SJ foresight ep6 [eng & spa subs]

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anyway, Ryeowook-shi, you look fantastic today
trank you!. from servant I got promoted to pretty boy
as you all can see, our dress concept today is cool city man
why is it so ordinary today?
you look better than other days
this is my pajama!
you go to sleep like this ?... are you crazy?
my concept is a son of CEO
you look like just a son
since dressed up, let's take a pose thinking we're on a runway
walk what?
run a way. actually, it's runway, but I thought I might be wrong. so, run a way!
ok,let's start off with Ryeowook
wait!... what's up with your leg?
ok! next, Kyuhyun-shi
I just have to walk, right?
and I just have to walk back
go, Eunhyuk
haven't you seen a collection?
he's boasting around because he's been on runway once
on 2009, it was SF collection... I did the opening
just walk for God's sake!!
walk naturally...
because you do that?~~
Kyuhyun-shi served food to sumbaes
then what happens today?
we have prepared it for you, seniors
us their sumbaes, right? ahh yeah~
just for me?
then we are going to serve us?
lemonade for Leeteuk, because he sparks like a lemon
ahh~ thank you, Hyo Rin
I also want lemonade
red ginseng juice for Eunhyuk, because he is always full of power and charisma as he dances
ahhh~ she's such a good girl
w...what? you don't know what it is?
will not know
what it is?
this is... citron tea
wait, wait! have you add something into it?
a citron tea is good for your throat
he looks weaker than us... so nutrition tonic for you
isn't it too much?
it seems to have fluorescent material in it
have a toast and bottoms up!
for "SISTA's" great success of 2011!
3 MC quietly drinking
Kyuhyun also stopped drinking after 1° drink
RW: Kyuhyun-shi also under its crown
she's happy...
because he liked
due to Hyo Ri's sincerityn, I'll drink it up
ohh,this is not bad, I like
then I'll drink it up too even though I don't know what Dasom add something into it
maybe you'll laugh for no reason after drinking it
Ryeowook-shi looks scared
Ryeowook-shi, you'll be good if you drink a nutrition tonic
just drink it with one hand as a man does
just drink it one
Ryeowook-shi just drink it for God's sake!
Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun
I'm double crown?
he didn't want to show it off
ahh~ Bora
I'm a double crown too
Bora is a double crown too. what would there be?
I'm gonna show you right now... tripping over idols!!
I watched this again before I came here
I was watching when he tripped and wooo! scare me
if you say so, try it
you who have watched have to show it. how do you do it?
Kyuhyun-shi, Kyuhyun-shi
how was it? make a demonstration
who would do this?!
so she was singing and dancing when he slipped and fell this head
it was also an issue in foreign countries
it was ranked 2nd place at one of american show
if you replay only that part, it's really funny
you said you're a tripping over idol
KH: so is Eunhyuk-shi
when did you..?
when you we'ew doing a radio..
ahh that is a legend
he was laughing alone and then tripped over by himself
he didn't get hurt
you said??!
he didn't get hurt u_u [xD!]
as you say that~
then when Kyuhun-shi?
I was running and tripped over
but I went to the next step as nothing happened
I thought nobody knew but you knew
then do you accept this relationship?
yes, I do
his real name is Kyuhyun , but there was almost a big happening
the president thought my name is so usual, he said "Kyuhyun, Kyu... Gyu ¿how about GyuHyun?"
then changed the K of Kyuhyun by G of Gyuhyun
my manager got shocked and asked the president not to use it
so the president decided to go with my real name Kyuhyun
what about Eunhyuk?
don't laugh, don't laugh!
my name is Lee Hyuk Jae [same with comedian name]
you do all the talk, and I do the singing part?
of course
show it to us , Kyuhyun-shi
he even brings his own mic
hyungs imitating the maknae!!
shock! trapped!
Eunhyuk listened quietly trying to hide it
nice skills maknae, perfect~!
ahh Kyuhyun-shi is a great singer
did you all like it?
it was wonderful
we really like Park Hyo Shin's songs
"stupid" part was very impressive
"stupid", "stupid","stupid"
so you said that's the part you feel most sympathy of?
I watched one of these awards cremony perfomances, the person with all silver was dancing
with a mask?
yes! so I thought that person was so wonderful. and he turned out to be Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk danced with silver clothes and a silver mask, then after dance
when he took off his mask, everyon was like wahh~!!!
yes!, that was the funniest part
that was so awesome
Bora is your fan
Eunhyuk-shi show how dance is supposed to be like
I'm so looking forward to it!
the music comes out, and Eunhyuk goes out
as you dance, go to each one of them and lead them
by myself? what about together...?
you go by yourself, just do it with your friends
music, please!
that is our Eunhyukie!
sexy! yeah!!
imitating the sound they make babies
the sound comes from her throat
ok, let's go with Bobby Kim!
is it that funny?.. is funny?
imitating the sound of a seal
its so weird
how do you do that?!
this is so rare
it's just not ordinary, individual skill it's extraordinary
there is always good-looking member in groups
EH: I mean there is KH: what?!
it's called the beauty
so Eunhyuk-shi will show you the beauty
yes, show beauty to your gestures
EH:I have to do it myself? KH: yes
first, music please
the last killer technique~!!
I think Eunhyuk-shi is gifted
in the floor
I feel it's little undone to just finish it here
what? no way~
you can do it
Kyuhyun-shi first of all, we will show the sexy gestures
music please!