Jennifer Barrera - People of Australia ambassador

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 16.01.2012

Jennifer, Hullo there, how are you?
Come in. Thank you. I think the thing I find most satisfying about working in the
community is seeing someone newly arrived establish themselves, find a home, find schools

for their children, learn English, meet people, start to integrate and participate in

community life, and then go on to find employment and really establish themselves.

So I love to see someone when they're newly arrived, and then two, three, four, five
years down the track, where their children are going to school, and they're working, and
they're really achieving success.
And you will be able to help Dad with all the interpreting? Yes. I'm CEO of
the Wyndham Community and Education Centre, which is a community provider, which provides
education and settlement services.
The sort of thing that I do is to help people when they need to find housing, to help

them when they need to find educational programs, so it's about assisting them with
pathways into training or into employment, helping them to complete forms, documents,

helping them to prepare them for interviews.
It's about talking to them about applying for citizenship.
It's also about assisting them to get their children into schools, to enrol them.
And what's that green leaf.
What's that called? I love learning about people's food and their traditions.

I love learning about the culture around family traditions.
I feel that working as part of the community and working closely with lots of different
members of the community enriches my life.
I hope I'm able to give something back to them as well.
We don't all do things in the same way but at the end of the day, we are all human beings

and we all want one thing, and that is usually to live a peaceful and a happy life, to
have a settled family and to be able to go about our daily business in peace and harmony.