Dave Mosher's Month at the Museum 2 entry video

Uploaded by davesciwriter on 19.07.2011

>> Dave Mosher: Hi MSI
my name is Dave and I'm a science reporter
who lives in the Big Apple.
I tried living in a museum for a month here
but I didn't exactly receive a warm welcome.
I hang out around brainiacs a lot
so I'm good at translating things like this...
A collapse shockwave triggered unstable lepton and entropy profiles
to drive a Rayleigh-Taylor like overturn
…into this…
The star exploded!
During my 30 days I'll ditch my bed
and sleep in a different place every single night.
Even that creepy body worlds exhibit.
And I can't wait to meet your visitors!
We'll have a blast together,
even dissecting eyeballs.
I don't have a lot of time left,
but there are a few things you should know.
One is that I'm really great with kids...
[horrified screaming]
…my fiance is really excited…
…my coworkers are pumped…
>>Arikia Millikan: There's no bar?
>>Dave: …scientists dig me…
>>Sean Carroll: Don't ever call me again.
>>Dave: …and my peers respect me a lot.
>>Robert Krulwich: You're a great reporter? [cackling laugh]
>>Dave: Oh, and I really like spaceships.
[cheering, rocket launch rumble]