Ghulam (1998) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 2

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First be nice to him. If he doesn't agree, rough him up.
But not as hard as you punched me, okay?
Take this. - What's in it?
How are you concerned?
I've to give it to him. - So what?
I should know what is there in it.
This contains your brother's wedding invitation..
..with Salgaonkar's mother.
Do you want to do this job?
No, yes, I have to do it.
Then do it, why do you have to ask questions. Are you a lawyer?
Ronnie, there is some problem in Nandu's account.
Ronnie, believe me! I've not done anything.
Believe me. Ronnie, forgive me.
l tally it to 42,000/-, he has credited just 33,000/-.
No.. please don't brother Ronnie.
l've done nothing. Forgive me, please.
You fool! You pocket my money?
How dare you! How dare you do it!
You lie to the very person that pays you?
Had he asked me for it, would l have refused?
Have I refused you anything? I give whatever you ask for.
I look after you like my own kids.
Even then he stole from me! Throw the vermin out!
If I see you around here again, l'll break your knees!
Better check it.
Damn good! Jai, you've brains. Keep the amount.
I'll get you a few more ifyou like.
Simply wonderful! Sidhu.. Your brother is a genius.
His brains and my heart wilI conquer Mumbai one day!
Give him a good job. He just boxes the whole day.
Boxing is good.
lt's my line too. It'll come in handy someday.
Now keep this, and get going.
Hi Munna..
Here. Keep this.
May I have my bike?
Take this. Now go.
good shot Salgaonkar.
See you tomorrow. - Sure. See you.
"My name is Chin Chin Chu, Chin Chin Chu, Chin Chin Chu.."
"It's a moonlit night, with only me and you..
..hello mister how do you do.."
Hey, Salgaonkar, how do you do?
Who is it? - Over here.
Here. - What is it?
A love letter.
Who has sent it? - lt's all inside. Read it.
"My name is Chin Chin Chu, Chin Chin Chu, Chin Chin Chu.."
"It's a moonlit night, with only me and you..
What nonsense is this! I don't do all this.
Now get out.
Do you have 7.50 paise on you? - What?
That's the price.
It's a Chinese balm on bruises and pains. You gonna need it!
Yes, or No? - No!
No! Not my bat! No. Please.
Move! - Not my bat!
What do you say now?
Good! Here, you can have this Chinese balm free.
His face is all blackened..
Shall I wipe it for you?
What a gait!
Charlie.. move aside.
See what he did to me.
Is it a man to man or a free for aIl?
I'm enough for you.
Move! Move aside.
What's happening here? Can't you hear?
Get back! Ifyou fight I'll arrest you both. Now get going.. okay?
Come on, get going!
Get going! Do l have to tell you again?
Come on, get going from here!
The account's incomplete. - Shall I complete it for you?
WilI you run 10:10?
Never mind, Charlie.
He doesn't have the guts!
Hey Charlie Chaplin.. Where do I come?
Tonight at 9:30 p.m. At Sanpada station.
They made a fool out ofyou and vanished.
Nobody will come. It's all crap.
But what is the "10:10 Run"?
And who the hell are these non-entity motorbike riders?
So! You've come, eh? Ready for the 10:10 Run.
I'm ready even for a 100:100!
See, hear and understand. Then talk, okay?
Right over there.. Just after that turning is the Sanpada station.
At exactly 10 past 10 a fast train will start from there..
.., heading this way right on this track here!
When the train comes at that turning, that girl..
..will drop a hanky, and, you've to run towards the train!
On this very track. And this is a flag.
Stick it where you get offthe track.
And right over there.. Can you see that pole?
That red cloth hanging on it, marks Charlie's record.
Ifyou jump offthe track before the pole, you lose.
Then whenever you meet Charlie you'll bow and salute him.
And suppose I pass your Charlie's pole, then?
It has never happened before, and if it does..
..then Charlie will run! And when Charlie runs..
..even the fastest train salutes him!
This guy's out to kill you!
Yes. Don't take on a train. It concerns your life. Let's go.
Yes, Sidhu, we'll retreat. No need to show them such daring!
What the hell are you doing? Are you mad?
Leave it, friend.
Run Siddhu, run!