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We train ourselves all day long, except for eating and sleeping.
I get up, and one session.
Eat breakfast and rest a little,
and then another session.
Eat lunch and rest a little,
and then one more session for the evening.
Three times a day.
In the morning, I do cross-fit.
It helps boost physical strength.
During the day there is team training, which is martial arts technic.
In the evening, I lift weights.
I start the day with running and kick-boxing.
During the day, I do comprehensive training,
which is MMA skills.
In the evening, I lift weights and train cross-fit.
I practice MMA technic, run,
and lift weights.
I also practice sparring.
Right before the match, I train about seven hours a day.
During off-season, about four hours a day.
It's like triathlon, in other words.
It's practically the same.
For Judo players, all they need to is practice Judo.
Wrestlers, practice wrestling.
But for MMA fighters,
they have to train hits, wrestling, and ground.
And again they have to comprehend all in one.
Moreover, they have to condition themselves and strategize. They have a full-package training schedule.
Ah, it's really endless once you start.
But you cannot not start.
Hits, wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu are very fundamental.
Moreover, you also have to train to associate everything together.
It (skills) all has to mingle together.
Because you have to associate everything as one,
you have to do a certain training that is specific to MMA.
(Team MAD - Kick-boxing, JiuJitsu, Conditioning)
Man, I want to go home.
We used to train focused on wrestling and ground skills,
we are now trying to take a different style.
These days, MMA matches are held in cages,
many wrestling defense skills and hit combination are needed
And this style is getting more popular as well.
I have to say, if you think of recent UFC matches,
less ground skills are used.
Instead, from featherweight to heavyweight,
most matches are played in 'standing style'.
In UFC matches, there is a big cage.
And there is no corner,
so a lot of wrestling skills were used.
These days, however, they utilize a lot of hitting combination.
You use wrestling defense skills while chasing the opponent to the end of the cage and hit.
He is a hitting skill coach of our team.
His name is Hyunwoo Kim.
He is the first generation Muay Thai fighter in Korea.
He is good at boosting combination skills.
I am planning to make more 'drills' for practice.
At the end of the day, repetition is important for any sports.
As in basketball, they practice dribbling and passing when they start.
It's the same in MMA.
Practicing skills in repetition,
the skills that I want to see.
And I want those skills to be familiarized by players.
Overall, I want them to be custom-tailored to each player.
If you look at Kyungho Kang,
he always arrives at the gym before his scheduled training.
And he goes home last among others.
I can sense that he is training hard, even when I am not checking on him.
I think the most important factor is personality, indeed.
And, passion?
I can roughly picture how far a player can achieve.
In the old days, physical sense was considered important,
but I think diligence is most important nowadays.
MMA is, indeed, individual sports, however,
you can never play it individually.
It is really important, totally.
There are so many things you cannot achieve by yourself (in MMA).
I believe teamwork is very important,
attitude specific to Koreans, especially.
Yes, individualism is stronger for foreigners.
While they play for their own good,
Koreans value teamwork more importantly.
That's why Koreans play more team-oriented sports.
What makes me stronger is my teammates.
Unless my partner is strong,
I can never be stronger.
He is the best partner.
Really, he (Myungho) is.
I can prepare whoever my opponent might be,
as Myungho is all-rounded fighter,
he is good at everything.
There is no partner like him in Korea.
Usually, other partners play with his own style only.
But Myungho is good at everything, from ground skills to wrestling, and hitting.
One of the reasons I could win in UFC matches is
because of him.
I feel more comfortable in matches.
He'll make it to UFC too.
Ah, that was quite a turnover.
Give me a minute.
That was close.
When coach teaches him technics,
he learns them very quickly and fully.
He's great.
As a sparring partner,
when I'm with him,
we have fun, and go through difficulties,
and share happy moments too.
After training,
he gives me advice as well,
how I did today, and so on. He is a great help.
The fact that I am fighting on a stage I was dreaming about
is exciting.
I think about the opponent as well, but
I don't spend too much time thinking.
As a matter of fact, my partner
Doohwan Kim has similar physique (with the opponent).
So when I practice sparring with Doohwan,
I can estimate how my opponent will be.
That's how I practice.
Actually, he is a lot bigger (than the opponent).
Hyunkyu Lim to debut in UFC this November 'Against Brazillian Champion'
Hyunkyu Lim is a Jon Jones of UFC Welterweight His reach is 2m, longer than that of Anderson Silva
"Until I retire... I want to fight as UFC fighter."
Ace Hyunkyu Lim "Next UFC Candidate? Entering is my dream"
PXC Champion Hyunkyu Lim Enters UFC '4 matches to be played'
I feel somewhat burdened.
I was an unknown.
As I entered UFC all of a sudden,
I became too popular overnight.
That gives me some burden.
Especially, an interview like this.
I have to control my mind,
and deal with loneliness as a fighter.
This, just like this.
I'm still good,
I'm on TV, and being interviewed on.
These things change my thinking.
I try to think good things only.
I can be best when I am psychologically stable.
(I tell myself) the reason I am here,
where others can't be, even though they want to be.
When I first started this (MMA)
I've really wanted to come to this place.
This is what I always keep in mind.
I tend to stay comfortably.
Not restrained to anything else,
and do whatever I want to do,
and that keeps me going.
I tell myself to trust myself
'I can do this' I tell myself.
Just do as I practiced before.
I keep telling these things to myself.
The opponent happens to be not that strong, you know.
So I am relieved about opponent's play.
He was doing front kicks, and...
(It was overwhelming) 'Martial Arts Handsome Boy' Kyungho Kang, the fourth Korean UFC fighter
(I was longing for that moment so much) Dongui graduate MMA fighter, Kyungho Kang enters UFC
(As a fighter, I've always wanted to fight in such a big competition) "Feeling indescribable loss, Kyungho Kang injured"
(That was my pride, I wanted to try out what I've got.) UFC Kyungho Kang injured, Macao debut match canceled.
There are two joints and a knuckle in a toe,
in his knuckle part, right here,
the inner part was broken.
He has a fracture.
He trained three training sessions a day, didn't miss a day.
He trained really hard.
He prepared so much for this match.
It's a great loss.
He's calm, more than you can expect.
He says he's sorry for his opponent, rather.
The opponent must have been preparing a lot as well.
He understands how that is.
He feels sorry for the opponent.
I was injured a lot too.
Several matches were canceled.
I was injured a lot, knees, elbows, eyes..
Once you get injured,
you can't play any match for about ten months.
That's very difficult.
Even as I earn money as a fighter,
matches can get canceled for other reasons,
and after a few months, I have to spend here and there.
You are left with nothing in the end.
It's not what it looks like.
Eventually, who will be responsible for my life.
Here, inner part, medial collateral ligament
is broken.
I don't have ligament in this part.
Up until now, if I intensify training,
there is a big pain in my knee.
I regret it, I should have taken proper measures for recovery then.
It shouldn't be this painful. I think about it often.
At first, when I take a bus, and elderly people yielded seats thinking I was disabled.
I should have said 'No, thank you.', instead, I said 'Thank you' and sat down.
It happend several times. Not only to me but to my juniors as well.
Is it muscle spasm?
Is it spasm?
Stop shooting, please!
You can get injured even when you are the one hitting,
or you can get bent, or crashed.
Your ankle can get sprained...
It's always nervous.
But we can't stop training.
Stopping will decrease their competency.
Go back to your training.
We were training wrestling, and I tried tackling,
against the partner's body.
My head got bent, by hitting in wrong direction
and muscle got tense.
My next match is coming soon,
I can't get injured.
Thinking of that, I became tense and angry.
Because I can't quit sports.
That gave me a short nervous attack.
It (possibility of injury) happens sometimes.
But when it happens right before a match,
I get somewhat sensitive on these issues.
My partner did nothing wrong,
I was tackling in wrong direction.
And then I crashed myself to his body in wrong direction. (So, it's okay.)
(Team MAD MMA)
Kyungho, you came?
Did you get a surgery?
Did you get a surgery?
It happened yesterday, when could I have a surgery?
It doesn't hurt when I don't move.
When I stand with frontal part, it's painful,
otherwise, it's okay.
I'm sorry for the opponent.
That's what Kyungho said.
Why did you do that?
Well, I got overly excited..
I was in too good condition, and sparring went too well,
I was sparring with my partner and stepped on something
and I saw one of my toes was bent in opposite direction.
I did nothing.. I was hit.
We were sparring,
he did front kick
and I got hit..
It could've been dislocation
and it didn't hurt much.
I didn't know it and continued sparring for a minute or so.
My rib should have broken instead.. Ah..
As I was stepping, the toe was hung loose.
I went to see a doctor, and heard I need a surgery.
Then I made my mind...
'I can't make it to the match..'
Just by looking at his face,
I feel bad.
He looks proud, isn't he?
No, what am I to be proud of?
Really, I feel bad.
It was my mistake,
me feeling sorry is a given.
Nothing can be done about it now, so I took it as it is.
But people were looking forward to my match,
and the opponenet, he must have been preparing by analyzing my style.
That is something I should feel responsible for.
And I felt somewhat guilty too.
Do you have to keep this for a while?
This will do?
You don't need whole cast?
Because it's a toe, it was problematic.
I used to prepare for matches alone,
but I had Kyungho with me this time.
Whether we were in weight management phase,
or for other difficult phases, we held each other up.
It was nice to have a mate.
Suddenly I am alone for all that,
I feel lonelier comparatively, fighting alone.
Anyway, I have to start thinking positively, from now on.
'This was meant to be alone.' this is what I should think.
Why do we need toes?
I don't understand why human bodies need toes.
If we didn't have toes, he wouldn't have got injured.
We could have just the foot, no toes.
Why do we need them?
We can't grasp anything with them, can we?
You mean this?
So this part got broken?
My fourth toe is dislocated, here.
Look, it's out of place, right?
It gets loose again, I think it's habitual dislocation.
There were many people who congratulated me,
cheered for me, and were looking forward to the match
I am really sorry for bringing you such bad news.
I believe coming back with a great match
will be the only way to return your support.
To do that, I will start training hard again.
By the way, the comments on the web...
Ah.. I got caught..
I went to Pix Club last year,
and to promote the club,
they posted pictures of pretty ladies, you know?
I was captured in the picture, drunken like this.
It was last year,
people were making bad comments about it before the match.
"Are you allowed to go to clubs before the match?"
And they were cussing me.
Unless I'm out of mind, would I go (there)..
And way back there, very vaguely,
there is another man.
It was Myungho and people somehow recognized him.
How could they have spotted him.. wow..
What's unbelievable is, it was my profile,
No no, you can't really recognize a person, but then,
it was dark,
black hair and dark mustache.
Then it has to be Myungho, his facial line and everything.
Well I..
in the comments.. ah...
What about you?
When we have three months left before a match,
We don't even taste a drop of alcohol.
We don't smoke at all, to begin with.
Even when people recognize me on the street,
I tend to guess, 'he could have cussed me on the web'
I can't be kind to them anymore.
There are more bad things than good things these days...