Nexus S: The Backstory

Uploaded by googlenexus on 01.12.2010

>> Okay, rolling. Mark it. Thank you. >> Nexus is all about bringing the pure Google
experience to consumers through Android. You're always going to be getting the latest upgrades
and the latest software and the latest innovation from Google.
>> In a way, we kind of take a product-first approach. So we develop a lead device with
a manufacturer-- >> We pick the features and we pick the requirements,
and we just kind of decide where we want to go, and then we, you know, push Android in
that direction. >> We worked very closely with Samsung on
this project. >> We met with every aspect of their industrial
design team. >> By collaborating with these OEMs, we can
make a really good product together that we're really invested in, they're really invested
in, and the end result is sort of end-user delight. I'm really excited actually just
in using the device, it feels really good in the hand.
>> We've got the curved glass panel. >> We have two cameras in the Nexus S.
>> We've also got NFC hardware. >> You can hold your phone up to what they
call Smart Posters or tags, and read information. >> What I like about the thing is it's wicked
fast. >> Fast, sleek, and open.
>> There's some cool new features, obviously Gingerbread.
>> In Gingerbread, we focused on what's really essential for the smartphone experience. Just
making the experience clean, pure, and polished. >> We'll be open-sourcing it. And then, you
know, all the OEMs who are building Android-based products will be able to take advantage of
this software to ship all these devices out there. The cool thing is users can choose
what kind of device they want and what kind of user experience they want, and it's all
Android. >> Yeah, it's like two heads are better than
one, only more like 1,000 heads are better than one.
>> And, you know, there'll be more good stuff coming our way, so we're not gonna rest.
>> No rest for the weary. >> Yeah.
>> Or us.