Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Miranda Cosgrove - Everything That Really Matters - Ep. 15

Uploaded by dreammining on 26.08.2011

DRM Ep 14

SARAH: Hey guys! A new episode of The Rundown of Everything That Really

LILLY: From Dream Mining Academy in NYC.

SARAH: I’m Sarah

LILLY: And I’m

SARAH: Okay, forgive me if this is weird,
but do you smell really good today? Like you never smell bad,
but you’re not exactly the perfume type...

LILLY: Well, I didn’t used to be. But then
Justin Bieber made “Someday”
and there you go. Love makes a girl do strange things, Sarah.

SARAH: Wow, and that’s why
you bought all that purple nail polish!
I knew something was up!

LILLY: Oh, you mean the shade called “I’ve Got Bieber Fever”?

SARAH: Oh my god.

LILLY: It’s cool, the Biebs is working with the nail polish brand
OPI to
make these hot nail colors and the proceeds go to the charity
Pencils of Promise that helps build schools and stuff all over the world.

is pretty cool. And I like that you’re branching out
with your style. Wow, you got Bieber Fever pretty bad.

LILLY: I know, I know. I just
wanna be one less lonely girl.

SARAH: Moving on, so what do you think of Skyscraper by
Demi Lovato?

LILLY: I like it! I’m glad she’s back and making music again.
It’s so soulful, huh?

SARAH: Yeah, it’s pretty epic. Oh, speaking of teen queens and
did you hear that Miranda Cosgrove is playing guitar on her tour?
I feel like most singers just sing, you know.

LILLY: I play guitar!

SARAH: Well, you’re
the most talented person I know!

LILLY: Awwww, you are.

SARAH: Now, let’s talk about headbands.

LILLY: What? What kind of transition was that??

SARAH: Well, we can’t just talk
about how lovely and talented
we are all day. So, let’s talk about a lovely trend, headbands!

LILLY: Whatever you say.

SARAH: So, take a look at these pics.  A headband is a super easy and
usually cheap way to update your look. And since they’re on trend,
you can find some really cute ones out there.

LILLY: Ooh, I like the one with feathers..
SARAH: Right? Aaand, a really cool thing about headbands is it’s something
you can easily decorate on your own. Just buy a basic headband and add
things like a bow, feathers, or sparkle at home. Make it your own.

LILLY: I like those
Pocahontas kind of headbands.. the ones that you wear
around your head like this [indicates what she means].

SARAH: You should rock one!
LILLY: Nahh, it wouldn’t go with my hat.

SARAH: Oh, you and your hat! Okay guys, that’s
it for today’s show.

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Tell us if you love Justin Bieber’s nail polish and perfume.

SARAH: And tell us what
you think of Skyscraper and Miranda Cosgrove
and decorating your own headbands!

LILLY: See you next time.. Bye!