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Hey guys.
I'm David with DanceOn, and I'm bringing you your weekly
recap of So You Think You Can Dance, season nine.
This week we're at the top six.
We have solos, all-star performances, and performances
between the different dancers.
There's a lot going on so I'm just going to do it in order
of the show.
Tiffany and Benji's jive was totally precise,
totally fun to watch.
I was really happy to see Benji
dancing on the show again.
Tiffany's flicks, as the judges mentioned, were
completely on it.
She was just performing the heck out of the dance.
One thing that I did notice was a little strange was that
the floor seemed very slippery.
I don't know why, but they just seemed to be sliding
around a little bit.
For Cole and Melanie's contemporary, Sonya made a
good choice by giving Cole a more vulnerable role.
I thought that Melanie was a perfect partner for Cole.
She totally held her own and it was very androgynous.
I really think Cole did well at showing a
more vulnerable side.
And I thought that the choreography was very varied
and very interesting to watch.
And, of course, I enjoyed watching Melanie again.
She's always fantastic.
I'm not covering all the solos.
I never really do.
But I do have to say that Chehon fell out of his
pirouette [INAUDIBLE].
And I was a little like, hmm, that sucks.
Eliana and Twitch's hip hop was not necessarily memorable.
I do remember that Eliana made an effort to keep her knees
bent and, like, sort of make her good technique less good
for the sake of hip hop, which I thought was interesting.
Her jump in second, of course, was awesome.
Chehon and Katherine's suitcase routine was so good.
Chehon finally loosened up, which was so nice to see.
He finally was emotionally available.
Tyce's use of the suitcase was really great.
And I thought of Katherine, of course.
I mean, she's incredible.
This was really one of the highlights of the night.
While I was watching Cole's solo, I had noticed that he's
improved so much over the course of the show.
He's incorporating a lot more dance.
I'm obsessed with his mom, also.
She's adorable.
But it's just-- his audition, there was much more Kung Fu
stuff and now it's much more dancey, and he's really
improved his technique.
Witney and Marko's lyrical jazz was great.
I was really watching Witney the entire time.
Even though I was glad to have Marko back, she's just
She is such a performer.
Every movement had a motivation.
I was really enthralled by her performance in this one.
I have to say that while I was watching Cyrus and Comfort's
dubstep, Cyrus didn't even hold his own in his own style.
I think Comfort completely floored him.
She was bigger, more specific.
Everything about her movement was more interesting to watch.
He was sloppy.
When they were doing the Jacob's Ladder hand thing, in
the slo-mo, you can see that his hands
weren't even straight.
I honestly don't even know why the judges go crazy over him,
because even in his own style, he was unimpressive.
In Chehon and Witney's cha-cha, I felt
really bad for Chehon.
I just don't think he understands how to move his
hips in Latin dancing.
Witney, on the other hand, was just completely nailing it.
I guess that she could have added a little bit more hips,
as the judges said.
But she's just such a performer, and this is her
style, and she was just flowing from
one move to the next.
It was fantastic.
Of course, the Mia Michaels piece was
the best of the night.
I don't understand what Mia Michaels has going on in her
head, but she always puts out the most brilliant dances.
The contrast of the music she chose, "Adagio For Strings,"
with the sharp movements was just brilliant.
The lighting was brilliant.
It was just great performance from both of the dancers.
Honestly, Cole is the partner that Eliana should have had at
the beginning of the show.
All those weeks with Cyrus, this is what she could have
done with a partner like Cole.
This is definitely going to be a piece that I remember far
after this season.
Lastly, in Tiffany and Cyrus's Broadway routine, honestly, it
could have been a solo for Tiffany.
She was completely selling it.
Her hair, just whipping it around.
And Cyrus looked like an idiot.
Witney ended up leaving, and I do have to say that it was her
time to go.
It's good that she made it this far.
I think she improved.
But between her, Tiffany, and Eliana, it really made sense
that she was the one to leave.
And Cole left, which was crap.
I am so mad that Cyrus is in the finale.
I don't think that he deserves to be there.
It's not going to be an exciting finale for the boys'
end of things because Chehon's going to win.
I hope Chehon wins.
If Chehon doesn't win, then I'm leaving.
Anyway, that's it.
I will be there next week for the finale.
I'm so excited, regardless of the Cyrus crap.
And until then, thank you so much for watching, and I will
see you later.