Don Dracula - Full Episode 3 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Osamu Tezuka "Don Dracula"
Yes I see a beautiful woman I drool.
My heart beats I throw the feet.
Always the whole family has a split personality.
I'm ready. Me lntelectual Ratio Dracula is the ratio.
I like all human beings
I like to be my friends.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise Paradise.
The giant sold his soul to the devil
Me pica pica me!
Daddy what's wrong?
- A few fleas will not let me sleep. - Fleas? What is that?
What? Chocola did not know what a flea?
What is your school teaching? Call the Ministry of Education.
Do you mean this?
No. What I had in Paris the flea market.
I know. This is it.
Happy life is!
That is " Zatouichi ". Do you think that sucks blood?
It is an insect that sucks blood of man and animals is not it?
Brown red and jumps a lot.
Yes, you do!
You're a bad daughter that teases his father!
Here it is! Damn!
Got a coffin unhygienic.
Why not ask lgor aerate it?
What do you say?
What my coffin is exposed to air full day?
I can not do a thing my ancestors.
Ah itches itches itches!
Chocola in our family Dracula the illustrious lineage of vampires
from old coffins have to be mysterious and smell musty.
I itch itches itches itches! Damn! I itch! I itch!
Father what discourtesy to a lady. Do not do anything that is not elegant.
How do I care about my appearance as I struggle against fleas?
This is also part of my privacy!
Do not tell the magazines heart.
Ah here.
I've sucked so much...
Get ready!
Ah it has been eaten!
Losing my blood would be a shame.
In case you bring me matapulgas Lgor!
Love is a big problem.
I do that I have a problem. Come quickly!
Not the time to be angry.
Ugly woman is here again.
What? Throw it.
It is not too strong. You are about to break the door.
Why didn't you tell me before?
- Lgor follow me. - Yes.
Count, please bite me! I'm back neck to get fat!
Stress also has raised me.
- Lgor bring me something. - Yes... yes agree.
Please bite my neck, I have accumulated too much blood.
I don't need it.
If there is extra blood you can go to the Red Cross.
What? Red Cross... Scary!
Lgor hurry!
Yes, I love now.
Bite your neck!
Count Dracula here...
- Open the door please. - Please!
I have it! Huh?
A one... a cross! Lgor what do want?
Ah is a reminder of my grandmother. Why are you here? Sorry.
That's something scary!
Abram please! My Count Dracula!
What a voice so horrible!
Seek the cry of a beautiful woman to forget the noise.
Lgor leave the rest in your hands. Walk out the back door.
The pleasant smell the night wind.
I have a hunch that I meet a beautiful woman.
Wait a moment Bella I'm going to get you.
He has appeared!
Count was waiting.
Come here...
Since I will not let go tonight.
Stay away! Do not touch me!
Listen let's make a night souvenir just for us.
No I do not want to!
Come, Count! Hurry.
I itch!
Me me pica pica pica me!
I itch itches itches!
What kind of attack is this?
A flea!
Flea flea flea!
Flea! I was saved.
Chocola your father has fleas in the coffin for these cases.
Oh did I say!
La Bella's over there.
Goodbye monster.
Count Ah!
I itch itches itches!
Hello! We meet again. I'm Bat Yasu.
Those two would good partner.
The ugly and the vampire stick perfectly.
Express Transport Service Midnight Bat
no mistakes.
I already said a lot of times.
This is not the house that such Blonda. Bring up a huge thing...
But surely the home the target is this.
Anyway, sign the delivery note.
I can not sign anything. Go away!
Do not move, do not move...
No no. Wait a minute.
Once the goods enter already.
- Yes, Yes thank you very much. - How so? Damn!
Come on! Will return tomorrow to the carrier.
But what does it contain?
What is this?
Never seen a face so presentable.
Compared to this, my face is as the actor Tomokazu Miura.
How will the women Momoe?
I forgot one important thing...
Perhaps because of the age my memory is getting worse.
Love has become very soon.
Not that I have returned. Is that I forgot to brush my teeth
and it is a discourtesy for beautiful women.
Then I'll go again.
Tonight I have a good hunch.
What what is this picture?
Lgor is it you who has posted wall in this picture so gloomy?
- Who was it? - Want to tease your love?
No no no way.
Sure that the picture was on the ground now, but...
Shit! If I posted this picture I will not have forgiveness of my ancestors.
I'm going to pick me.
I can not pick. It is completely against the wall.
- Lgor strip there. "Yes.
Vamos! Come!
This is rare.
- What is happening? - This is very strange!
You should not say that.
While I brush my teeth despégalo at all costs and throw.
- Understand? "Yes.
Go's raining! I can not go outside.
I thought that tonight could last sucking the blood of a beautiful woman.
Lgor going to bed. I'm moody.
Although my father loves to go out night can not do if it rains.
I have to be careful because they can get angry.
Blond Blond...
Who are you? Stay away!
- Blonde! "I'm Blonde. I do not know.
Go go! Lgor!
What happened?
Miss What happened?
Back to consciousness.
Lgor what man of rare face?
- I have fear! "It's okay.
Lgor is with you
It is the man!
That is just a picture. Yours must have been a hallucination.
Lgor truth out of the box. Descuélgalo please.
It is impossible.
Until the framework has been banged up.
Then cover it. I never want to see him again.
Don Dracula
Don Dracula
Miss if you want cover it with concrete.
This is fine.
What is that picture so gloomy?
The man said Blonda...
Has me worried. I'm afraid.
Lgor the box is not. Lgor come here. What are you doing?
Come quickly.
I have no time even to be in the toilet in peace.
I'm in the service.
Why are there right now?
The picture has disappeared.
Salt lgor soon. Can you hear me?
As much as I insist... I just got to go.
Blond Blond
Lgor l... ha... is out!
It has not yet left me!
Let me! No!
Blond Blond...
Blond Blond.
That comes somebody! Dad! Lgor!
Lace. Blonda expected.
I'm King Kong!
Do not kill me! I can not breathe!
What happened?
Climb to the roof may catch cold.
Lgor is horrible.
Right now I prepare something hot to drink.
Really, the man in the box I have been chased to the roof.
It seems very strange what you say.
Must have had a nightmare.
Look. The picture is then well beaten.
Lgor look good in the face.
It has been wet by rain and he has run the paint.
Yes it has been above the roof.
Okay. The pieces will to stay calm.
You're not Blonda?
Do not know that such Blonda.
Really you are not Blonda?
I Chocola. The wrong person.
I chose the wrong person...
I chose the wrong person...
It was a shipping error.
I should have known not to "" Transportes Bat "but" "Black Cat"."
What's happening? Tell me.
Maybe I can help. Who is this Blonda?
Blonde girlfriend is my life.
Is that Blonda looked like me?
It was more cute and beautiful as you.
I guess!
- At last, after all you are a hamachi. - Hamachi?
The daughter of fish Buri a girl who gives the hit.
I do not understand. Is outdated. - "" That joke is old-fashioned "."
- You are old fashioned. - Sorry.
Listen to my poor history. Prepare a tissue.
Do not you wearing diapers?
My name is Dorian Gray.
In my class had lnstitute Blonda call a pretty girl.
I was a failure that suspended course three times
as she got good grades and was very popular.
For me it was impossible to try out with it.
So in return I became best student in class
I sold my soul to the devil.
The Devil told me that after three years come to collect my soul.
Lace me become acknowledged to me number 1 with the help of the Devil
and got married.
But my heart was changing little by little like a devil.
Abuse Blonda as could be
and continued behaving fatal.
Three years passed Blonde away from me
and the devil locked my soul in a frame.
My only salvation
is that my dear Blonda burn this picture.
So you're looking for Blonda. But she does not live here.
I had heard that some time she lived here.
It seems that many years ago she living in Japan.
I know! I will ask my father.
He knows beautiful women.
It seems that above has been much trouble.
Has this woman become ugly?
Do you know a woman named Blonda?
How? "Blonda? More to know...
I did not mention that name.
Please dad is to help a person.
Find and bring me to this woman.
Why a vampire has to help a person?
If I do such a thing, I will not have forgiveness of my ancestors.
No I do not want.
Dad did not know you were so cold.
Vale. If I turn into a bat I can go to a cave...
What did you say?
What do you want me to do Chocola?
I just bring me to the Blonde.
So that man can be saved the curse of the devil...
What do you have that kind to Blonde?
Is your husband.
maybe he can be that woman home. I will.
Blonda soon be here.
Thanks. Thank you.
Yuck! Do not hit so much to me!
Dad Blonda what?
What did you want girl?
Are you Blonda?
What a surprise!
Is it really you Blonda?
For what I told Dorian Gray is more plump
and an interesting face than I thought.
Yes! Is that I've loved in Japan delicious ramen noodles.
If you take fat forever.
Listen Count Bite the neck as soon as possible
I can no longer wait.
No no no...
Before this fabric on fire.
No no no...
What girl?
Well it costs me nothing.
To be saved from the Devil.
Well! He has broken the curse!
Thanks. I have the face before. I have never been as before.
Go baby!
A monster!
What! Blonda I love.
Do not come near me. Do not come. No.
Lie. Is it true?
No lie honey.
You've changed too.
It's your fault. Now I'm frustrated.
I retire! I'll give Blonda. You stick a lot better.
How irresponsible! Pick it up and go now.
Blonda I divorce you.
Goodbye. No matter
because I have the Count Dracula.
What a danger! What a danger! I have not got me.
My Count!
Let me!
- Please wait! - Stop!
Lgor do something!
A bat requested foreign has its problems.
I now I'm looking girlfriend.
Presentadme if you know a good girl.
But one as Blonda no thanks.
Now I take leave of you all.
- I like! - Help!
Mr Conde...!
With the voices of Kenji Utsumi Saeko Shimazu Kaneta Kimotsuki
Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula.
My beloved father is a vampire.
His black coat is sober of good taste right?
Their sharp teeth are cool Right?
Is the number one in this world and in the hereafter.
He is the king of the night a superstar.
Don Dracula Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula.
Hates garlic and the cross.
My father is a vampire.