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Episode 9 .
Stop right there!
Hey stop right there you punk!
Baek Seung Jo is running with me Oh! it doesn't seem true.
It really doesn't seem true.
Thanks to you, I get to experience situations that I never thought I would.
But the work out seems to have had an effect, seeing how you managed to keep up so well.
But, you knew? That we were following you?
It would be weird if I didn't know. You're obvious.
I didn't have a choice.
When I found out you were going to watch a movie with Hae Ra...
Without knowing...
But if you happen to like Hae Ra,
That is something... I can do nothing about.
Do you want to go somewhere?
I'm asking if you want to go somewhere?
It's like a dream...
Me being with Seung Jo.
With Seung Jo.
It feels like I'm having a life time of happiness on this one day. I'm happy now
But, it looks like only families are here.
We are the only ones who look like a couple.
Of course. There is a rumor that says, If a couple comes here together, they would break up in six months.
You didn't know? What?
You didn't know? It's well known.
After all, we shouldn't care, since we are not dating.
You know what? Let's just get out of here!
What to do?!
Wear it until your clothes dry.
It's cheap, but it's better than wearing wet clothes.
They were selling them by the road.
You don't like it?
It's the same?
Then, it's couple t-shirts?
I was so hungry.
It's really good.
Better than the delicious French or Italian food.
I won't be able to eat such a delicious hamburger again.
I wish time would stop right here.
Eat! Don't just look at it
But, why did you take my hand and run earlier?
You were with Hae Ra. . .
That's because. . . You were the one closest to me.
Thank you.
I keep causing trouble all the time.
I haven't really experienced something that was difficult for me.
But after you showed up... I feel like I'm living in a completely different world.
I feel like I'm solving a sudden problem without an answer.
That may be an ordeal that I should get over.
Something I can't avoid, something I have to solve.
Is the ordeal...possibly me?
At first, I wondered about how to react to it and just wanted to avoid it.
But now, I won't run from it.
If the problem is not wrong, then there has to be an answer.
I'm going to approach it head on.
You're going to face me head on?
If you don't get it then forget it.
No, I get it.
So, I am an ordeal to you and you were only trying to run away.
But you changed your mind, and now, you are with me.
Are you proposing to me?!
How could you have come to that conclusion?
I'm telling you that I don't dislike you.
Being with you isn't easy but I'm just saying I don't hate it.
Thank you.
I really thought that you hated me.
Ever since high school, I have only liked you.
I don't know anything about Sartre or Nietzsche . And I can't even cook.
And I'm not glamorous,
But still, I'll try my best. I'll know to always try my best .
I'm looking forward to it.
You getting smarter for me... I'm looking forward to it.
Okay. Since the midterms are not that far away,
That confession... I'll make sure of it with the test results. Okay?
But I hate exams.
Is there anyone who likes exams?
Then, can I get a C?
What are you talking about getting a C.
Then C+?
His words were as mischievous as always, but his smile was a little different from before.
More than the day I gave him my first love letter, more than the day we first kissed,
I think Baek Seung Jo feels closer to me.
Thank you. You even walked me home.
It's like a perfect date.
Is it okay living here?
Since it is a guest room, it is kind of small. But it's tolerable.
I'm only staying here for a little bit anyways.
We're staying here until the new house is built.
Will it be okay?
I'm talking about Hae Ra. She was the one you were meeting today. . .
How could you have parted that way.
Well, since she was with Kyung Su Sunbae.
Excuse me, Hae Ra. I have something to tell you.
It's really hard for me to say, so I hope you will listen.
I know. I am not good enough.
Not good enough?
Then have mine too.
I didn't mean... Foo... food is enough.
I'll continue.
I have tried my best not to think about it,
But I keep thinking of you. . .
Should I just leave? I have a headache.
You have a headache? then, you should take some medicine for it.
Take your time, I will pay and leave now.
Hae Ra. I know that I lack a lot of things. That's why
I decided to try hard and not think of you
Recently, thoughts of you just fill my head.
That's what I wanted to say.
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Dad! What?
Did something good happen today?
No, what good thing?
Aigoo, I wish something good happened to us.

Did something happen?
Oh, it's not that...
I think it's going to take a long time to build the new house.
I can't get insurance on it since it's done by natural disasters.
And the company who was supposed to construct
are just shrinking from their responsibility.
Then what should we do, Dad?
Ah, don't worry.
It will be resolved, but it will take some time.
Although it might be uncomfortable,
plan on staying here for a while.
I am sorry, Ha Ni!
What's there for you to be sorry about?
Don't worry about me.
I am fine.
-Hello! -Hello!
Oh, you two came?
We didn't even open yet!
Sit! Sit!
What are you doing here at this time?
Ha Ni went to school already.
We know. We just thought about So Pal Bok Noodles all of a sudden.
Seafood noodles?
With a lot of fresh raw oyster.
I got it, i got it!
Over here! Two seafood noodles with a lot of fresh raw oyster.
Ooh! Bong Joon Gu!
Sounds like it's your territory. Super charismatic, huh?
Right, huh? Should I buy Ha Ni a pair of glasses?
Everyone else says I have charisma, but Ha Ni is the only one that doesn't see it.
Joon Gu, if you're too pushy, Ha Ni will just get bored.
What...what did you say?
Bong Joon Gu, you really don't know women.
Do you know why Ha Ni can't stand up against Seung Jo?
Because Seung Jo is cold.
What? Cold?
To women, if a man is far away, they want to get closer.
If they come towards us, we want to run away.
Is that true?
Yeah. If you keep it up, she'll dislike you more and more, Bong Joon Gu.
No, no.
Chef kept talking about being sought after! So I tried it out...
But it does not really fit the personality
And I can not play, For hard to reach.
I'm a guy from Busan. I'm doing as I please.
Then someday, won't Ha Ni realize the potential Bong Joon Gu has?
When are the So Pal Bak noodles coming out?
Did you get home safely?
Ah yes, of course! I did get home safely.
I knew you would be safe because of Kyung Sunbae.
But, it seems like you did worry about me.
Anyways, it was fun. It was like we were shooting a movie.
"Gangsters and Hae Rin"
I'm glad that you got home safely.
Let's go inside.
Look at this. Wonderful perfection, a goddess.
You sure did take a lot of pictures.
Wow, look at this. She looks pretty, right?
So, what happened yesterday?
You did have a date, right?
What date? We just ate and left right after.
Ah, I should have paid for the food.
Ah, what is that?!
How could you when you had the perfect chance?!
You should have confessed.
Confession... I did plan on doing it.
But strangely when I just look at Hae Ra, my mind goes blank.
Nonsense just comes out of my mouth.
And I wonder if a guy like me looking at Hae Ra is just unfulfilled longing.
Why? You do have charisma.
I know I have charisma.
But strangely in front of Hae Ra...
Then, did you confess to Seung Jo?
I had written a love letter before.
Letter! Wow, why didn't I think of that? Letter.
Aigoo, you should never do that!
Hae Ra is like a girl version of Baek Seung Jo.
If you write a letter, you'll just embarrass yourself.
Just look directly into her eyes and confess.
Girls like that the best.
I can't even look at her right. What do you mean look her in the eyes?
Why? You can practice.
Here. Just think that I'm Hae Ra.
Should I?
That won't work.
Why? You can practice. Just try it again.
How can I imagine you as Hae Ra?
You try. I'm Baek Seung Jo. Try it.
I am Baek Sung Jo, Baek Sung Jo.
At a time when she's not even thinking, when she bites her tongue...
That's when it's easy to get them to fall for you!
When she bites her tongue.
Hey, Hey! What are you doing?
Are you crazy? Why are you doing this?
This is practice.
The timing is important. Look at this.
If the girl says
"What is this? What are you doing?!"
then you put your hands like this
"If you can forget me, try forgetting me."
and just go in for the kiss.
You have talent, it's very real.
- Really? - Wow, so if the girls say "What are you doing?"
Then, slam... "If you can forget me, try forgetting me"
Here, the timing is important. When the girl lifts her head like this...
When she lifts her head...
"Why? What are you doing?"
Slam. " Try to forget me if you can."
That's right.
That's it!
Hey, I'm busy. Go and let the students practice.
Oh Ha Ni, teach him well.
Now, Sunbae, you be the girl.
Okay, girl.
The head is lifted like this.
"What are you doing to me?"
"Try to forget me if you can"
You won't be able to forget it, right?
I won't be able to forget it. Wow, this is really great!
Yes, I understand the timing now.
But for the kiss... when I watch movies
Do I turn to the left or right. Or like spiderman...
Do I do it upside down?
The angle?
No, I think kissing is about timing.
Ah, kissing is timing.
Ha Ni, you are very good at kissing.
No. Truthfully, I don't really know about it.
What are you talking about? If you're at this level, you'll be able to publish a book.
Isn't she hard to understand?
In the tennis club, the girl who follows Baek Seung Jo around.
You heard about that too? Is that rumor true?
There must be a fun rumor going around.
Ah. A student at our school left the guy she had a crush on...
and supposedly kissed another guy.
On top of that, it was in broad daylight at school.
How could she? Dumping someone like Baek Seung Jo.
That doesn't make sense.
With a completely old looking sunbae.
Ah, that girl! Really!
Oh, look here! If you just leave like this...
Seung Jo came. He came.
- It seems like Seung Jo doesn't know about it. - He doesn't.
Oh Ha Ni even kissed Kyung Sunbae.
Ha Ni to Kyung Sunbae... Kiss?!
That's right, a kiss.
Oh Ha Ni is really great.
She even said to him "Can you do it one more time?".
Then, what happens with Baek Seung Jo?
What do you mean? Oh Ha Ni dumped him.
What is it you want to say?
Hae Ra, I...
It's fine. I'll just leave for today.
But, Hae Ra...
Let go. I'm going to do it! If she wants to forget, she'll forget. I'm going to do it!
- Wait a minute. - Hey!
Put the racket down.
Let go of me! I'm going to do that.
No, no!
- Ah, no! - Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni ah!
Ha Ni ah! Ah..
Oh, Ha Ni ah!
- Oh Ha Ni! - You're going to leave already?
What do you mean? Me with Kyung Sunbae?
They were right?
You did do it?
That's not it.
I was so frustrated that I was just educating him.
Educating about what?
Sex education!
Hey, sex education?! It's not that.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Rumors have spread everywhere.
Are you sad?
Since the girl that was following you has left?
Seung Jo ah!
Oh, it's the main lead of the rumor.
Miss Calm Cat,
When did you become like that with Kyung sunbae?
Have you heard?
The rumor that doesn't make any sense.
I'm leaving first.
Good luck
Can you stay here by yourself until your brother comes back?
Of course.
I don't know when Seung Jo is coming though.
Do you think I'm a baby?
I also....
need to spend some time alone.
Look at you.
That's right.
Alright, Eun Jo, We'll see you tomorrow.
Don't play too many games.
I won't.
Just leave quickly.
Let's go. Ok
"Seung Jo ah"
I came all the way here without even realizing it.
How did I end up here?
And it wasn't that long ago when I was so happy that we had our first date.
What is that sound?
Mother!, Eun Jo ah!
Eun Jo ah!
You.....Eun Jo ah!
Eun Jo ah!, Eun Jo what's wrong?
My stomach.
Your stomach hurts?
What about you mother?, Where is she?
What to do ?
Hold on!
Baek Seung Jo!
Why are you calling from our house?
Eun Jo is...Eun Jo is in pain!
Eun Jo?
What happened to Eun Jo?
He seems very sick.
What to do?
What should I do?!
Oh Han Ni calm down.
Calm down and explain it clearly.
What happened to Eun Jo?
He said his stomach hurts.
He keeps throwing up.
It might be appendicitis.
Write down what I'm about to tell you and act accordingly.
Place him on his side so he doesn't choke on anything.
Keep his body warm.
Keep in mind how many times he threw up
and then, tell the doctor.
Hold on.
Then call the ambulance.
This is 119, right?
after that..
Bring him to Parang University Hospital.
He's an elementary school student.
I'll get there as soon as possible.
Oh Ha Ni..
Take care of Eun Jo.
It's a type of intestinal obstruction.
An intussusception has occurred in the affected region.
An intussusception?
It's when part of the intestine folds into another part, sort of like a collapsible telescope.
It's pretty far in so we must operate on it immediately.
Complications can arise due to a perforated intenstine so you need to hurry and make a decision.
What to do?
It's not a serious surgery.
Oh Ha Ni, take care of Eun Jo.
I understand. Begin the surgery.
You came?
Eun Jo is having surgery.
I heard about it.
How did it go?
It was as I had thought. His intestine was folded into itself.
Did the surgery end?
Yes, it went well, you don't have to worry.
A part of his intestine was folded into the bottom of it, so we opened up his stomach,
And returned it to normal.
After about a week, you won't be able to notice the cut.
-Baek Eun Jo -No Ri.
Thank you.
My parents...
are coming up on an evening flight.
They must have been very surprised.
The doctor complimented you.
He said your quick actions made the surgery easier.
If you hadn't told me how,
I wouldn't have been able to do anything
It's a type of obstruction to the intestines.
I had no idea.
I really...
had no idea that such a scary thing could happen.
I will call my dad.
He must be worried.
Oh Ha Ni!
Ah, my cellphone and my wallet...
where did I leave it all?
I, really...
How old am I that I'm already...
You know..
That rumor with Kyung Soo sunbae...
He explained everything to me already.
Thank you Oh Ha Ni.
I was afraid...
that I might do something wrong.
So, something might go wrong with Eun Jo.
Everything is alright now.
It's the first time that I heard..
warm words from Baek Seung Jo.
Since my anxious feelings were all relieved...
My eyes and heart...
I cried so much they nearly melted away.
Hi Eun Jo.
Omo! You made it today.
The flowers smells good.
It's Oh Ha Ni again?? She doesn't even get tired and comes very often...
Baek Eun Jo.
How could you talk to your life saver like that??
That's alright.
It seems like you're not getting tested today.
In the end, her motive for coming here is about hyung anyways.
Here you go again.
Seung Jo didn't come yet?
See, I told you.
It's all about Seung Jo.
If you keep saying that...
He'll be coming soon.
It seems that Ha Ni should come back home.
You came?
Baek Seung Jo, even if you talk like that...
Seung Jo, now that you know Ha Ni you feel great right?
Eun Jo, are you okay?
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How is Eun Jo?
We would be in big trouble if Ha Ni wasn't there.
It would have been a disaster without Ha Ni.
Thank you.
Thank you, Oh Ki Dong.
It's a relief that everything is fine.
How is the building of your house coming along? Is it doing alright?
You know, it's a major pain.
It happened because of the earthquake so the insurance won't really pay for it either.
We're still fighting over it right now.
It'll all go well, I guess.
Well, here.
What is this?
The monthly rent you paid us while you were living in our home.
This person couldn't bring herself to use it.
Why are you giving this back to me?
You shouldn't do this. You helped us so much during that time.
I can't accept this. Here.
Ki Dong shi, are you really going to be like that?
If you don't accept it, I'm going to be mad.
Just as your restaurant was getting really popular..
I know that you were going to build a second floor.
And because of the new house, and Ha Ni...
I also know that you couldn't do anything.
But, still... this.
Ki Dong shi, don't be like that and...
just come live with us again? Yes?
I came out because of Ha Ni.
This is better for Ha Ni.
Pardon? For Ha Ni?
How can you not know your daughter's heart?
Actually, Ha Ni and Seung Jo... you don't know that they're trying to hide something from us do you?
Pardon? Hide something?
Those two have even kissed!
And Seung Jo did it first.
Seung Jo did?
So, Seung Jo liked Ha Ni all along.
Hello, Eun Jo!
You came again?
Go Ri, hello!
It's not Go Ri, it's No Ri!
That's right.
Hello, No Ri!
I brought cake to give to you.
So Ri, you're going to eat too, right?
No Ri, No Ri!
I'm sorry. I'm not that smart.
No, it's okay.
Everywhere I went, the hospital rooms were so quiet that it was no fun.
But, it's fun and nice here.
No Ri, have you been in the hospital for a long time?
Yes, about 1 year and 2 months.
So, they said I have to repeat fourth grade.
Then, I'll teach you your homework.
You're going to teach him?
Do you think that makes sense?
He's an elementary school student.
So rash.
Dummy how can you?
I can at least teach him the multiplication table.
I finished the multiplication table in 2nd grade though.
It's going to be more harmful than anything.
Let's just eat the cake.
Thank you.
Uhjjoo! No Ri, you too!
She's recognized a dummy!
These guys...
Melong (sticking tongue out/ way of teasing)
Baek Eun Jo!
Chef! Are you worried about something??
Your face has a look of concern.
Oh, are you finished?
Yes, of course! I cleaned everything.
Good job.
Perhaps, did something happen to Ha Ni?
Why would something happen to Ha Ni?
You can go home now.
Yes, Chef. I'll be leaving.
Okay. Good work today.
- Get home safely. - Yes!
Here we go No Ri, let's check your temperature.
No Ri gets fevers very often.
He's also a patient that was in ICU for over 6 months.
So, you should have been more careful around him.
If you play around with a sick kid like this, what would happen?
I'm sorry.
Please be cautious.
I'm sorry, No Ri.
This is nothing. I'm already used to it.
After Eun Jo got admitted, everyday is fun.
I can learn from Seung Jo hyung.
And I have laughed a lot because of Ha Ni noona.
I wasn't intending to be funny though...
Okay, let's just rest for today.
When your fever goes down, I'll teach you again.
What is his sickness?
It seems like he has a problem with his heart.
Oh, I see.
That little kid has to get shots, take tests, and eat bitter medicine everyday.
He can't even do everything he wants to do.
There's no use in your crying.
That's right.
If it was you, you could have done something to help him.
What can I do?
You're a genius.
So if you put your mind into being a doctor, you can easily do it.
So, it would be great if you could be a doctor, so you could heal many people like No Ri.
Everyone would be grateful towards you.
How does it sound?
If you tell me to become a doctor, does that mean I have to become a doctor?
Yeah, please do it. It's a really good idea right?
Being a doctor is best for you.
Baek Seung Jo wearing an all white lab coat...
I want to see you like that.
You're incorrigible . . .
You go to the hospital everyday?
So, everyday you're with Baek Seung Jo?
Because Mother leaves during the day, it's just us two.
If only Baek Seung Jo's little brother would be hospitalized a little longer.
Hey, what are you saying...
No? What no
We can see everything, Oh Ha Ni!
What are you saying?
You're not allowed to fool around with the wheelchairs!
How do you read this?
How much is it?
Yes, what does it mean?
How much is this?
Hey guys, let's eat a snack.
What is this?
Hey, what's the use in knowing that?
The No Ri that we love
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday!
No Ri, happy birthday!
Eun Jo, congratulations on being discharged.
Thank you.
Seung Jo hyung and Ha Ni noona, thank you for teaching me.
Okay. If there's something you don't know, always call me.
You know my phone number, right?
Yes, I will.
No Ri, get healed quickly.
Yes, this kind of disease won't be a problem.
No Ri,
No Ri,
Eun Jo, I'm fine.
I'm going to get healed quickly and come over to your house.
I will definitely come over too.
Yes. You must come.
Yes, I will definitely come.
No Ri didn't cry...
and he held it in really well.
He's probably had to say goodbye to a friend that's gotten discharged first before. Even though he's sad too.
Eun Jo, we're going.
Eun Jo! Congratulations on your discharge from the hospital!
Ha Ni, you came back well!
Dad, what is all this?
It seemed like I didn't know how you felt...
and that I was being stubborn about doing things my way.
Up til now, the upstairs room...
was really uncomfortable, wasn't it?
Seeing you cry (laugh?) at the hospital, I thought that you must be a part of this family.
Welcome Ha Ni.
(Seung Jo's) Mother.
Yeah. Welcome back, Ha Ni!
Thank you, Ahjushi.
Then what about my room?
Your room is with your brother.
No! I don't want to give up my room again.
You need to say thank you to your noona.
No. I just did what I had to do.
I'm tired. Give us dinner.
You can go up now.
Ha Ni, you finished everything too?
Yes, I'll finish up the rest.
Okay, then it's a favor.
Good night.
Ha Ni.
Why aren't you sleeping yet?
I want to drink some water.
Eun Jo, you didn't sleep yet.
This time, you helped with a lot of things.
Thank you.
He has some cuteness to him.
You were here.
I guess I ended up moving back in.
Just don't get in the way.
Ah, you came?
Why are you still here and not leaving?
I was going to go after finishing this.
Go upstairs first.
Ha Ni, go up.
Ha Ni, wait.
Today, Bong Joon Gu's first piece of work was a success.
Ha Ni, you haven't eaten dinner yet, have you?
I knew it would be like that, so I made these.
Sit down, sit down.
Father, sit down please.
Here. Look forward to it!
Bong Joon Gu's first piece of work!
Bong(?) Dumplings!
This is called Bong Dumplings. Inside the dumpling there is another dumpling.
I made it after getting special permission from your father.
I'm not sure if it turned out well.
I have one for Father too.
Try it and please critique it.
I was waiting so long for you to come home.
But, what to do?
I already ate dinner.
Really? You already ate?
Ah, what a waste.
You did quite a good job on the shape.
Does it really look like that?
Father, try it once.
This is kind of embarrassing and I'm nervous.
Oh. Joon Gu.
There... um....
We decided to move back into Seung Jo's house.
It's a bit uncomfortable here, and kind of hard on my back.
And Seung Jo's family wants us too.
We just decided to do it that way.
Just know that. Okay?
Ah yes, yes.
I feel like I'm getting permission from you.
You did well. Good Job.
Ha Ni, it is my first piece of work. So try it at least once.
Eat it, okay?
I feel sorry towards Joon Gu...
but I'm really happy about being able to be next to Seung Jo again.
I'm excited but nervous at the same time.
Will I be able to do a good job?
Oh. Where did it go?
I know I brought it in.
Is this yours?
You took it didn't you?
It was on the ground right here.
Who would steal childish panties like those?
I only wear them once in a while.
I usually wear ones that have a lot of lace.
You don't have a body that can be considered sexy though.
Even the A Cup must be too big...
Did you stop growing after elementary school?
What did you say?
Seeing you like that, and not thinking of anything...
Isn't that a big problem?
Is it that fun to make fun of me?
If you don't like living with me, you can just say it.
You just grumpily keep making fun of people.
I'm grumpy?
Yeah. Why am I doing that?
When I see you I can't help but want to tease you.
But isn't the one with the problem you? You even drop those kinds of things.
It's good that you two have gotten closer...
but before marriage, it's good to be a little more careful.
Since Eun Jo is here too.
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When are you going to select your major?
During my second year.
Then, when you decide what major you're going to take...
Will you be able to do it?
If a bunch of people choose the same major,
They decide using grades, and I'll have to compete in that manner...
But it seems that those circumstances are unlikely.
Well, I'm just saying...
It would be nice if you went into business.
I'm not interested in that area.
Ah, Why?
Please drop me off right over there.
Are you going into class?
Seung Jo!
Hey, when you think it's going well with him...
Why is he so fickle?!
Is he being mean again?
This time, it feels different from the last, though.
I don't know.
What- I mean, you said you even kissed.
Like this... you said you hugged too.
But, I mean, why in the world is he being like that??
I don't know if he's interested in me or not.
It's very frustrating.
Min Ah, don't you have any good ideas?
To find out if he's interested in me or not.
Ah, then should we try the "yawning method?"
Yawning method?
So, now the word "concluded" is basically the same as "to finish" something.
You start it and it's over, so therefore, it's concluded.
Now, the second sentence we're going to look at
Tariffs lowered on industrial goods and services.
In this particular sentence,
Yawning is somewhat contagious. So if you see someone yawn, you find yourself following.
Just use that.
You yawn during class.
But if Seung Jo yawns after you,
then that means he has glanced over at you.
If he's not interested, why would he look at you?
So, you're going to make effort to get it.
They're both advocating a deal, it means they both really want the deal.
Is my lesson really that boring guys?
It's ruined.
I haven't suffered from anything so far.
I met my parents well (saying) so I've lived comfortably.
Yeah, You and Me...
I just lived off my greatness.
Since all the attention that was supposed to be pointed at the world was actually pointed towards me.
What do we do??
It seems we belong together more and more.
That's when, Oh Ha Ni came to our house.
Looking at her...
I came to realize that maybe the world has different plans for me.
And that is right, and maybe I'm wrong.
It was quite surprising
So I should experience the world more...
I think about it often, lately.
Anyways, thank you He Ra.
That I could talk to someone about this ...
It's a relief
If you can forget me, try forgetting me... if you can forget me... try forgett-
Hey, Ha Ni ah!
It's good that you came. Come over here.
Ha Ni ah, the thing that you were talking about - the 'timing'
The timing of the kiss
I keep practicing this at home, but It seems there's a problem.
"If you can forget me, try forgetting me." this is 4.3 seconds...
During that time, what if Hae Ra leaves before then.
You'll have to do it before she leaves.
Of course, I have to do it before she leaves.
But you see, that timing doesn't really work out.
Oh, well, what if you were... stand right here for me.
EH?! No, I don't want to
I did it for you that day, what's the need to do it again?
Please, do it for me.
I'll do it instead.
Ok, then you do it. Stand right here.
It worked well for Seung Jo.
When I put my hand like this, the head that was facing down, tilt it up .
If you can forget me...
You saw that just now, right? The timing wasn't right
Before the conversation is over, he already came it.
It's too long, this 4.3 seconds.
Sunbae, do you want to try it holding a racquet?
When you hold a racket, you turn into a completely different person. Confidence, and burning eyes.
Hae Ra!
Oh my god! You startled me
Oh, what do we do
Aigoo, you even fold clothes so well.
Hey, when I did all this housework, it got so tiring, but now that I have you to talk to. It's so fun!
Its really true that a person can't live all by themselves
Yes, it's true.
Oh, Ha Ni! Can you get the laundry from Seung Jo's room?
Tomorrow is Eun Jo's day to take his P.E. outfit.
It seems I have forgotten!
Sure, I'll be right back
You know that closet towards the inside, right?
I know
OH! It's the couples T-shirt!
He still has it.
Room for rent
Part time job?
What are you doing in someone else's room?
You came?
She told me to bring Eun Jo's gym clothes.
Then you should have just gotten it and left. What are you looking through?
Truthfully, I heard something from Kyung Soo Sunbae.
He said that you might even move out of this house.
Cham... anyways, he's a little weird, right?
It's true.
I'm going to leave this house.
What do you mean why? Do I need to get your permission for that too?
That's not it....
Perhaps, is it because I came in? Are you leaving because of me?
Anyways, it has nothing to do with you.
Don't relate everything to yourself.
What do you mean you're leaving this house?
Until now, under your supervision...
I have lived comfortably.
But I think it's now time to think about the path ahead of me.
Just once, living by myself, getting a part time job...
I want to throw myself into an absolutely unprotected world and watch over myself.
What kind of person am I?
What can I do?
That's not a bad idea.
Aigoo, but still...
It hasn't been long since Ha Ni has come back.
Hey, Seung Jo.
It has nothing to do with her.
It's my life.
Go try it out.
What should I do?
Seung Jo is going to move out of this house.
I came back into this house.
But this time, Seung Jo...
is going to leave.
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Where is Baek Seung Jo?
If I don't try,
We couldn't even meet like this.
It's Seung Jo.
Seung Jo, what are you doing by yourself?
In what area are you living right now?
Hey, Baek Seung Jo.
Since she doesn't have a chance, tell her to give up.
Tell her like a man.
Seung Jo!
All of a sudden...
It must be lonely living by yourself.
Well it doesn't seem all that bad since I'm with Yoon Hae Ra.
What? Roomate?!
Did something happen?
No, I'm fine.