Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV, Episode 29: "Showruiners" (12/20/2011)

Uploaded by TVCriticGrimlock on 20.12.2011

Me Grimlock cannot think of more lopsided combination on TV than Dexter back-to-back
with Homeland on Sunday nights on Showtime.
This week's tepid Dexter season finale proved once again to me Grimlock how badly that show
declined in last couple of seasons.
Decline so bad me Grimlock surprised that showkiller extraordinaire Teri Polo has not
shown up yet on Dexter.
Me Grimlock noticed season finale full so many sloppily written contrivances just to
push Deb Morgan, Miami's dumbest police lieutenant, toward finally discovering her ABSLF actually
moonlighting as serial killer.
Meanwhile, Homeland proved to be complete opposite of Dexter as it concluded what turned
out to be really strong first season, thanks to showrunners Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon.
They set up second season masterfully without making audience and me Grimlock feel cheated.
Now that how you put together season finale, Dexter show-ruiners and deluded lady in charge
of AMC's Killing.
But if you someone looking for tips on how to screw up TV show badly, then buy Dexter:
Complete Fifth Season, now on Blu-ray and DVD, and Dexter: Complete Sixth Season, in
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Me Grimlock ending vlog!