be careful going down here.
It's on step down, then it's just ground.
Keep on walking like that slowly afterwards. -How many steps from here?
My breathing. Is...
You are now standing in front of the ruins.
We will do this by saying ready and...
...when I say that you will take the cover from your eyes at the same time.
I'm really scared!
Alright, ready and...
Take them off!
Oh, no!
What is this?
No way I'm doing it!
A school??
Yes, a school.
No way I'm going in! No way! Let's go home!
No way! No, no way! No way!
There's a scary thing in that school, you know? I've seen it.
Ok, so this is the place...
...where in 4 years...
...6 people...
I know nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
6 people died here.
I don't want to go, I don't want to go, I don't want to go.
The 6 of us will be strong...
...and go together...
...to find Shirome...
...and ask to be in the Red and White show.
We'll give our best.
I, uh... Eh... Really, I...
I just want to go home right now but...
...I'll be strong so that we can appear in that show.
I'm going in with everyone...
...thinking of nothing but of appearing in the Red and White show.
I don't...
I don’t like this but...
...the idea of appearing in the show is stronger, so...
...I think I'm going in.
Oh, no.
I just want to do this quickly and get back here.
I'll give my best.
I'll do my best, hoping I don't become possessed.
I'll come back to appear in the Red and White Song Battle.
Now I would like to call some people that will be helping us.
They are psychics Soyuko and Kenjiro Kamishima.
If you please.
(2 psychics are added to the group.)
Pleased to meet you.
The psychics will talk to us now.
My name is Soyuko.
Indeed, I can sense something frightening from that end.
I can feel some spiritual energy there.
My name is Kenjiro Kamishima and I am an exorcist.
This is a very scary place.
I know because I can sense the supernatural.
Please, look at that pine tree.
You can see that half of it is withered.
This is done through some form of curse.
Oh, it's true!
Why, why, why? Oh, no! Why, why?
So, please stay close to each other as we go inside.
(First, an exorcism ritual will take place behind the school.)
Look there.
Are those desks?
Gather here.
From this moment...
...we will go into the cleansing ritual.
You can open your eyes now.
Ok, here is the order in which we will go inside.
Momoiro Clover will go in first.
The psychics will follow you.
Then the rest of the staff will go in.
Then, we also have a special guest now.
Please, wait right here.
Don't worry. It's alright.
No, no, no! I don't wanna look!
Come, everyone.
Come forward.
Come, it's alright.
No, we really shouldn't go!
One more time.
-Our guest will tell us... -Who is this person?
We weren't told about him.
He was going to be a surprise guest, so that's why didn’t tell you anything...
There is something surrounding him which is similar to that which I felt from this place.
I don't like what I sense in him.
I think you should not allow him to go on.
This person did not receive the cleansing ritual.
I don’t know if what he does in this program is intended as a hook for audiences but...
...it won't be good at all.
It's not like it's intended as a hook.
We simply had Yoshida-san gather some info and...
This person is prone to possession.
There are people that are prone to such things, but as for this person, right before him there is...
...and you'll have to excuse me for saying this...
...an exceedingly high chance of possession.
You should have him go from these premises at once.
If it's okay, we want to stick to the program so let's listen to Yoshida-san speak.
After he finishes...
Can't you have him talk after he leaves this place?
I'm sorry, no.
If you'll excuse me, I'll have him do his part.
My name is Kyojin Yoshida and I'm a ghost storyteller.
The place where the story took place, the story I told you about Midori and Aki, the 2 students...
...who committed suicide...
...is actually inside these ruins...
...in one of the classrooms.
As for which classroom it was...
...today I...
...I was actually able to...
...talk to Midori's cousin about it.
I taped the conversation and brought it here with me.
It think it has some valuable information for everyone.
Take a look.
(He says he has a taped interview...
...with the cousin of Midori, the girl who committed suicide.)
Just be warned that...
...the footage may be a little disturbing.
I'm sorry.
Pleased to meet you.
Can you tell us your relation to Midori, the girl who committed suicide?
Midori was my cousin.
She was the daughter of my mom's younger brother.
Ever since elementary school she had a good friend she was always with.
Don't do that!
I didn't do anything.
A little while before she passed away...
...she was at the wedding ceremony of a relative.