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A party!... A party!
A party...
The Director said to remember to take your medicine.
Thank you.
Wait a minute!
What a nice piece.
Where did you learn it?
Prior study.
Before the other possibility.
What do you mean?
For days and centuries, unfinished similarities.
I don't understand what you're saying.
I'm quite lost.
Continued returns of perspectives.
The return of Euclid's parallelism.
I'd really love to know what you're talking about,
but I'm not clever enough.
Are you telling me your secret?
Your life story, right?
If someone helps me, then maybe we can rewrite everything.
I'll help you, but how?
- Let's go to the party. - No.
- Please? - No.
In a room at the asylum I study the men and I love them.
Here, I wait; glory is dead. - Mario Tobino
Down The Ancient Stairs
They're cooked with bay leaves and juniper.
Thank you Tonio, I'm sure they're delicious but I don't want any.
Our Tonio isn't just a connoisseur of food,
but also an expert in politics.
So what can you tell us about the current situation?
It's dramatic. That's what I told the King when I spoke to him.
We can't have a war here, your Majesty.
based on the novel by Mario Tobino
- Nice, isn't it? - Yes, yes.
- You'll see. - Good, good.
I'm going to get ready.
May I have this dance?
I'd love to, but I have to go now.
Why don't you ask one of the pretty ladies over there?
I was used to something far different.
No one's to blame here. It was fate.
An accident.
We are all in the Lord's hands.
Tell him enough is enough.
- Excuse me. - Oh, sorry!
Make way, make way.
Coming through.
Here we are!
- Oh, how marvellous! - Dinner is served.
- You kept us waiting. - The house speciality:
Roast gamebirds, grandmother's style. See how exquisite it looks.
Try it and see. We have boneless beccafico...
vegetable-stuffed lark... or peacock thrush... fattened quails.
A nice plover, or a teal. My dear Director, what would you like?
How about a nicely browned red partridge thigh?
- Partridge, of course. - Bravo! A wise choice.
The partridge is the queen of wild birds.
Or would you like a nice piece of turkey with juniper?
Come on, quickly, quickly.
Look, how wonderful, the fork goes straight in.
The skin is cooked just right, it cuts without a knife.
For our Director's Signora.
Is that all right Signora Francesca?
Yes, perfect.
Thank you.
And what can I serve you, Signora Carla?
Me? I'll just have a teal.
Signora Carla, my cuisine is very healthy.
Try the chicken en croute as well.
- No, it's impossible. - It's the truth! - Is it true they brought a Federale?
Ah yes. A Federale, flesh and blood.
- Oh, what province is he from? - Far, far away, thankfully.
He denies it furiously, he maintains that il Duce doesn't exist.
He couldn't imagine anything worse.
Shall we dance, signor Federale?
What are we waiting for? Why not just tell the truth?
The world doesn't exist.
It never has existed. How can il Duce be real?
Are you really sure? Well then not even I am here.
How can I put this? It's all meaningless.
- There's nothing. - This is all nonsense.
- You've lived your lives together... - It's like it happened to me.
Like what happened?
The show's starting.
Ladies and gentlemen, now there will be a show.
A show which will serve to pay for our medicine,
and now, Bianca and Mario will perform for us.
- The act he did before he came here. - Oh, really?
You've thought of everything, Bonaccorsi.
But... it's there...
Outside, do they even know that poets exist?
Didn't they sing well?
Wake up, get on your feet.
Biagioni! Yes, you, signora. Wake up, dummies!
(she sings a nursery rhyme in dialect)
Hello, how are you doing?
They told me that you were in a good moment.
Yes, yes, I feel a lot better.
I've started writing again.
I wrote all day yesterday and this morning.
- Poetry? - No, unfortunately not.
I don't write poetry any more. Those days are gone.
Now, I've started writing a historical romance.
The story of the battle of Waterloo.
And how is it coming along?
Very well. Very well.
But I wanted the ending to be different.
I wanted Napoleon to win.
- It seems more interesting that way. - True.
And I wanted to ask you something.
- Don't you also write poetry? - Not any more.
I used to...
But now my poet's words... have flown off with the birds.
You see, I've seen and studied a lot of sick people,
but I still know very little about you.
In a way, I'm more fortunate than you.
Yes, you know a lot more than me.
Oh, yes. For example, what is madness to you?
What do you think?
Madness... I don't know... The worst part...
is the waiting. And we can't do a thing.
We must stay calm and wait.
Like stones.
You've never mentioned that hallucination.
I don't mention it today because I'm fine.
Tomorrow I'll be unwell again. Especially if it's windy.
And tomorrow it will be.
And I won't remember a single thing.
You might remember what I've told you.
I'll remember it.
- Are you happy with what I told you? - Yes.
- Was it what you wanted to know? - No.
That won't help.
Ok. Enough... stop it!
Out! Out!
Listen whore, I want to eat! Whore!
Calm down or we'll tie you up.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
It looks like you haven't slept much.
True, but I'm not at confession.
Shall we go?
Here she is... do you want to see her?
She's calm at the moment.
Separate them.
Prepare the papers, we have to transfer them. Director's orders.
- Why? - He says it's not right.
- Who's to say if it's right or not? - I don't know, do you?
This outfit isn't ready yet? How come?
Carnival's over.
It's taking forever.
It's not easy.
What matters is that it turns out well.
- I'm Doctor Bersano. - Welcome.
They told us you'd get here tomorrow.
Isn't Professor Bonaccorsi here?
Franco, tell the professor that Doctor Bersano has arrived.
I'll show you where you're staying.
- Come here! - No, let me go...
No... cowards! Curse those cowards!
Stop, what are you doing?
- Come down... listen to me. - No, leave me alone...
I want love... I want love!
Take her away.
At 5pm every evening you must eat and then go straight to bed!
We can't even go to the toilet?
Want to sleep here?
Here it is. The professor will be right with you.
Are you the new doctor who's come to study here?
- Yes. - I'm Gianna.
My pleasure. You've done a fine job.
Thank you.
Are you staying here permanently?
Just for a few months.
Don't you have a husband?
No, are you married?
Oh God... me, married? At my age?
I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.
Welcome, Doctor.
I'm Bonaccorsi. A pleasure to meet you.
- You're not how I pictured you. - I feel like I've known you for ages.
We've been writing for over a year.
Gianna, have you shown the doctor the house?
Have you asked her if there's anything she needs?
- She's good but a bit flighty. - Thank you, Professor, for allowing me
to practice with you for this time.
- Let me do that. - Please, allow me.
I gave instructions for everything to be in order when you arrived...
- Right! Is that ok? - Yes.
Of course you can change whatever you want.
I read your thesis. Interesting...
"Insanity is the only illness which we punish by segregation."
Don't you think you're showing our poor doctors in a bad light,
by talking of reality instead of theory.
Anyhow, we'll discuss it another time.
You'll see, I'll change your mind before you go back to the university.
No, I don't think I can go back on those years of study.
Avant-garde literature. Strange...
for a beautiful young woman like you.
Well, when you think about it maybe it's not that strange.
It's just that life here...
in here...
is something else.
I'd like to ask a question.
Do you like Freud?
Yes, but I don't use his theories.
Unfortunately almost all our patients are incurable.
Here they're not just neurotic, they're completely insane.
All the more reason to try and help.
All right, we'll talk about that too.
That's all I ask.
Could I meet some of your colleagues?
Certainly, just come to the laboratory.
Don't expect too much, we're just small town doctors.
But I'm sure our research will interest you.
Meanwhile, start to acclimatise, meet some of our patients.
Of course! Please don't think me too forward.
'Til tonight. I'll see you at the Director's dinner.
I need to go to the Sanremo hotel.
I'm supposed to be cured, please don't touch me,
I speak with the madonna twice a day,
I descend from the heavens twice a day,
twice a day... I'm a sorceress, a fortune teller, a palm reader.
No, no. I'll strike you down. Take me to Sanremo or I'll descend from above,
I'll come down from the heavens,
I'll come down from the heavens, I'll strike you down.
No, no!
I'll strike you down!
My dear, you are perfectly right.
I'll take care of it. Come with me, please.
- Did you have a nice trip? - Fine, thank you.
Is this Sanremo?
May I?
Please come in.
You must think me rude.
I come waltzing in as if we were old friends.
- Bianca. - Pleased to meet you.
I'm Professor Bonaccorsi's assistant.
Do you like it here?
Yes, very much.
I thought I would have to unpack, but I bet it was you who did.
No. It was the professor.
He's something else.
He's the driving force behind everything.
Here everyone adores him and does whatever he wants
starting with the Director.
He makes all the decisions, and takes care of everything.
Look at the furniture for example.
I bet you would have preferred to arrange it yourself.
- Am I right? - You're very kind.
You should know I'm not that educated,
but the professor trusted me even though I don't have diplomas.
I don't think pieces of paper matter here.
I don't know but I hope so, because my optimism is incurable.
How lucky you are.
Sister Teresa is waiting for me. Can I leave you for a while?
Yes, of course.
Poor Gianna. She's the maid in this house.
Previously we had Elisa.
A real lady.
She seemed cured, but then she had another episode.
Locked up again?
She's dead. I often see her ghost at night, silent just like she was.
Maybe tonight too...
And you never leave?
The odd trip into town, but 8 kilometres is a long way for me.
and my husband, as Director, is always very busy.
So, I pass the time with my books
and my records.
Maybe it's a reaction to the screams which come from the ward.
Doctor... Carla...
- Well then... - Thank you. - Thanks. - Please.
How is our new doctor settling in?
Fine, thank you.
- And the girl we've assigned her. Is she a smart one? - One of the best.
She's clever, an elemental cunning, almost animal I'd say.
- She's very single-minded. Almost... - Carla, please.
Why? Everyone knows.
Yes, she's free. She's a completely physical person.
Her stimuli are purely physical.
She has an unbounded love for everything and everyone.
And with no men around, she could fall in love with you.
Be very careful.
Madness is a mysterious thing. The most mysterious of all.
But, the staff, I mean the servants, are they all sick?
Yes, almost all. Sick, in a purely clinical sense.
As you can see, they seem like perfectly normal people.
They are all in a period of calm, if you like.
Then they have a turn...
But any sane person would be happy to live here.
- But the nurses... - They leave the fields to work in a mental asylum.
Do they seem sane to you? We are the only normal ones.
It's a strange life. At first you feel like a recluse.
A bit like being away from the world.
My wife is right.
It's like living outside of reality.
I got used to it straight away.
Do you know how long it's been since I set foot outside?
Eight years.
I don't even feel the need to.
This is a closed world of which we are responsible.
Outside here anything could happen
and we wouldn't notice.
Doesn't it lead to a complete indifference towards society
and the outside world? How to put it...
But what we're interested in is right here.
At least as far as I'm concerned.
The world is constantly evolving and even Italy has changed
and there are constraints to adjust to.
You're talking about fascism. What do you want?
A hospital is an administration like any other.
And nobody cares about a mental asylum.
Mussolini seems to want to change a lot of things.
Outside of here.
But I like to visit the city.
I'm not a hermit, and I'm not even a doctor.
You'll get used to it.
- Are you going to the opera later? - Yes.
You're here.
Do you have any idea how scared I was?
I can stay a little while.
My husband is sleeping in the study tonight.
After all these years I still have the same dreams every night.
Laughing faces, and women crying.
Crying for help.
I really fear that we'll never find a way
to comfort them, or help them.
You want too much.
You want too much from yourself and from others.
Nobody has ever found the answers you're searching for.
Still, they come here looking for answers
from professor Bonaccorsi.
If you become famous they'll offer you a professorship.
And you'll go away with them.
I'm already a little famous, no?
But the only professorship I want is here
in my own region, near you.
With you.
How do you like the new doctor?
Remember your childhood crushes?
You got a dry throat whevener you met your professor's wife.
I'm fine now.
I feel calm.
To the city.
Go, please go.
Thief! Thief! They were barely newborns. You're a thief. You stole all three from me!
You took all 3 of them away!
One white and two red.
They would have blossomed yesterday, but flowers sleep at night!
You stole them as soon as you saw them.
This morning.
- Who took them? - Sister Vincenza, it's always her!
As soon as she sees one open, she takes it.
That whore!
Gianna. Come now Gianna, don't despair.
I'll tell you what. The next time I'm in town I'll buy you a nice rose bush.
Are you happy?
Margherita? Margherita?
That's Elena,
calling Baccilli.
She's been doing it since this morning.
She's calling Baccilli, her girlfriend.
They've sent her away.
It was Scalfi, that whore, who had her transferred.
You'll see how pretty Baccilli is, she's 17 years old.
They were always together, her and Elena, all day long.
They spent all day kissing.
Tonight I'll allow you to sleep here, but... don't do it again.
It's forbidden, you know.
Don't forget!
For roses you need a special type of soil.
You need to ask Tonio.
You'll like Tonio.
He's really nice. He loves only flowers.
Pass me those slides please.
You're really good, you know?
Really. You're a great assistant.
Yes, I'm great.
I'm also a doctor.
- And very rich. - I know you're rich.
Is this building yours too?
No, not really, my castle is far away.
and I've got hundreds of farms, but being rich no longer interests me.
I just want to work, that's all.
That's good. Listen, do me a favor, pass me that dark bottle over there.
I like working in here.
We're all sick, you know.
Do you want a cigarette?
I'll keep this to remind me of you.
I can't help but wish you well.
Why do you do it?
Because I get bored.
How is she?
Bad, unfortunately.
The trouble is, she refuses to eat.
Laura... Laura.
Look, I've come to visit you.
Aren't you glad?
I know you can hear me,
I'm sure of it.
So you'd better listen. You need to eat, don't be like this.
That's it Laura, be good and relax.
Softly, softly.
That's it.
And now open your fists please.
Do it for me, please?
Open your hand.
Doesn't that hurt?
Let's rub some oil on to prevent sores.
Being mad... why is one mad?
A sickness which we don't know the origins of, nor the mechanisms.
What causes it, and what cures it. We don't even know if it is a sickness.
And we are haughty enough to call it lunacy.
Why are men of genius plunged so unexpectedly into the darkest madness?
Well, most of them did have syphilis.
That's exactly the point.
But for those without syphilis, for those without apparent defects,
what is the seed? Because madness must have a seed, a common origin.
So in your opinion there's a microbe for schizophrenia?
Whether it's a microbe, I don't yet know. There must be a sign, a witch's mark.
The sign of madness.
Madness has a sign, undetectable madness right from infancy.
And it's exactly this sign that we have to discover.
To fight it with every method and defeat it.
- Is Professor Bonaccorsi here? - Yes. In the disturbed ward.
Let her go! Let her go!
I said let her go.
Doctor, I know this one. She'll scratch your eyes out.
Away, away... get away!
Why did you come here alone?
It's dangerous, they don't know you yet.
I can't believe the nurse let you through.
See you soon.
I wanted to speak to you.
If you like, you can come on a tour of the departments.
Then we'll go in the garden and talk about whatever you like.
See her? Sister Francesca.
Mystical delusions, she thinks she's God on Earth.
I know, I've seen how corruption really starts,
it's the children. It's them who corrupted Jesus.
In the convent they believed she was a saint.
Jesus was up there on the cross,
and the children lifted the cloth from his side
and started touching him.
The mentally ill are unable to consciously perform any sins.
They have feelings.
And their feelings are very intense.
Try spending one night on these wards, you'll see!
They'll call you, they'll attack you without restraint.
They're erotically charged to the point where they'll attack you.
But you've already worked that out.
How are you, Gemma?
You see? The same desires you see in the eyes of that girl,
you can find in the nurses', only they can hide it,
because they're sane.
But madness nullifies all hypocrisy.
Animal instincts, just animal instincts.
- I said go away, do you understand? - You! You!
- Yes, you! - No, I'm not going.
This is my seat. And the animals are mine.
Ugly pig.
- No, the animals are mine and Mother's. - They don't even have a mother.
And if I want I'll come over there and take them.
Oh, go lay an egg!
No, I'll take them.
You can't eat chicks.
The world doesn't exist, and neither does the hospital.
There's nothing. Can you imagine?
That's really very funny!
Pretty ladies are always forgiven.
Come on, let's go, or we'll miss the first act.
That could be for the best.
Who's going to be there tonight?
But after the theatre we'll go and have some fun, ok?
Of course, you come with me now.
Laura. How are you?
Soon all the flowers will be out and I'll take you to see them.
Does this hurt?
Everyone loves you, we wish you well.
Do you know what I was thinking?
One of these days I'll find her better.
Enough, let me go.
I'm tired, I need to sleep.
No, you're staying here.
What if we never make love again?
You're pushing me away.
Did you know that sometimes, I think about leaving here forever?
But, I'm scared that outside, I wouldn't know how to live,
knowing all there is inside here.
Only here can one understand how much suffering is possible.
No, you could never leave. You're the only one who's immune to the sickness.
I knew it the first time I saw you.
You remember? I was dancing and it seemed like you wanted to kill me
by the way you were looking at me.
And then you said, come by tomorrow. Who knows how many others you asked.
But the next day I was already on the ward.
Why do we lose ourselves in our delusions at night?
Almost always at night.
Maybe because at night we're free from the forces of evil.
There's a point in life when, by someone else's fault,
something happens inside of us.
We don't know it, we don't realise,
but from that moment we start to go insane.
- Here are the flowers. - Thank you.
- They're pretty. - Yes. I grew them.
Who are they for?
These white ones are for Sister Elisa's grave. She died young.
Tonio, come here. Try this coat on.
Let's see if it suits you.
- There. Let's go. - Wonderful. Really nice.
- Shall I go? - Yes of course.
Come on, Tonio.
- I'm going now, Professor? - Go, go. Enjoy yourself.
- Come on. - Go on, go.
Don't forget, it's been over a year since he's been out.
- The flowers. - Oh, you've got them?
- We're off to the cemetery now. - Sister Elisa's?
Yes. And afterwards we'll get an ice cream.
That's it, you're good.
- A little dessert? - No, thank you.
As I was saying, it's a big responsibility.
Try the dessert, I made it myself.
Later, thank you.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
- Good evening. - Excuse me Francesca, I'm late.
- Are there any canapés left? - Yes.
Good evening. Good evening, Mother.
- Good evening, Director. - Good evening, Signora Francesca.
Good evening.
I'm sorry, I always forget keep an eye on the clock.
What a fascinating man, don't you think?
I saw you just now, while you were snooping around, and I liked it.
Carla, how is that possible?
Why not?
No, I haven't forgotten about it. Tomorrow for certain.
You're only passing through.
I've lived here for five years, with him, Francesca and Bianca.
And we share him without any jealousy.
- Bianca? - Yes, of course. Bianca.
We're his, all three of us.
You look at me as if I'm crazy. Maybe I am.
We're all a little crazy here.
- If you stay a few years, who knows. - Not me, I'm just here to study.
I don't have any time for romantic happenings.
Are you in love with him?
How did it happen... how can you... so calmly... with your husband here?
Does it shock you? Do you want to know how it started?
I don't remember. Oh yes, he lent me some books I think.
Some books on perversion.
A famous German scientist. There were some very strange examples.
But I'm not exactly a normal girl.
And just like that we clicked. That's all.
You really look divine, my dear. Pink suits you so well.
- Is Tonio back? - No, not yet Professor.
- It'll be getting dark... - Whatever, it'll be ok.
- And he's with the sisters. - Yes, Bianca's there too.
But he should have come back by this time.
- The bill. - Right away.
Come on, Tonio. Let's go, it's late.
The professor is waiting for us.
We don't want him to worry now, do we?
If they'd only pay me... if only... but nothing! The Prefect, the Bishop...
Tonio, we must go now.
Come home, they're waiting for us.
- We should phone ahead. - Wait. Listen, Tonio, I need your help.
Do you understand? Sister Teresa is tired and needs to rest.
- We need to get her back. - Someone's already recognised me.
They know I'm rich and maybe they think I carry all my money with me.
Look, they're spying on me. They've spread the word.
- Who have they told? - Them, them. - I'm going to telephone.
Tonio, listen to me!
- Stop looking at me! - What's your problem?
Please, stop it!
- Take him to the asylum. - He's a nutcase!
Don't mind us, it's nothing.
Someone call public security.
- Get lost! - He must be drunk.
Please leave him in peace.
- We've got to do something. - Go away!
- Tonio. - Professor, what have I done?
Why am I in here with the crackpots? Get me out of here.
There, there, calm down now.
I'm here.
- What did you give him? - Nothing, he won't take it.
Tonio, you must calm down.
I have good news for you.
You trust your professor, don't you?
I'll have you cured in no time.
I'll give you a medicine which will make you as well as ever.
I'll find the way to cure you.
I'm studying day and night. I'm positive I'll succeed. You'll see.
We'll go back together and work.
In a few days we'll start new research.
I'll find that medicine.
Professor, don't make me go out again.
- Please. - Good day, Professor.
- Good day. - Good day.
What are they doing here? Look at them, suspicious, scared, strangers.
If it were up to me I'd abolish visiting days.
They are pointless, and harmful.
But imagine having a husband or a son locked up here, such pain and anguish...
They're strangers, who come here for 10-15 minutes of contact with dreams.
Delusions they don't understand.
Now, I'd like to show you some interesting cases.
This is Cora, for example.
You know her, correct?
I do.
She's been in here 10 years, poor thing.
She's a Mistress, as we say.
- What does that mean? - A leader.
All the young girls are at her feet, slaves to her desires.
I thought as much.
But I've also done research into her family background.
Did you know that Cora comes from a family of delinquents?
People who take pride in belonging to the underworld; kidnappers, thieves.
A violent world from which she feels estranged.
- Because deep down, she's a shy one. - Yes, I know. So?
So she took refuge in madness like a womb that protects her.
In the asylum it's impossible to become a delinquent.
Here she's allowed to feel irresponsible.
and she feels at ease, even affectionate.
What are you trying to prove? That Cora's madness
comes from her family background?
I'm not trying to prove anything, I'm hypothesising, and that's all.
This is Rita. Hello, Rita.
Her husband used to wake her every night.
He forced her to get up, and go to the kitchen.
He made her get down on her knees and then beat her
he beat her for hours, on her back, her shoulders, her head.
Sometimes she fainted.
Yes, I know the story.
And you believe she already had the seed of schizophrenia inside her?
You deny her madness could stem from the blows she took all those nights?
Anna, let me repeat what I've told you. Some patients arrive beaten and mad,
others arrive beaten but not mad. Why?
Maybe it depends on the fragility of our minds.
You're naive, full of new theories, but also sweet, like a child.
The world doesn't exist, nor il Duce, so where do we go when we die?
I thought a grave in the garden next to that of the Federale.
Even this hospital doesn't exist!
The nurses don't exist.
Where the fuck will I go when I die?!
You poor dreamer, how are you going to die if you don't exist?
But the Federale and I are condemned to see the world's end.
and I wanted to find a place with a good view of everything.
The Federale says it will last a century or two,
but what am I going to do in the meantime?
- Good evening, Professor. - Good evening.
Am I disturbing you?
- Not at all. Is something wrong? - No, no, everything's fine.
- Coffee? - Thanks.
Gina, a coffee for the professor, please.
What are you doing here?
I was feeling lonely.
I needed you.
Careful, watch out.
Lift her slowly.
Slowly, slowly.
Twenty centimetres in and she's still alive. She's a strong one.
There'll be an investigation, we should call the police.
- Why, do you think... - There are enemies all around us.
Tonight I'm dining with the Prefect. I'll tell him.
Look here. Not a drop.
- I refilled it this morning. - But you see it's no longer there?
How many times must I say that alcohol must always be kept filled.
Without order, we can't have cleanliness.
Health... what is health? It's order and cleanliness.
A mental asylum is a hospital just like any other.
Mental hygiene is synonymous with physical hygiene.
And without physical hygiene there's no mental hygiene. Understand?
I understand, Professor.
Calm down.
The operation went well.
You'll soon be better.
It's been so... so long...
it's been hurting here,
not here.
Ever since my mother hit me over the head.
But if there's nobody here, who will help me?
There it is. Hundreds of slides, of comparisons.
Do you know what it would mean to be sure of it?
To discover the biological agent which causes madness
would also mean the drug which can fight it.
Here, you have a look.
There's no doubt about it.
In every patient's blood sample, there's a black spot with red tendrils.
Yes, he's right, a black spot.
These are hypotheses. Hunches rather than objective data.
- We need to prepare more slides. - Tonio, fetch the green bottle.
In years of study and research, nobody has ever found such a result.
I need to send a message to Zurich.
- This is huge. Absolutely huge. - But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Yes, we musn't get our hopes up but these slides are proof,
real, concrete data. This black spot could be the madness microbe.
You wouldn't understand, Tonio.
This could be the day our hospital takes its place in medical history.
I promised you. Here, you drink too.
Can I tell the Signora. Whenever I pass her on the drive, we exchange a look.
Poor Tonio, maybe you'll be well again. A few injections,
and your treasures, your castles and your roses will disappear.
- Anna! - Yes?
- It's me, Bonaccorsi. - Come in.
Anna, I couldn't wait.
I came straight to you. I had to tell you straight away.
Maybe we're there... maybe I was right, and not you!
- Why? - Yes, I think we've reached the end of years of study and research.
Nothing is certain, you know as well as I do...
but I really do think so.
This must be it, it can't not be it!
Listen to me. Today on four slides, I saw a mark in the blood.
A spot with tendrils. I've never heard of a spot like that
in any other pathogenic organism.
- Are you sure? - Of course I'm sure.
And soon I'll convince you too.
Have you been drinking?
A little, yes...
But nowadays I always have a little.
Madness is a virus, Anna. Nothing more.
So goodbye mysteries, goodbye analysis, goodbye theories - your theories.
Soon, thanks to my discovery, the mystery will be revealed.
Medical fact, from which we can easily develop a vaccine to defeat it.
- I'm very happy for you. - Thank you.
But why are you always so serious? I've never seen you happy.
- Have a drink. - No, thank you.
- You don't even make love? - No.
- Why not? - Because I'm not free like you are.
Yes... Signora Francesca, her friend Carla... Bianca...
who knows how many others.
- Maybe even the patients. - And what if making love with them
isn't just pleasure, but... research? Continual research. Does that shock you?
Not at all. But I told you, I'm not free.
You aren't free or you don't want to be free?
Why don't you satisfy your repressed urges?
Why not give in to your weakness?
I must admit, that's just the problem I have.
If you like we can talk about it as friends.
Or as colleagues.
But not man to woman.
That will never be possible.
You'd better go now, it's late.
I've been in the lab all day.
You must be exhausted. I'm very pleased you came to see me.
- Everything's quiet? - Yes, calm enough.
I don't like the night shift much.
In this kind of buzzing beehive.
Even if deep down, these voices give me some company.
You could have come to the lab for a chat.
You're right, I was thinking of that.
But I thought you seemed reticent.
The mysterious impossibility of... the things you didn't say
but which you promised to say.
This could be the right moment.
Why don't you tell me what's worrying you?
Your inability to... what I'm not certain of... but which I suspect.
Anna, you need to live,
to let yourself go.
- I shouldn't have said anything. - But yes!
When I was writing to you, I always imagined you with green eyes.
I'll love you like you've never been loved.
You don't understand a thing, you're blind like all men.
- Anna. - Here, right here?
Where the patients have been lying, tied down, and vomiting.
- Anna! - No! Let me go!
Anna, listen to me. Wait!
That's quite enough! Leave me in peace. I'm leaving tomorrow.
- But why? - I don't want to see you again.
- Your presence is contagious. - Anna, I said it for your own good.
You're sick, don't you realise? You're incurable.
Don't try to hurt me.
You're just angry. I'm not sick, and you know it perfectly well.
I've been observing you. Ever since I arrived here.
You're sick.
There's no difference between you and them.
What cheek. You're just a low-level university assistant who...
You have all the symptoms of schizophrenia.
Your jaw trembles, your eyes are dilated, and your behavior is manic.
Your vanity and sexual exhibitionism disgust me!
Just listen. To cure mental patients you have to be a little like them.
You need to love them and accept the contagion.
That's how they cure leprosy.
You need to embrace the madness, and not refuse it!
I don't want to love madness, I just want to cure it.
You don't. You're using it. You're crazy.
No, that's not true, and science will prove me right.
So you want proof at any cost.
Scientific data to confirm that there's a difference between you and the mad.
There is no difference.
Oh yes there is. I'm not crazy.
You want people to think you're helping others,
but really you're obsessed with curing yourself.
Because you're scared to death. And that's madness.
When you read my lab report, you'll change your tune.
- You won't be writing a report. - Why not?
I decided to check the slides. There's no microbe, nothing.
And the black spot with the red halo?
It doesn't exist, it never did.
- An impurity in the solvent. - You're lying. It's impossible.
I want to check again. Check everything.
I've already checked. Trust me.
It's not true.
It's not possible.
It's not possible.
Take me to see my sister.
Right away.
We grew up together
and we're so alike.
I came to say goodbye.
We may not see each other again.
Goodbye, my sister, and forgive me.
I wish you well.
But I'm afraid of you.
I'm too afraid.
Is it true that you want to leave?
Yes, I've decided to get out.
I can't be here with them any longer.
I'm sorry, it was your favorite...
Forget about that.
I'm sorry.
Are you annoyed that Anna's leaving?
No, she means nothing to me.
How can I make you believe me?
I'm not lying, my love. I'm scared.
You're the only one I care about. How can I explain?
We've all a little madness inside, but ours is different.
It's not like their mental illness.
Don't go.
I have to. I want to be alone.
I want to start over from zero.
Don't go yet, wait a little longer.
Today I'm tired. I don't feel well.
Poor Gianna, we've had to put her in isolation again.
It's tough for everyone, but she's become a danger.
What has she done?
Yesterday, she had a violent fit.
Not only that... she filled a cupboard with bundles of firewood.
And she was hiding. We found her wrapped in sheets,
under the bed.
She wanted to burn everything.
It's me, don't you recognise me?
I've come to say goodbye.
I've decided to leave,
but I'll be back to see you. Later.
Soon you'll be back at work.
I'm sure of it.
And when I come back, I'll always keep you with me.
Are you glad?
I know, it's all my fault, I was too aggressive and superficial.
It's over now. I'm leaving.
But... all your ideas... all our hopes?
Giving the patients back their dignity?
For the mad there is no hope. They're outcasts and always will be.
But you need to keep on fighting, so they can be better fed, better clothed,
so that people remember they have a spiritual life.
It's too late, I don't want to go mad, too!
- Aren't we all a little? - But I'm scared. Understand? Scared.
The law of the asylum is unbending.
Every doctor who lives inside grows a stage madder each year.
And I've been here too long now.
My father committed suicide. My sister is insane here in this asylum.
She's deranged, incurable madness.
Now, do you understand why I'm afraid, and I need to leave?
Do you understand my desperate quest to find proof?
A trace in the blood that would allow me to say "Not I. Not I."
You always said madness was a mystery,
like life.
Yes, but now I know that this mystery horrifies me.
So, you were never here out of dedication, or love,
you were just afraid.
You never loved us.
Not Carla, not Francesca, not me.
You were just making love.
Oh my God!
Francesca... she's jumped out of the window.
Francesca has killed herself.
It's your fault she did it.
An intelligent woman like her, couldn't understand
that there's no man worth killing herself for.
At least that could have stopped her, living in this madhouse.
Love and passion are everywhere
in every being, in every sex.
I realised that, and she didn't.
The professor has left.
And you're leaving, too.
I'll give you a plant.
I've just planted some shoots.
And I put them in the greenhouse.
I'd like to give you one before you go.
No, you keep it for me, Tonio.
I'm not leaving any more.
You and the professor are trying to explain a lot of things.
But I only understand flowers. I'll give you a plant.
Especially if you're staying.
You're happy, right, Tonio?
And you don't even know it.
You're happy because you don't know it.
Bianca, Bianca, come and see.
I knew it.
The Roman legions will defeat their enemies in no time.
Rome's destiny is in our hands.
The world belongs to the strong.
And for the strong man, it's crucial to have
hatred, revenge, and hunger for power.
We refuse to have conscience.
We refuse to have thoughts. We deny that thoughts exist.
Only one has thoughts.
Only he is of virtue.
Only he possesses complete dominance over himself. Only he is God!
First of all, we must eliminate all imperfect men.
The whores and the artists.
Real and true proof of force.
Without doubt the Germans do not underestimate
the benefits to be gained from this selection.
With the Germans, this experiment should be...
Otherwise, it's war.