HetaOni 7 - Part 2/5 [ENG / NLD / POL / POR subs]

Uploaded by SotetAG on 16.08.2010

There's /something/ about this room that is bothering me.
I guess I'll check it out later.
Very well. Now, let's hurry.
This rope ladder...
We've got it! I can even see outside! We can finally get out!
Thank God... Let's call the others here, quickly!
Well, let's go.
Hold on, Japan.
I haven't asked why you brought me along yet.
Oh? You've grown sharper.
I've been "reading the atmosphere" a lot today. Thanks to that, I got what you were saying earlier at once.
Have you? Then... I think I'll have a nice talk to you alone.
Hmm. Just don't make me bored.
There's something unsettling about this room... Something that feels like it's pulling me...
Not here, either. Maybe... in the back of the bookshelf?
Oh? There's some kind of seal.
Huh? A magic circle with my hand-writing? What is it doing here?
Well, whatever. Anyway, what is it sealing?
Ooh! Some of my magic is back!
England's magic is 30% back.
This is it! I was worried for a while there, but now I can at least try to fight the Thing if I need to!
Hey, you two! What took you so long?!
Did something happen?
You could say that! Next time, I won't be such a burden any more.
What, you were a burden before? Well, if you say so.
Now I can easily stop that guy. Though only for a few seconds. Well... about two seconds...
Wh-what? If I can replenish it a little more, it can be longer—
Ah, no—I didn't mean it like that. Er, how can I put this?
Oh! Isn't that a clock? Look, on the shelf!
I see. It certainly is one.
Hm? This clock is working with my magic. What the hell?
Anyway, can you break it now? If I don't go through that even once, I won't know how to deal with it.
You—Then I'll just sit back and laugh at you being all confused and panicking!
Please, don't fight. Besides, we've already found an exit, so I don't think it's necessary to break the clock.
Aww, but I want to get more experience! It's not every day one can do that kind of thing.
Can't I try it even once? Pretty please?
Hmph! I'll break it, then! Just don't come crying to me later!
Aah, we can finally escape! At long last...
... Yeah.
You're too slow. I'll just go ahead.
I wish the others had come, too... but they really like adventures a lot.
What happened? Did you fall over?
Let's go.
J-Japan! Run, quickly!
Oh, God... Why...?
America and the others!
What are you standing there for?! Let's go! West, you too! Come on, quickly!
Damn it! Just when we'd finally found an exit!
Damn it... Is this it...?!
Lost Germany.