Schweizer in Norwegen: März 2011 - Røros Teil 1

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Welcome to a Swiss in Norway.
For this episode we are in Røros.
Røros is the second coldest place in Norway,...
and one of the seven UNESCO place in Norway.
More about Røros in the first reportage.
Røros lays in the Sør-Trødenlag, 380 km from Oslo and 150 km from Trondheim.
Until 1644 was Røros a small place in the forest.
But then found Hans Olsen Aasen some copper ore.
Shortly after Lorentz Lossius opened the first mine and a smelter building.
Specialized workers came then from Germany.
From then has Røros continuously grown, and the mining company had great influence.
One see that that the company symbol is everywhere, also on and in the church.
The church was build in 1778, and is with 1600 place Norway's third largest church.
The church was used as a reunion place for the whole community.
Picture from late directors of mining company are hanging in the church.
Røros has to main streets: Kjerkgata (Churchstreet) and Bergmannsgata (Mining street)
In every days life, they are called Lillegaten (Small street) and Storgaten (Large street)
Today Lillegaten is more important, due to all shops.
Earlier was Storgaten more important, because it led to the smelting building.
To make the street look longer, it is wider at the start and the end.
The smelting build was in use until 1953, but burned then down.
1977 went the mining company bankrupt, and had to close after 333 years.
Today there is a museum in the smelting building, where you can learn about copper mining.
Outside the town one can visit also a mine.
Behind the smelting building there are slag hills, and below where the workers quarters.
A scene from Pippi Longstocking was shot there in the sixties.
The reason why Røros still looks like in the 19th century is,
and one had luck that the town never burned down, and people were too poor for newer houses.
1980 became Røros UNESCO world heritage.
To keep everything is cultural heritage management very strict.
One can only buy a house in Røros, if one lives the whole year there.
The coldest temperature was -50.5 °C (-59° F), and there is 7 month a year snow.
It's popular to do cross-country skiing there.
Røros can be reached by car, train and plane.
In Røros lives the Swiss Robin Schellenberg. We visited him.
Robin Schellenberg has moved from the Rhine valley to Røros.
I knew the place from my grandfather. We did many tours here as a child.
I started to like the nature.
This was one reason to come here. My mum is from here.
I wanted to try out myself how is it to live here.
Robin learned glass-blowing, but doesn't work longer on that profession.
I have now a pottery.
We are six people working here.
I don't do much pottery myself, more glazing and putting the stuff in the oven.
Management and sales.
I like that hand-craft is still a live in Røros.
We're doing copies from old ceramics.
We got this piece two years ago.
Some Germans found it in their farm, and didn't know what to do.
They hard that we copy stuff.
It tell how people used to live.
One see that broken things were repaired.
The whole family ate out of the plate.
There you could skim your spoon. This was the only thing people had.
Here we made a copy, there are some differences.
Earlier the thing were put the high way in the oven, and the the colours clodded.
The decorating job was actually for nothing.
This is the soul of our company, but also have own products.
Simpler products.
For people on vacation here, little tweedy.
It's special to live in Røros.
Compared to the Ballenberg (historic open air museum in Switzerland), the history is still alive here.
The whole town is alive.
It's not dead as a museum, it's a living museum.
It's not easy to live in the coldness.
I bought a house with my wife.
We moved in two years ago.
It's a house from 1800.
I found out to my horror, that there was no isolation in the walls.
You have sheets inside and outside, and in between some logs.
But zero isolation.
You feel it. If it is two or three weeks -30 °C, you feel it.
Usually there is enough snow to put around the basement, so that isn't that cold.
Last winter was very cold and few snow, so it really sucked.
Otherwise it's a paradise for everybody who like snow.
You always have nice snow, never sludge snow.
It's really great for skiing or dog sledging.
The pottery is right behind the hotel Vertshuset Røros.
That's for this time. More about Røros next time.
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