【PV】風は吹いている(DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! ver.)/AKB48[公式]

Uploaded by AKB48 on 04.12.2011

On this totally destroyed land
On this totally empty land
I kept standing
And lost my words
What can be done first ?
When all hope is gone
I just look for
A beam of light
If ever God exists
Somewhere in this world
Let me create
A new world
On this empty land
But still, the wind is
Blowing to the future
I feel the wind on my cheek
Feeling of life in the air
I go strong
Now, shall I begin by
Piling just a piece of brick
The wound in my memory
Turn to scab
And in the middle of pain
Nurture tenderness
Whom shall I hold
In my arms first?
Let's talk about our dreams
Embraced in our warmth
Let me carry something
Upon my shoulder
As much as
Tears I dropped
'Coz I'm not audience
But love is still
Flowing into the future
People are reaching
For each other
Yet, I begin
To step my first step
And begin
To pick up hopes
That's left behind
But still, the wind is
Blowing to the future
Close your eyes
And you will surely feel
The wind blowing
To the future
When all is lost
And left totally bewildered
I still exist
Without doubt
I remove a heap of rubble
That's blocking my way
And live the life I am living
Even if the wind
Is ceased
There's no such world
Without wind
As we never stop
Yes, how hard a day
Today may be...
Shall we begin
What we can?