Gundarr - Duck a la Rage (Ep #2)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 01.06.2011

(Ducks chanting)
[Toddy:] Scream all you want, my soon to be shishka-babe.
I will gain untold magical powers once I've sacrificed you to the great god,
Motha Ducka!
(Duck people chanting)
[Toddy:] It's gonna be sooooo sweet, girl baby!
[Gundarr:] Gundarr hate ducks!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
[Damsel:] My hero has arrived!
[Toddy:] Gundarr?
You're gonna "fowl" up my sacrifice.
Get it? Fowl?
Like a duck?
Well, stuff it, ya big doof.
[Gundarr:] Graah!
[Heart:] Oh, mercy's out! It's gettin' dark!
[Damsel:] Oh! For me?
(Slurping sounds)
[Damsel:] So, how is making out with a half-naked barbarian
a part of your plan, again?
[Toddy:] Heh, well, uh, you see, it was just a distraction
so I could finish the sacrifice!
Nyuuh. You wanna kiss and make up?
[Gundarr:] Duck you!
(Manly grumbling)