Chemistry Club at NIU!

Uploaded by NorthernIllUniv on 29.11.2012

I think the chemistry club is great. Interact with other chemistry majors, other students
who are interested in chemistry and some of the faculty as well. Chemistry is an interesting
science it explains a lot of our daily life. It’s just a lot of fun. I’ve become a
chemistry major because of it. It’s run by students and they put together a bunch
of events during the year. One of the main things they do each year is the chem demo
which is usually once or twice a year. It’s our big event- it’s kind of what chem club
revolves around is putting on these demos. Chem demos have been going on for many, many
years. And it’s fun to see the more entertaining side of chemistry in these demos. It’s the
chem club members who are doing it and actually handling the chemicals and deciding what experiments
to do. I like the experiments that don’t always go as smooth and they’re supposed
to. That really shows how chemistry works. A lot of chemistry and science in general
is trial and error. It doesn’t ever work out or it rarely works out perfectly the first
time. Ya that’s pretty much true of everybody in chemistry. They like making pumpkins explode.
They like doing reactions and seeing what happens. And they have a lot of fun. They
eat a lot of pizza. They go on a lot of field trips and they blow lots of things up… all
legally of course. And it’s a good thing for people to know more about because after
they leave they may not really get exposed to much science. You don’t have to be a
major; you don’t even have to be a minor. You just have to be interested. Just show
up Wednesday evenings and get involved that way. I think you should join chemistry club
because it’s a fun and interesting group. I think you should join the chemistry club
if you’re interested in chemicals…if you’re interested in viewing reactions…if you are
interested in making silly putty or blowing up pumpkins or seeing cool dry ice experiments
or any of that stuff. Chemistry is a good field to study and the chem club is a good
fun group of people to do it with. And more importantly we have free pizza at every meeting.
It was a successful night. Hopefully we’ll have many many many more to come.